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  1. Off google. Early 20’’s late teens.
  2. That’s a centre cap for wire wheels.
  3. I look at Orcas every day. I’m on Pender Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands. love the Square body Dodge. I drive one most everyday but with a 12v in it. Michael.J . Barnes , sad about the 24 Dodge. I know the family well. There is a fully restored ( in parts ) a 29 Model A in there as well. The same old story , parents have past. Family wants to but has no means. Miss your car show on Mayne. TrulyVintage , nice post.
  4. second is going for a ride in this Exact replica of Hudson factory 1916 Indy car. The 1916 motor was heavily modified, pressure feed crank ,way over bored pistons , massive valve and cam work done , modified gears in trans, ( 60 mph in first gear). I was scarred out of whits doing 90mph down country lanes with 6’ hedgerows and stone walls on each side. This car is heavily campaigning in the uk and has full historic status. what a ride. The exhaust noise again those walls will never leave my mind.
  5. I’ve got two, first is is driving this Hudson Mile a Minute in the UK will visiting Hudson folk. The owner started it up , he then jumped into his 1924 3L Bentley and and roared of yelling “follow me”!! We ended up at the local pub. We had no problem following the Bentley.
  6. There should be a manufacture placard on the engine side. It won’t be the car maker but will be the radiator manufacturer. It will help those in the know.
  7. I will next time I’m at the shop. The 25 seats are ridged and are hinged on the front bottom like yours.
  8. From a two door coach. Hinged on the front to tilt forward. Almost identical to my 25 Hudson.
  9. Hudson’s from the 30’s are 1/2 the car that the 28/29 are. The motor in the car in discussion is a 29 Essex motor with two extra cylinders stuck in the back. If you had or have driven in a Hudson F head, you’ll be highly disappointed with this car.
  10. I have to ask , where is the bearing ? Seeing this makes me glad I’m a Hudson guy of the same era. I can fully appreciate the engineering involved but is all of that really necessary? And I do fully recognize that a late 20’s early thirties Cad is a thing to behold but….
  11. That is very cool. I hope your plans are to leave as is. Possibly addressing the gas tank in the future though 😜 love the visor. Is it glass ?
  12. I really hope you have photoshopped those wheels and motor on to a great looking body. Please post real photo.
  13. Hudson and Essex levers for 27,28 and 29 were cast from Bakelite and not from aluminum.
  14. Does the steering column by chance have a steering wheel attached to it ? if so , what shape is the Bakelite in ?
  15. Ok then , what do you have for sale then ?
  16. Do you have headlights for the 28? and seat springs and front frame for the seat ?
  17. Boy oh boy ! If my dad saw me using a crescent wrench on those brass nuts he’d have is pocket knife out and heading to the willow tree.
  18. Very unusual mount. It’s not for a front windscreen of a car I would say. Boat possibly, or a rear mounted for a rumble seat possibly.
  19. Not 46-47. At least it’s not the same in my 46. Step down but not sure of year. pre 51 for sure , could also be from a pacemaker. Value .... it’s in very poor condition and is a 5$ wall hanger.
  20. A pasted friend gave this to me. It was modified to be on his old fish boat. he did the very intricate rope rap. the wheel measure’s 18” across. The key way and shaft were wielded in and not original. Does anyone recognize the very distinctive horn button shape ?
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