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  1. Have a look at this thread, It may be what you need to do. It is a very interesting fix.
  2. Can I come and live in your shop? Can I ?....... Please?
  3. not only will you enjoy this car, you will enjoy working on it, and most of all enjoy the people you will meet on the way. You will not have any problems getting drive train parts at all. Listen to Jon and join the club. Its all about networking. Where are you located? He is some stuff for you to look at.
  4. Hudson used Delco for years, we have a lot of info at this site that may help you. The link is for just one year. You can get to the main site from here.
  5. Here is a photo I snapped from Butler's Book, of a 28 Essex, It shows the rear curve well. The only reason I say the OP photo is an Essex, is due to the skinny tires. From cowl aft, It is almost impossible to tell a Hudson body from an Essex body ( from a poor photo) for the years 28 and 29. In fact a Hudson door will fit on an Essex body, and vise versa. Differances are in the shinny bits, door handles ect.
  6. It is a 1928 Essex. The skinny wheels are a give away that it is an essex. 1928 for sure.
  7. It seams solid. Body style is plane jane, not so desirable. You can find a good 4 door driver of that era of Hudson for 6 to 9k. Looks to be a very good base for a restoration. I myself love the patina and would just do what is needed and drive it. This may take little effort to become a driver.
  8. what body is it? what options are on the car? 6cly or 8cly?
  9. You be very carfull with that set up. Set up your wastegate to dump well below 5 pounds of boost. And if you play around with it.... Stand in another room. Make sure your you head bolts are new, or not streached. If you are not carefull, you will blow the motor and yourself to bits. Looks very fun and with a stait pipe, you will turn some heads. Get prepared for some flack.
  10. Hudson26 26 and 27 engines are not the same. Can you post pictures of your motor so I can better understand and help you with what you need. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My computer screen tells me it is "photo 19 of 20" so lets try second from last photo... it has a hummer licence plate holder in the photo.
  12. Picture # 19 Bottom left. Parabeam headlights. whats the OD of the bucket ?
  13. Was it Jenson?? The intercepter ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Black Hills for sure. be sure to take the southern route threw the dakotas, much more of a pleasant drive.
  15. the only reason you think your 235 looks like garbage is because of the color it is. personly I love any IL6.
  16. edinmass..... Go up to the first post and click on his link. It will ltake to his great web site with a lot more photo's and history. and of course, details of the engine to be used.
  17. Carlisle 1926..... Don't ever offended by anyone! a 235 is a good safe choice for your budget, and best of all it ain't no SBC ! Their is some A$% Hole up in the General Discussion area that I think is directly picking on you. I think he is jealous be cause he has no creative artistic abillities. Back about 40 years ago in grade school we called jerks like that bullies. Your project is very exiting and thank you for sharing it with us !
  18. what a beauty that is..Classic Art Deco at its best. H8. Its not Hudson. Did Hupmobile have an 8clyd?
  19. Well..... This form is about the automobile. Maybe you should switch over to the H.A.M.B. site where opinions and post like yours are the norm.
  20. You my friend are having way to much fun! I love your back yard, is that all T-6 stuff lying around?
  21. To add for Rene, a car cut into a truck.
  22. Vesa, I can get you some pictures of the carb side of the motor of our 25 later on today. I had a look threw our stuff yesterday and we have only one spare that i will be keeping.