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  1. Looks like it was off a flathead V-8 maybe boat?
  2. 5w30

    Unknown Tool

    ha ha ya thanks..
  3. 5w30

    Unknown Tool

    Never seen one of these before any help thanks..
  4. 5w30

    Rear Fender

    Never seen one like this?? thanks..
  5. looks like a 1925 and does anybody need this?
  6. 5w30

    Unknown Grill

    wow you the man thanks Keiser31..
  7. 5w30

    Unknown Grill

    any help thanks..
  8. 5w30

    Speed part??

    thanks guys for thoughts and input looks to wall hanger indeed..
  9. 5w30

    Speed part??

    This came off a 312 Y-block intake from a 57 Bird look to be an aftermarket part any help thanks..
  10. 5w30

    Window Regulator

    thanks guy for the help..
  11. Never seen one like this any help thanks...
  12. Looking to find out year and model any help thanks..
  13. 5w30

    Unknown Eblem

    Hi wondering if the Dodge is a reproduction or original because others look to have a different mount on back. And the other one is unknown any help on these thanks..
  14. This axle has 2 leaf springs and the end cap has the letter H. Somebody bolted wide five ford rims onto them.