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  1. Use Champion D-16 These's are not long reach and will make no diferance what so ever.
  2. The Bus looks in great shape, and with that Franklin up front...It will look very cool. If it were me It would have a 12valve cummings under that hood.
  3. The poor bugger, looks to be only a 1/2 inch.
  4. Thats about the only thing that makes any sence. I would have to say most defantly not made by Hudson Motor Company, and likley to be "dealer" added. Or Australian, they seemed to mess with everything. I will ask on some other Hudson sites.
  5. I can honestly say that I have never ever seen that before. Very cool looking.
  6. Good!! Now you can start posting pictures. We love pictures and ID-ing parts on this site. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. here is a 1925 "A'' on ebay now.
  8. To use your smart phone for this site, You need to get the app. called Tapatalk. It is like a host. It works very well and is much more user friendly than this site is. Posting photos is so easy to do as well. Do you have any early Hudson parts?
  9. A fellow from an other site blew up the photo of the sign on the monical it reads Clem Lauer, Metterburg,Mn. Here is some mor pics of the car,
  10. Sunroofcord, he is you answer about the car you asked about...... This 1912 Mile-A-Minute roadster, Chassis no. 23074, Engine no. KK 13349, changed hands at the The Greenwich Concours d'Elegance Collectors' Motorcars and Automobilia auction on June 7, 2009. The selling price (including commission) was $106,470. I do not know who bought the car, nor who was the seller. I assume that the buyers subsequently displayed it at the H-E-T National later that summer. The Minnesota plates appear to have been on the car during the auction, so there is no reason to believe that the buyers live in Minnesota. You can read more about the car here: Here is an excerpt from the auction company's description of the car: This extremely rare Mile-A-Minute Roadster was retrieved from a barn in New York state by H. Pierson Mapes in the late 1940s. H. Pierson Mapes, was an early exponent of the car collecting movement and father of Pierson G. Mapes, the well-known former president of NBC. According to a cast brass plaque on its firewall, the car was restored for H. Pierson Mapes by Joseph Murchio who the plaque proclaims was ‘America’s Foremost Authority on Antique Automobiles’, another early prominent car collector, whose automobile museum at Greenwood Lake, NY had opened in August 1945 and ran for more than two decades. It is thought that Pierson Mapes sold the ‘Mile-a-Minute’ at a public auction conducted by Sotheby’s in the late 1950s or early 1960s, though the precise date of this is yet to be confirmed. However, it is known that the car passed from Mapes to Egbert Beney of Syosset, N.Y. at around that time, the current owner’s father bought the Hudson in 1987, it passing to him 6 years ago. Over the course of its 30 year family ownership the Hudson has been shown at a few regional car gatherings, most recently at the Bogart’s Car Show in Apple Valley, MI in 2007. The restoration of the car still dates back to H.Pierson Mapes time, giving the car a reassuring air of authenticity as well as an appealing patina of age. It is appropriately equipped with a period accessory monocle windshield, copies of owner’s manual, tools and period jack. A similar red Mile-A-Minute is owned by the Forbes family in California. (Pete B: I discovered all of this because of the high resolution photo you took of the dashboard at the '09 National -- and published above. I enlarged it on screen and was able to read the H. Pierson Mapes brass plate on the dash. So, the car at the National is definitely the one sold at the The Greenwich Concours d'Elegance auction. And the previous owners were from Minnesota, thus the Minn. historic plates on the car.)
  11. good man You are all over it. keep it up, and keep posting.
  12. Hudson 33 is a memeber on this form. He will be able to tell you who owns that car.
  13. Gary, I love this build and I thank you for sharing it with us all. This will be one cool and fun project. That being all said, Your fish plate is grossly to small.
  14. I like where you are going with this.
  15. My point was ask a long haul trucker for the best route for the given time of year NOT to ask a trucker to get your car. A long hauler will know the best route for you to take.
  16. To avoid any winter driving conditions you will need to stay south of Nevada to LA, Then up the 101 costal route. A very long trip. I would wait to may my self. The best thing to do, which is what I do, Is to ask a long haul Trucker.
  17. Ok. One more time I guess. It's a Hudson motor and trany, it is also a Hudson rad made by Harrison with an early Hudson fan behind that rad. It's also a Hudson dash and the hole thing looks to be sitting on a hudson frame. It will be between the years of 1924 to 1926. It is a stated earlier 100% HUDSON.
  18. 100% Hudson. Including the dash and rear end. Seatle is very close to me. I will be very interested in that.
  19. What does the top side of your heat risser look like?
  20. Thanks for the PM and info. They are not going to work for me.
  21. They might be Hudson/essex 28 or so. Some one has cut slots in the mount and changed up the wireing conection as it should be coming threw the hole in the bucket. I am going to get some measurements and get back to you, I my need them.