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  1. For the head, having never seen the CC from a Studebaker, how does it look? Just looking at the deck, you should be able to get a nice bit of quench over the top of the piston. Will you have any work done to the block to "improve" things?
  2. Bit of progress this Sunday, mocked up the radiator and the supports / hood sills. Checked the rear drop mock up with the new gas tank. Played around with the hood and built a rough fire wall. Not sure if I like the pinched hood top, will play around with a cowl and see if I like it more or less.
  3. Somewhere and at some time this will move from mock up to fire up. Did the first round when we were all on lock down for Harvey, which was a few weeks after our first kid was born. Been collecting bits and bobs for a T speedster. Nothing of particular note, except it will have an aluminum warford and an engine, oh, and a steering wheel, those are important.
  4. Absolutely brilliant piece of work. Been a while since I went through an entire thread. If I may offer a bit of my personal preference, bring the centerline of the steering wheel hub up a bit more, this will help you get more varied hand placement options on the steering wheel, being able to get your hands on both the bottom and top of the wheel can be very helpful in quicky/twitchy/spinning situations. Personally, I set the centerline of the wheel on a big car at about the middle of my chest. Thank you again for sharing this amazing build.
  5. Figured I'll just let this one float in the construct for a bit, looking for a 1957 Sunbeam Rapier mk. 1, OD very preferential.
  6. Looking forward to seeing this wonderous beastie moseying down Allen Pkwy and around through to the Kirby bend in River Oaks. Will make for a nice image. Keep up the good work.
  7. Good Day, On the hunt for a complete 28/29 Essex Challenger front axle. I am down here in the mellow climes of Houston, but could make a trip somewhere close. Thanks for the help, Doug
  8. Looking for a complete 1928/29 Essex 6 cylinder / Challenger front axle with spindles. Thanks, Doug
  9. the chassis is a 4 HB chassis, with a HB rear axle under it and a '24 non brake set up front it looks like a 2 wheel manual chassis. i have pics of when it was pulled out of a field a long time ago. will get those scanned and posted. btw Dan, i like your style, i had a super early TD...though it went away for TC.
  10. Dan, got your msg. I am not a member of the Stutz club. WB is 120" Will get some pics of the engine. The chassis was originally set up for 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, though now the car is just set up for brakes on the rear. Would be nice to score a set of brakes for the front. my plan is build a touring body for it, or an earlier style roadster body, as i am kinda tall and if i built the same body as your car, i would never fit in it. the WB on the dog is uber custom...chopped, sectioned, bobbed and channeled :eek: attached some pics (sorry for the crummy cell pics)
  11. bringing this back from the dead... since there aren't many of these floating around. 1924/25 695 swb hb