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Vintage "Buicks at Service Stations" Photographs

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You are correct sir, Cuba was a very prosperous  country... too bad other countries won’t learn from our disastrous fate.

Love the art-Deco style building

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This is another Service Station/ GM Dealership back in Cuba, this time on my home town of Santa Clara, Las Villas Province. Again you can observe the Art-Deco architecture of the era

BTW there is a Buick parked behind the power pole.



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I see the red and and silver gas pump, The Ford truck looks almost black but may be dark green, the bug looks to be that silvery blue or silvery green color, trim on the gas station appears to be dark green.  Now Elpad's Buick in his Avitar looks dark blue. 

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6 hours ago, John_S_in_Penna said:


Elpad, thank you for sharing all these pictures.

They are very interesting.  Please continue!


The picture above shows a Buick 2-tone color combination

which I have never seen :  Dark blue with turquoise.

Elpad has a good eye for colour ?

always appreciate his postings 

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2 hours ago, MrEarl said:



Double credit here Chris, service station AND a Buick dealership. Now, who can id the cars?

I think the one in the center of the picture is a 66 / 67 era Pontiac intermediate - GTO or Lemans?

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Those Shell stations sure bring back memories.  There were lots of these (both varieties) in central NY in the 60's and early 70's.  Now gone, though I believe Shell became part of what is now BP.  Still none of these around here.  Esso/Exxon all became 'Mobil' after the merger and now I believe there is only one (maybe 2) Mobil stations remaining.  The most prolific national brand around here now is Sunoco.




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