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  1. Just bought a big car difficult to park , so looking to buy wife fiat 500 , flowers definitely cheaper
  2. Recently logged on and notice grey circle , where I would normally tap to show I appreciate content or photo in post , how do I signify response now . cheers
  3. Was an excellent movie and interesting car thanks for information and solving my query
  4. Film was called dean Stanley apologies
  5. Watched a good film on prime today , curious about single headlight car brass era tourer , wondered if an actual period road car or movie mock up , tried to see a logo but couldn’t identify, anyone else seen ? Cheers
  6. thornycrofts, interesting, they had a huge works here in Southampton and actually worked for them as a contractor in the sixties ,but they were building warships then.
  7. Typifies this thread , great interesting period photo , thanks
  8. Nice choice , love it suit me fine too 😀
  9. Nash metropolitan, cool car , wife loves them getting my own back 😄
  10. Are you calling a singer gazelle a decent car I think question answer is depends what you have owned prior to ownership, in my case old rust heaps so without question was my first decent car. The reference to my friends mother had one are you saying it an old woman’s car ?😁
  11. Apologies but hoping I can download photos unfortunately not says only allowed 9.77 mg wonder if Walt or John like the Buick , I certainly did . advice please
  12. Often take trips out now after 3 months in lockdown and driving past a fruit farm saw rows of classic car in one of the fields , so turned round and investigated , apparently a gathering of some of the local classic car clubs . Morris minor club, mgb club , vintage club , fire engine club and American and miscellaneous. as my favourite is American I headed towards them , apologies only photographed my favourite 1950 Pontiac convertible , immaculate car but walking past the miscellaneous group to my amazement sat side by side were the car my father taught me to drive in when I was 14
  13. I haven’t seen in photos or on survivors , so were they not popular , bit garish for most tastes I presume
  14. Smart car and very realistic price , would be coming to look if circumstances were different . but sure wont be available long
  15. You started something Walt , that I depend on , it’s my daily catch up , when I sit in bed at night , I peruse and study the latest additions and skip back into a time of class. , elegance , beautiful amazing automobiles, great photography catching interesting glimpses of a time perhaps many of us would love to have experienced after following this thread. once again thanks to you and all the posters, particularly to John for his huge contribution, it’s a great unique collection of images.
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