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  1. Pilgrim65

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Thanks Ken , interesting observations and just as I imagined, easy to make an emotional attachment to a gorgeous 40s convertible, , cant wait to see your progress photos in due course . cheers
  2. Pilgrim65

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Good points John , but shows a disparity between late teenage life in the 50s and 60 s life in Us , we rarely had the opportunity to own gorgeous American cars of the day ,best you could get was an old MG unless you were from a wealthy family and could afford a jag . ps dearer commonly used here as alternative to more expensive 😊
  3. Pilgrim65

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Hi Ken and others 2nd car amazing ,hope it saves you big bucks , probably need it imagine it’s a big bucks restoration anyway. Which out of interest, leads me to ask any knowledgeable members whether restoration of a 40s Classic is usually dearer than a mid fifties and is this sometimes considered before taking the plunge and buying project car . Also I notice that the 40s restored cars are a lot dearer to buy than the 50s Cars , is that because of rarity or a reflection of the higher restoration costs . However I think the majority of members don’t look at the economics but make purchases mainly because they love that particular car , I certainly did.
  4. Pilgrim65

    1953 Skylark interesting article

    I’m a Brit , but not impressed by article , don’t agree with views expressed , especially being a 53 Buick owner .Dont think 50s American have lost appeal ,may have lost some value , but prices have dropped for most collectibles mainly due to economics unless its top end art going for millions bought by investors not affected
  5. Pilgrim65


    You keep doing Elpad it, that’s a smart twosome! Great combo
  6. Pilgrim65

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Thanks Ken actually wife insists I spend winter in Uk , but in Cyprus now for a week extending car port to keep Ruby cosy ,she’s a bit longer than my juke, which has been relegated to outside with cover 😁 and your right enjoying my hobby , cheers
  7. Pilgrim65

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Great to follow and very impressive workmanship , reminds me of the top coach builders of pre ww2 looking forward to seeing her complete cheers
  8. Pilgrim65

    question- shipping a body US to ENgland

    Hi having used west coast shipping and American freight I found both these companies excellent , west coast shipping both sail from California and new jersey , to London Uk pick up anywhere stateside , best prices by far , cars or car parts , car body no problem ,just pallet it.
  9. Pilgrim65

    Film rental

    Sorry to be negative but although I have enjoyed the debate, it’s Looks like it’s dampened the original posters interest , no further input so far , makes me wonder
  10. Pilgrim65

    Any one else watch Perry Mason?

    56 Buick convertible, will do me
  11. Pilgrim65


    Just proves pretty girls get preferential treatment , as I just receive a plain old receipt for my Buick service 😊
  12. Pilgrim65


    Good logic😊 although I would love a sky lark , these facts make me appreciate my fully restored special as there probably wont be many more being fully restored in future, certainly not in ‘restoration shops’
  13. Pilgrim65


    The high cost of restoration, must affect the decision making of many folks and certainly limit the chances of restoration of standard more common models and probably reduces their value as restoration candidates and visa versa must make restored.cars. worth more
  14. Pilgrim65

    Ethanol damage after 4-1/2 years

    I usually take ruby to local shops on some pretext that I need something probably 3 to 4 mile outing probably 20 min run , do you think this is good or bad?
  15. Pilgrim65

    Ethanol damage after 4-1/2 years

    Thanks avgwarhark I did relise it was 4 and 1/2 years stated , but as Ruby has stood for most of the time in the 3 years I have owned her. At first I wondered if there would be any degree of corrosion considering the extent of corrosion shown and perhaps my tank may be rotting from the inside. however my weekly drive during the spring and summer which is probably usual routine for many members , must help as I and haven’t heard others suffering an ethanol related problem , so I’m not worrying , but will check