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  1. Only a reader , not a pre war car owner , but interesting thread some great information thanks to all posters
  2. Pardon my curiosity, but why the reluctance to reveal year and make of car . The advice you request would be best achieved if the experienced members on this forum had the full information. Particularly as the colour you want to change may be specific to that year and model and as such could be a rare colour and worth keeping if the car is valuable. However the value of a car ,can be a personal opinion, I value my cars ,but not one worth more 40k probably less if I’m honest ,but within my hobby budget I consider them valuable,but on the open market no. Valuable in bucks is often an opinion relative to your personal circumstance. What’s valuable to me is probably pocket change to Bill Gates and the like 😁
  3. Two rides come to mind , driving my cobra replica around rockingham nascar race track carrying the favourite driver for the upcoming race. Being taken down the local motorway at 174 mph by my friend at the time in his Lamborghini contach scary .
  4. This is interesting, I never knew of carphones before 80s , I had one with a home type hand in my company car , it worked via a large box under my seat . I knew military had radio phones in 40s ,but never knew about the phones mentioned above . How did they work , were they radio technology to a land based operator service or were they able to dial into land line numbers ( 4g mobiles didn’t exist then) really amazed , must have been very expensive so quite rare , I would think
  5. Solemn thoughts , but sadly my mindset is heading in that direction
  6. One thing you may find interesting are a bbc documentaries series by Lucy Worsley , ( histories biggest fibs )she tells the truth about historical events including the Spanish Armada , very interesting and thought provoking , worth a watch
  7. Firstly this side of the pond , as in states , there is no money doing restoration for profit , even if you only allow 2 bucks an hour for your labour , but on plus side prices are holding and even increasing . i have been restoring an Mga and it’s nearing completion so I have been looking to sell my stag v8 , a year ago cars similar condition now sell for 4 k more , although not planning to sell Mga , the price of properly restored has risen by 30% since I started, however still a loss money pit , maybe prices will double in a few years , yea I know pigs will fly first.😆 The trouble is I love cars , not golfer or keen on globetrotting so although I know my hobby costs me , it gives me purpose , occupies my time ,and it’s the one I enjoy
  8. That’s amazing , couldn’t get nearer than photo , ( shouldn’t be there then) thanks
  9. Looking at that wonderful Bugatti, reminded me , I saw an earlier Bugatti in the cyprus museum , the museum was actually closed and car was just parked up so didn’t have any info with it . I thought it must be 20s , but would be interested to know more
  10. My wife is very easy going about my hobby , but reluctant to travel in them sometimes as broken down few times and unfortunately thinks all old cars are unreliable
  11. Yes well spotted, 8 big bins , we call tidy bins , expensive though
  12. I I’ve had two experiences of hoarders my first wife mother was a hoarder she would buy every colour of the same skirt or jumper and leave in her bedroom still in bag and never wear . Every two years we would take 8 to 10 Dustin bags to charity shop , but the worst was a tenant , I had she wouldn’t allow me access and other tenants noticed vermin , so I got an order to inspect , when we entered the hall had been reduced in width to a foot wide , by magazines and papers stacked each side floor to ceiling , we couldn't enter the lounger or bedroom as was covered with rubbish head height ,there was a small passageway foot wide into kitchen which was similarly full of rubbish to ceiling , all that was left was a single mattress size space by the cooker and sink . She was filthy covered in sores and rat bites , the authorities put the poor woman in care . we completely stripped flat back to bare brickwork and new floors , took away over 50 cu m of household rubbish .😁
  13. There was a plaque kept it out of photo for a bit of fun . However , Well done , thought with only 175 produced would be difficult to recognise , took a couple hours though .
  14. Live in Cyprus for half the year and saw this at a private collection museum I know there are many experts on this a forum , and I thought might tax their expertise and memory 😊
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