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  1. Royals, always have a large entourage, an equerry ( personal attendant) one for each could be two and lesser royals and still on the boat, ladies made , manservant , Butler etc , a person who visited her said that in later life she had a manservant to turn the TV on and off , asked why she didn’t use remote , she retorted , why would I need a remote when I have a man to do it . Love it she had style 😀
  2. In your dreams Lamar , mine too 😀
  3. Cheers Beautiful car design fooled me , appears to me ahead of its time , very similar to later British 50s sports cars
  4. Good to see some British cars , I had a beautiful singer gazelle blue with cream side swipe it was a 63 and mine in 69 loved the veneered interior , quality car .
  5. Thanks John from a novice , English plate though And to add , really enjoy these images , loved the 41 indiananapolis video
  6. British again , what is it Morgan early 50s ? Or is that a lancia badge
  7. Event wasn’t sponsored by a Turkish carpet magnet by chance
  8. Is that a mk 9 jag , actually took a white one as part payment 19k towards a house in 1985 , unfortunately as business was difficult at the time, kept it in garage for a few months, never drove it and passed it on at cost , pity would love it now.
  9. Great info Colin thanks grandmother may not have seen her then as think she started trading in Southampton in the 30s , must have been fire crew from Ada who rescued my Mother when bombed out then , bless them .
  10. Note was dartford fire brigade which was some distance from London in those days , but is now the M25 ring road tunnel and bridge crossing point of the Thames
  11. I live in Southampton Uk , perhaps my grandparents would have seen the magnificent beast or it may have attended the family house when bombed in WW2 if it was still being used ( unfortunately parents and grandparents gone so no way of checking , but very likely I think as my grandmother had shop near St Mary’s fire station and must have seen it frequently . )