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  1. Sorry to quote obvious , but Saab and Volvo spring to mind😊
  2. Thanks , beautiful, that’s the second time I’ve seen one on here and wondered what it was , will know next time 😊
  3. Is this a jag , has a bmc grill like an Austin A 90
  4. Hi had an 60 mga till last year ,but had storage problem , leaky garage (not mine so couldn’t repair) so moved it on. I currently drive a 72 triumph stag and are helping source parts for my friends Mga and midget projects enclose photo of stag taken at friends wedding last year love Morris minor convertibles , classic motoring . My jag is not a classic , will be one day its an xkr , Xk 120etc beyond my budget too.😊
  5. Being British your post sparked my interest regarding your collecting British car interest , wondered what you particularly collected or what you specially like, as my interest is currently similar mainly Austin healeys, MG , triumph and jaguar
  6. If the owner has a stash of tuckers , I imagine he knows he’s sitting on a gold mine , good luck to him .😁
  7. Always interesting to hear of a large collection going up for sale , makes you keen to see what it includes , perhaps some forgotten gem , therefore very frustrating when no details given . Also bit of a negative approach as posting on here infers the poster accepts and invites the experience of members of this forum, but more information would have helped the members to make informed suggestions. The potential range of classic cars is great and their individual worth vastly different . Therefore making recommendations to help achieve a true market value can best be made from
  8. Quite right , but we’re still asking 360000 stg outside my budget
  9. Many thanks , thought might be earlier , striking piece , better design than any circle with 3 prongs or silver lady 😊
  10. When out and about , pre lockdown always take photos of any interesting cars buildings etc specially like art deco period and saw this car ornament, loved it ,but can’t remember what car it was on , vague thought Pontiac . Be good to know thanks pilgrim
  11. Eye opening thread , some wonderful cars , interesting colours , but as it was a Packard that initiated discussion , although I have posted this photo before , post again as still my dream car
  12. With you Don , my dream job too.
  13. Grand tour old series of British top gear with clarkson and co new British top gear chasing classic cars
  14. Slip sticks made me smile , we called them slide rules, used at school and with log tables 😊
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