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  1. All sorted ,started ok , hood down , just need somewhere to go, surely we need some bread or milk 😊
  2. 56 special convertible, nice buy , my sort of car , can’t wait to see your photos welcome pilgrim
  3. I also think , you have to consider what your buying , if you buying a project or daily driver , you probably are not expecting a faultless car and your outlay is accordingly lower and whether you need to physically veiw yourself is personal choice as an appraiser should be able to convey enough details to you. However if your buying top end , restored car or very well maintained original and spending big bucks , I think viewing essential, would be for me. I also wonder , how expensive internal flights are in US as if I’m spending few K on car what’s a few hundred bucks for piece of mind and if I’m spending big bucks , well the flight cost is minimal compared to total investment
  4. Can you trust an appraiser? Well , limit the risks ,if you follow proven procedures when hiring any service , chose one experienced with the make , check out the references, contact a couple , follow recommendations. my experience was beyond my expectations, fantastic service, extensive report and photography, great guy , helped organise essential repairs , needed a new clutch . Provided invaluable advice and when the car arrived in Cyprus no surprises apart from a new workshop manual in trunk , a gift. Guy lives near Chicago and now count as a good friend .
  5. Good advice Rusty great cars within budget , better than unrealistic project , just buy ,drive , enjoy now , no brainer
  6. Best I could do without paying a fortune 053 represents 1953
  7. Lamar, agree with above comments , as you know , relatively new to forum , 3 years ,but during that time enjoyed your posts , particularly the humour and hope you haven’t had to moderate my posts to often , you have been so supportive, a true gentleman, and I thank you . wish you many great times in your airstream, always loved them in the movies , make sure you post some photos on your travel. cheers paul
  8. In the Uk ,friend and I bought cars from states , firstly contacted a local appraiser ,who sent report and video , deposit by pay pal or transfer on proof of title , balance on collection . 80 % success , one car missing bits under rocker cover , but seller was a genuine guy and sent replacements so now 100% so overall pretty good experience.
  9. Hi john ‘I think about getting the 56 out today ‘ made me smile , I think about getting my 53 , Ruby out everyday at this time of year , only 10 days to go till I’m back in Cyprus and covers come off , can’t wait . 😁
  10. Hi Lamar Yes Ruby’s little brother , had about a year doing light restoration , small dents , new paint , diff , carb rebuild extra fan, some electrics, nearly there, will post when I can take photo , when I ’m back in Cyprus , 10 days to go cheers
  11. Hi Buick daughter thats the second nice item of your ‘dads collection ‘, members would interested to know what your dad collected just memorabilia,cars etc? post some pics cheers pilgrim
  12. Needed LH sunvisor and bracket needed for 72 mk1 stag , will pay shipping to Uk pm me , thanks