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  1. Pilgrim65

    Find the Buick

    White cars obviously popular then
  2. Pilgrim65


    Apologies , but a bit of a associated topic but I find driving my classic Ruby quite stressful if I stop to think about a potential accident, was nearly hit head on during a rally on a s bend , not being anti regarding woman drivers , but it was a woman on the wrong side of road ! Being in Cyprus, i think about the added difficulty of repairing Ruby over here , should she get damaged ,obtaining parts etc . Ruby , quite a costly car for my budget , if I owned one of the stunning expensive cars some the members have , don’t know how I would feel taking into to some of the busy thoroughfares I take Ruby. On second thoughts I’d like the opportunity 😆
  3. Pilgrim65


    Scary the extent of damage , think I’ll drive carefully with Ruby
  4. Pilgrim65

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Following you guys with interest , amazing projects with the diversity of knowledge and skills you have ,going to be a couple of amazing cars too. Cheers
  5. Pilgrim65

    1952 Buick 76R market value?

    Sad beutiful car
  6. Pilgrim65


    Unfortunately I am
  7. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day inc chitty chitty bang bang

    Hi show was in the village of Romsey nr Southampton , south of England 8 degrees ,rain had stopped when we arrived about 10am Dont know history of that chitty but looks pretty similar and they play the song as they go along . think it may be from beaulieu car museum which is nearby , will investigate and post
  8. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day favourites

    Rusty already told , beutiful cars ,probably a TD 21 produced from 58 till 63 if you get the chance watch a british Tv programme called Kingdom , light hearted series about a English country Solictor (lawyer in US ) played by Stephen Fry , who drives a pale blue metallic one. Great car , good series .
  9. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day car show ,best in show

    I’ve made a mistake , the 58;beauty wasn’t the only Buick while reviewing my photos found another Buick , but I’m afraid don’t like the paint job, bit of a traditionalist
  10. Attended local bank holiday car show over 500 , only one Buick , but probably best in show , a mint condition 58 limited edition, absolute dream machine, Dei , bet you like this one
  11. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day final few

    Last few , sorry if your bored by now 😁
  12. Meet was also attended by chitty chitty bang bang
  13. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day favourites

    Few of my favourites
  14. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day and more

    Few more
  15. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day more

    Due to download limit 2nd selection