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  1. Yes, Mr. Marshall was disappointed with the performance. It sat for a very long time and was eventually given to a member of the Friends of Auburn Heights, who has given it stronger burner performance and is not far from getting it on the road. It's a huge amount of weight for a 20hp engine to push around. But it will probably move ok with lots of firepower. The capacity of the burner is typically the biggest determining factor for a nice drive in a steamer. By the way, in that interior shot, you can see the standard Stanley reverse and hookup pedal in the left posit
  2. Another one of these slinky Mercedes tourers. This is one of my favorite old car photos. The angle that the photographer got, against the sweep and proportions of the car, and the way that back tire fills the fender - I admire it every time I look at it.
  3. I guess if the original owner's kids had let the car run down this badly, it could be an "heir crueled Franklin." 🙂
  4. Didn't they usually put those carbide generators where the driver could reach them?
  5. A little scary that way eh... Here's the auction that photo came from - https://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1927-packard-343-convertible-sedan/ Auction text and a couple more photos here - https://coachbuild.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=75&t=1905
  6. I love the look of that thing. The later ones were pretty OK, too.
  7. The Packard coupe windshield is very reminiscent of Brewster's windshields.
  8. This is an intriguing pair of photos. The angle is EXACTLY the same, left to right and up to down. Every little bit of space between parts, every bit of something that's revealed, is identical. I was tempted to say that the car was edited into the building picture - the shadow looks vague, and the reflection above the running board is the same as the waterrside picture, with the top of the reflection brushed away. Even the dirt marks on the rear tire are at the same place. BUT - the front wheel is in a different position! Valve stem & dirt marks are rotated.
  9. Any license plate people, or know who I should contact? This is from a photo that looks like '30s-'40s. It vaguely strikes me as being from somewhere in Europe, but scans of European license plate sites didn't turn up anything. Thanks.. .
  10. "But officer, I didn't see the baby carriage coming."
  11. Buck Grundy's bar opened in Miami in 1940, and it looks like a 1934 Jaguar SS1.
  12. Thanks Bob, that makes perfect sense. What a machine.
  13. Happy Mother's Day! What is this rangy-looking chain-drive tourabout? I'm pretty sure the B doesn't stand for Buick.
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