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  1. I am not sure, but if you could send me photo of your body tag I could look into it, but maybe the column and lower dash are correct original paint on your car, and are this silver-gray that I did find for 1958 Buick, silver-gray Ditzler PPG # 31722, it also shows "Interior" Close to PPG # 21260 is what you need. Just as lancemb stated steering column and lower dash should be the same color, that could be why "silver mist" does not match your steering column and lower dash, as they both should match in color. You can view these PPG codes on: www.paintref.com just google 1958 Buick inter
  2. Bill, I does not show a 781? It does show 791 color of steering wheel is Turquoise. I should have just put picture of page up, so here is the photo. I hope this helps. Bob.
  3. Bill, What trim number is your car? I have a color and trim album for 1958, I can look that up for you. Bob
  4. I looked at car, does NOT have air conditioning, has not been driven in 7 years. Bob
  5. wowo, I see for sale on e-bay item # 174236396185 , GM #1297852 for $26.77 each and FREE shipping. hope this helps. Bob
  6. Ed, I love the video and your knowledge, thank you.
  7. I purchased a 1958 Buick service manual on e-bay and had trouble with the seller, he did get it resolved, but to try to make me happy he gave me a very nice condition "Dynaflow Doctor" service manual like the picture shows.
  8. I love that #12 Bobby Allison stock car Miller paint scheme on that Buick.
  9. I also have the porter cable and really like it.
  10. In response to video of "1952 Roadmaster transmission removal", look at this rear end screw jack, is a Kent-Moore tool, to avoid the removal of the complete rear end with torque tube. Bob
  11. Here is a better picture, looks so good I don't want to get oil or grease on it when I remove my next transmission on a torque tube Buick. Bob
  12. I cleaned and painted my newly acquired rear end axle jack. It measures 26" when screwed all the way in, extends to 49" and weighs 25 lbs, and is ratcheting in the center where it is labeled Simplex, it is a Kent-Moore # J6741 KMO numbers/letters both on the base where it attaches to rear end.
  13. I am looking for a member who has a Dynaflow transmission holding fixture brackets that I could rent or borrow to make copies of the 2 brackets # J7009-6, I would pay for the shipping from you and back to you, please PM, or E-mail me at: bobs1958@att.net Thanks Bob
  14. John, I received my rear end axle jack today. WOW is all I can say, This is what I looked for to aid in transmission removal with a torque tube. Did you sell the other one? Thanks Bob
  15. Looks like a professional job, who did the rebuild, what was the cost, and where are they located?
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