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  1. TerryB My book arrived today, it is in GREAT condition. The post office had it at one location for 20 days! I am just grateful I received it. Thank You Very Much Stay Safe Bob
  2. Try AMK Products, for clips and fasteners, hope this helps.
  3. You might try Steele rubber products, weatherstripping and rubber products phone # 800-840-7833 OR go online : www.steelerubber.com Hope this helps.
  4. Hybrid, Thank you for the update. Was it common to have trumpet horns in 1946? This taxi has 2 trumpet horns.
  5. I am trying to help a friend identify year of Nash Taxi, serial number K-96142 any help would be appreciated. Bob
  6. The Buick master chassis parts book lists drive shaft for 1950 thru 1952 Super and Roadmaster are the same,(Super Estate Wagons were built on Super chassis) I also checked with a local club member that knows a great deal about 50's Buick's, and agreed about the Super chassis and fitment of the drive shaft on the Super Estate wagon, I would also ask Windy Hill junkyard just to verify the fitment of drive shaft with them first before purchasing it. The weight, converter pump balance group number #4.115, fitment for 1948-1950 part number is 1337136 (.0345") 1337137 (.060") 1337138 (.120") thickn
  7. I also had a vibration in my 1958 Buick with a Dynaflow, turns out there was a service bulletin for Dynaflow torque converter balancing weights. I purchased the weights from Robert Graves in Massachusetts, (parts vendor for the Buick Club), and then followed the bulletin, was a time consuming deal, but when done no more vibration, I have the bulletin if you need it. I also looked in the chassis part book and it shows drive shaft for the Super and Roadmaster being the same from 1950 thru 1952, and 3 of them are at Windy Hill junkyard in New London , MN (phone # 320-354-2201 and stock numbers a
  8. I rebuilt a 1954 Special manual transmission, the top cover just had a gasket, no sealer, the person before I put a clutch in the car, and used a full tube of blue silicone between the bell housing and transmission, so trying to remove the transmission while up on jack stands, as I pulled back on transmission and let it go, to reposition myself on ground, the transmission went back into the bell housing, (like rubber bands were attached) once it was out the snap ring that secured the support to the bell housing was missing, causing a transmission oil leak. I had to take extra time to remove al
  9. MarkcusSLC, Windy Hill Used Auto parts 9200 240th Ave NE, New London Minnesota has harmonic balancer for a 1953 Roadmaster from Stock # L41474 call 1-320-354-2201 or e-mail:wbajari@hoymail.com I hope this helps. Bob
  10. I would try AMK products at: www.amkproducts.com If you know the Buick part number you could enter that in the search window. I hope this helps. The group # 8.154 part number 587283 OR 3950610. Bob
  11. In the Master Chassis Part Book it shows you can also use a double groove pulley from a 1953 Super or Roadmaster with power steering and air conditioning, Try calling Desert Valley auto parts in Arizona OR French Lake in Minnesota. Hope this helps.
  12. Chris, Clips arrived today. Thanks Bob
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