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  1. Gentlemen, we may have a drive train vibration with this one 😂
  2. Thanks for the measurement, I am looking for the molding for a friend, who has a automobile repair shop, and when I spoke to him about the molding for sale, he asked me to inquire. I will let him know it's length. Bob
  3. Doug, I found several photo's of my 1958 Buick Special, I will attach them. I have a cute story, my youngest daughter was getting married and she wanted to use my 1958 Buick as a driver for the bride and groom. I agreed, and we used my 1958 Buick, and my 1962 Electra 225 (I do not have the 1962 anymore), and borrowed a friends (and BCA member) 1979 Electra Park Avenue to use for the bridal party. I drove the 1958, my brother n law drove the 1962, and my father n law drove the 1979, I had the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's cars covered in the wedding parade of cars, that was pretty cool. My daughter told me after the wedding that her close friend (brides mate) thought it was so cool that I purchased and installed chrome letters on the trunk of my 1958 Buick"SPECIAL" because it was my daughter's "SPECIAL DAY".😂😂 Bob
  4. Can you measure how long it is? One is 77 13/16" the other is 87 7/16" Bob
  5. I agree with old-tank, just pull the rear end back a little for the transmission to clear the torque tube, when transmission is being lowered out of car. I did this in a garage, I put 4 jack stands under car, to support car by FRAME, then used a cable winch puller,(see harbor freight haul-master cable winch puller) and wrap one end around end of torque tube and the other end around rear bumper brackets OR rear frame, that bumper brackets attach to, then ratchet it back.
  6. Ed, I like your choice of car, follow John on his fluid suggestions, if you have any transmission fluid leaks I can help you with that, may sound silly as you were at Chevy mechanic, BUT Buicks are a little different. Bob
  7. The problem today is the mom and pop radiator and gas tank repair shops are all almost gone out of business, very hard to find one now. Bob
  8. Mudbone, I like John's idea with "rope caulk" I have worked with that product before, best to use latex gloves when using. Bob
  9. Sergio, I agree with John, remove lower (flywheel) inspection cover and look with a flashlight or (inspection camera then you could video tape it, if you don't have one you could rent it from home depot) to see where leak is coming from. If you replace front pump seal I would also replace bearing/bushing for input shaft because they wear and shaft will have up and down play that will contribute to your leak, that will need to remove transmission from vehicle. Also inspect the torque converter end that make contact with front pump seal that it is not scored up, that would damage the replacement seal. group # 4.224 seal, front pump oil part # 1171657 group # 4.123 bearing/bushing input shaft part # 1168262 I hope this helps you. Bob
  10. How do I receive this? can it be maied USPS media mail? please let me know Bob
  11. Are these still for sale and what would the cost be to ship USPS media mail? can I see sample photo's Bob
  12. Joe, Bud's salvage in Aline, Okahoma has a couple of 1970 LaSabre's and Trenton Browne at Browne & Sons salvage in Sunset, Texas has at least one 1970 LeSabre, I hope that helps Bob
  13. Joe, The hollander manual ONLY show's Buick that is interchangeable as I listed , try contacting Bob's Automobilia in California, as he advertises in the Buick Bugle, custom made fuel tanks, I will continue to look in my area and update you if I locate one. Do you or did you, with owning the car 35 years, belong to the Buick Club of America? Bob
  14. Joe, The hollander interchange shows only 1970 Buick LeSabre and Wildcat fuel tank will interchange, BUT does your car have evaporative emission control (EEC) ? That will make a difference. What area are you from? I could look local with my location. Bob
  15. Bill, I will send remainder of photos to your e-mail address. Bob