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  1. Would the individual who bought the box of parts please contact me. Bob Cornman
  2. This is a photo from a very early Franklin dealer in the Carolinas.
  3. After discussion with officials of Cazenovia College and a review of New York State and CDC guide lines, it is the sad duty of the 2021 Trek committee to recommend the postponement of the annual Trek again this year. The recommendation was presented to and accepted by the Franklin Club board of directors at the February board meeting on February 6. This decision was not made lightly but the college cannot give any assurances until they receive word from the state of NY and there is no idea when or if this might occur. The problems come with large group gatherings and the Trek falls under th
  4. Hi Kristin if you are helping your Dad sell his “stuff”, you will be a busy daughter for a very long time!
  5. Hook sent me this picture of the latest of the latest in snow removal equipment. I recognize the car in the picture. Believe the picture was created by a prior owner.
  6. We need to thank Jeff for finding that source for the bearings. The club has sold quite a few sets so far.
  7. Franklin 153 Derham body Sportsman’s Coupe formerly owned by Walt Gosden now located in my garage
  8. The next issue of the FSS was mailed today.
  9. I will buy the parts for your asking price. Please call me at 610-914-9333. Thanks
  10. This is a photo of my '08 Model G prior to restoration in the late 1950's. I believe the photo was taken at Wendlings Restoration Shop in Macungie, Pa.
  11. Now that the initial issue of the rejuvenated Franklin Service Station has been distributed, we are now looking for material to be included in upcoming issues. If you have articles, stories, pictures, or Franklin items for sale that you think would be of interest to others interested in the Franklin automobile, please contact any of the members of the FSS Rejuvination Committee.
  12. A Franklin Club member recently acquired a 1908 Model G Runabout that had been in a museum for over 60 years. An interesting feature of this car is that it has a 60” tread width rather than the 54” tread width listed in the Franklin literature which makes this a “wide track”. What does anyone know about early Franklins with 60” tread width?
  13. The Franklin Service Station was taken to the post office today by the printer.
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