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  1. Does that mean it’s worth less , as purest wouldn’t buy
  2. Spent a great day at beaulieu auto jumble today , only few special classic cars there, but to me this was the best at show , 1937 packhard V12 amazing!! Didnt ask what they expect for car , but adjacent 1952 Bentley convertible asking 329k stg, $400k so up in the clouds somewhere , so not today 😁 however I did buy two items a mga grill ,currently on eBay for $476 ,bought for $150! Also $50 workshop manual for $10 , good day.
  3. Many thanks , I will send them details cheers pilgrim
  4. Apologies to my American colleagues on the forum who may think it strange advertising a car currently in Uk , but I have been prompted by a fellow member that because of the forums global interest I may attract a buyer from elsewhere as prepared to ship 1960 MGA , 1600 , beautifully restored finished in old English white, new red leather and red carpet interior. Back to bare metal restoration , rewired completely overhauled with new and refurbished parts . Period mini light wheels , New tonneau, original steering wheel , period radio . Car was from California and was good running car , not a wreck .Full photographic record of restoration available . A rapidly appreciating great sporty classic at a very competitive price £26000, $34000, €28000 similar advertised in Uk for £34000 original US title and bills of sale provided. free accommodation and collection from airport for anyone wishing to view in Southampton Uk and contribution to shipping cost amount depending on destination . 1000 stg refundable deposit will reserve car , balance payable on collection or shipping. Please pm for further information and full set of photos . 00905338361643
  5. Hi Daniel , thanks for offer of help , would welcome advice on how and where to advertise to best attract possible European buyer especially Belgium. France and Scandinavian countries . Sent you photo of Ruby cheers pilgrim
  6. My time is of no consequence, just thought my cars. maybe little interest to Americans buyers , but thanks for your prompt will post just in case other Europeans are following forum like me . You reference to warm beer , usually called real ale or bitter over here , never been my tipple , since a teenager liked buds, Miller or corona cold out the fridge , not sure who to thank , probably US troops brought lager here , mind you strong marketing here for fosters Aussie lager . Good stuff to.
  7. Returning to Uk from Cyprus , planning 2 to 3 years hence live in Victorian town house ( victorians rarely had cars so no garage , created parking in front of house ,but not ideal for classic cars , already have two cars in Uk , will Sell one . Therefore , Although I love them all can only accommodate one so will be put up for sale in due course 1960 Mga fully restored Lhd 1958 Austin Healey 100/6 BN4 fully restored RHD and last but not least sadly 1953 Buick special convertible (Ruby) fully restored Lhd
  8. Having 3 cars that originate from US , and circumstances dictate that I need to sell two or all due to loss of storage space in two years time I wonder if it’s worth advertising on this forum , would be willing to ship cars back , but couple of potential issues make me think probably a waste of time , issues such as import tax and reluctance of buying abroad due to trust issues and inspection
  9. Some good information and suggestions , going to change my payment terms on ad thanks guys