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  1. Not normally a big fan of pre 20s automobiles , but love this quirky car , especially the headlamps and oval window. Well done nice purchase.
  2. Love working and driving to Icelandic group Kaleo , worth a listen.
  3. Interesting photos , love the packhard and Brewster thanks for posting
  4. Fire in a car is a scary occurrence, had two first 30 years ago my jag xjs burst into flames when driving my two young daughters to school , I pulled into service station attendant sorted with extinguisher , recently my stag ignited on start up , pretty big flames really scary ,chap from nearby bank ran out with extinguisher, fire brigade turned up too , about time I bought an extinguisher 😀
  5. Think that 31 Packard takes some beating, stunning
  6. Yes agree that is one Downside , but the red helps
  7. There many beutiful Classic cars , but the merc is one of those that moves up a level to dream machine status
  8. I remember seeing your car nick for the first time when I first joined five years ago . I had never seen a Darrin or even heard of one up and till I saw one of your posts, and I thought what a beautiful car , you must be sad to part with it , it’s beyond my budget but I wish you success in finding a new lucky owner.
  9. Merci Sebastian Encore une merveilleuse collection ! I
  10. Great collection ,many thanks and appreciate the actual effort in posting so many images
  11. Wish I could move to states , love that blue house 375k amazing , that’s less than my 2 bed town house with no garage , here in Southampton Uk
  12. Interesting stuff and such beutiful cars
  13. Notice some british cars on right hand side , including AustinA90 Atlantic , which I always liked ,but haven’t seen for years over here . I had a 52 A40 Somerset it’s baby sister , great first car .
  14. In the Uk personal plates are usually easily identified as they have less characters and don’t include the registration year within the characters which is the norm here now
  15. I had HUR not HER ,because My surname is HUR 😁, however HER would have cost more at the time but perhaps should have bought as even more valuable now
  16. The fact the choice is limited in Uk in fact effects the price , often the personal plate is worth more than the car , single digit after initials especially, changing hands for thousands. I bought two plates B4 HUR which I had on a nice BMW convertible shortly after my divorce , caused a few smiles, now jag and B9 HUR (Sounds like BEN HUR chariot 😊)had on a sporty car . I paid about 400 dollars each , but now fetch double at least
  17. No one has admitted to having one on their car so far , here in the Uk they are very common , I have two which have been on various cars I have owned during the last 30 years 😊
  18. agree Sebastien, just on this occasion, muscle cars predominant and not a fan , however many earlier American could have stole the show, think a 62 or 58 corvette or 53 skylark would have my vote 😆
  19. Some great American cars , but sorry to my co members ,on this American forum , white 62 alfa stole the show 😊
  20. 1958 Thames van , horrid 1960 Morris traveller , slow but fun 1952 austin A40 Somerset , definitely not suitable for hilly country , very stressful when traffic building up behind you. 😊
  21. My jag 150 Xkr screams past 100 top speed to scary never got there .
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