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    Abandoned but not forgotten

    Elpad post jan4 bottom rh corner , about 72-74 roller ben , love the name of your home town ,Wichita Falls pure iconic American , remember it along with places like Kansas City, Denver and Tombstone appearing in books and films. cheers Paul
  2. Pilgrim65


    Early 50s ? Looks mean machine , nice looking back end of car to ,what is it, not a Buick I think
  3. Pilgrim65

    Abandoned but not forgotten

    Great photos , enjoyed Some expensive good chrome just sitting out there . Noticed the flying lady , so must be a roller parked up to. Amazing is that why they call America, ‘Land of the free’ 😉
  4. Pilgrim65

    My 49 Roadmaster

    Fair bit to change inside I imagine to , good luck , love the car
  5. Pilgrim65

    Spam Pie

    Was quite surprised to see this tread on this forum , So I thought I would share my recollections of Spam with you guys. I’m not sure of the origins of spam , British or American , pork luncheon meat ,obviously dates back to pre WW2 and wonder if soldiers found it was the ease to store and cook in a frying pan that made it popular , my dad was a soldier 8th army turbrok , el alemain etc , he certainly liked it and used to cook me spam fritters or chop it up and put in curry. It’s popularity declined in the 60s not helped because I think at least in Britain it was considered working class food , I was never offered spam sandwiches by our well off relatives, proper meat or cheese and salmon by top knobs . Give me plain egg or cheese anytime or even spam I remember i liked it cold with baked beans on . Must have been my dads thing cause after he passed very young , don’t remember my mum ever serving it . Cest la vie
  6. Pilgrim65

    What a great dash!

    Glad to see one like mine 53 Buick , but think the 30s and 20s ones steal the show.
  7. Pilgrim65

    Mid 50's stabilizer bars

    Your right Bernie , letting other people drive not a good move ,but I’m pretty selfish only twice in 3 years , two mates while out cruising. also your right about constant adjustment while driving ,was pretty scary when I first drove ,but did adjust that big nut on box , better now , pity don’t have power, but manage quite well. thanks for info. cheers pilgrim
  8. Pilgrim65

    Mid 50's stabilizer bars

    Bernie and others I was surprised to see this topic today as was only discussing this with a friend lunchtime today . I drove Ruby and neighbour to local golf course , do good lunch snacks and let him drive back , he was a little surprised in movement in steering, I’m used to it ,and we were discussing ways of reducing it . I had read on forum a post about anti roll bar and had noted to look into it and now you mention polyurethane bushings , this would obviously be a cheaper option , but overall what would you recommend cheers all valuable advice.
  9. Pilgrim65

    Want to Buy 1949 Roadmaster Convertible

    When referring to 1950 Buick’s as grotesque are you referring to just 1950 or early 50s in general as it appears to me toothy grills were similar till 54 and I actually prefer them , however the 50 teeth I admit are a bit carnivorous 😊
  10. Pilgrim65

    Find the Buick

    Surprised how many British sports cars there are
  11. Pilgrim65

    57 Torque Tube Paint/Finishes

    Very useful information, noted , thanks
  12. Pilgrim65

    Buick Registry

    The 49 super convertible above and other convertible supers road masters of that era 46 to 51 are Beutiful cars and in the context of the post subject it interests me also on the issue of how many survivors there are. I’ve read similar general posts on this subject and the point was made that there may be more convertible model survivors because they are popular and consequently have more value ,thus making restoration less of a black hole and irrespective of costs enthusiasts of open top motoring want one . I know two such members of this forum who are currently restoring 1947 convertibles and I follow with interest and it is thanks to these enthusiastic folk that these fine cars are saved. However the technical abilities required ,must deter some would be restorer and there may be some great cars just waiting for the owner to accept its beyond their capabilities, restoration budgets or they be keeping for sentimental reasons. There has been a noticeable increase in value of convertibles of this era so this may bring out more cars into the public arena, but how many, anyone’s guess. So back to survivor rates I’ve no idea , but the theories and factors are interesting. I have a 53 special,3 speed manual and I often wonder how many sisters she still has.100, 500.?😊
  13. Very good service from , Alex at west coast shipping and mona at American freight lines both international but have good internal USA network , very competitive rates and nice people to deal with.
  14. Pilgrim65


    Tried to read poster , but couldn’t but guess South America somewhere , but great photo , great legs 😉
  15. Pilgrim65

    Find the Buick

    White cars obviously popular then
  16. Pilgrim65


    Apologies , but a bit of a associated topic but I find driving my classic Ruby quite stressful if I stop to think about a potential accident, was nearly hit head on during a rally on a s bend , not being anti regarding woman drivers , but it was a woman on the wrong side of road ! Being in Cyprus, i think about the added difficulty of repairing Ruby over here , should she get damaged ,obtaining parts etc . Ruby , quite a costly car for my budget , if I owned one of the stunning expensive cars some the members have , don’t know how I would feel taking into to some of the busy thoroughfares I take Ruby. On second thoughts I’d like the opportunity 😆
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    Scary the extent of damage , think I’ll drive carefully with Ruby
  18. Pilgrim65

    1940 76C Reconstruct

    Following you guys with interest , amazing projects with the diversity of knowledge and skills you have ,going to be a couple of amazing cars too. Cheers
  19. Pilgrim65

    1952 Buick 76R market value?

    Sad beutiful car
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    Unfortunately I am
  21. Meet was also attended by chitty chitty bang bang
  22. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day inc chitty chitty bang bang

    Hi show was in the village of Romsey nr Southampton , south of England 8 degrees ,rain had stopped when we arrived about 10am Dont know history of that chitty but looks pretty similar and they play the song as they go along . think it may be from beaulieu car museum which is nearby , will investigate and post
  23. Not sure , you celebrate Boxing Day 26th December in US , Christmas always a two day holiday over here but as most businesses are closed good day for classic car show /meet . About 500 cars turned up at local village ,some really good ones two . A selection of my favourites below , enjoy
  24. Pilgrim65

    Boxing Day favourites

    Few of my favourites