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  1. Looked at the eBay link photos , serious full expensive restoration needed and as it looks like cord prices have fallen recently, seen some ads for 60 /70k , bid at 5200 reserve not met , which I reckon is probably minimum 20k the car is not going to sell unless a rich collector who can dismiss restoration costs or devoted cord amateur restorer wants a labour of love . Watch with interest as I love cords , restored ones! 😊
  2. Looking good work impressive . Also made some progress towards joint Mga project , dashboard and instruments installed , but original interior light missing looked on major suppliers nearly 80 bucks found good new replica on eBay 25 bucks result . also bought a good front grill at beulieu auto fair two years ago but it had no false nose or badge , bought a complete but tatty grill on eBay for 40 bucks , nose and badge perfect , about 100 bucks new so well pleased fitting bits on next week . Might sound a cheapskate not buying new ,but anyone doing restoration knows costs usually
  3. I know this an American forum , but apologise I’m biased but owning a jag 140 would wipe out all of my regrets 😊
  4. Would that be Southampton UK or Southampton US , interested as Southampton Uk my home and thought may be the docks as home of the big liners , and the lady may boarding for translantic voyage to US
  5. This is difficult question to answer honestly as when you sell something you generally have a reason for doing same , raise cash or no space or upgrade etc However for me there is always sadness, because any car I have bought I bought because I loved it and to see it go for whatever the reason is double sided coin , glad , but sad . just going back twenty years I regret jag Xjs v12 bmw m3 cobra 427 replica v8 , but sweet Mga buick special convertible especially. cest la vie😊
  6. I like car too , and thought price ok with a bit of negotiation, but now wonder if I’m losing touch with current values as this is the second car on this thread that the price has been mentioned as high although again I thought reasonable , what’s the general opinion 12 k or 10k ? Must be good value at either .
  7. Was the pinto anything to do with the Uk ford Capri mk2 , bodywise look similar. Interested as I had a 1973 3.0 s in apple green with deck chair stripped seats , great striking looking fast car , loved it
  8. Pretty sad reading really , proves the trend high cost of labour , parts and scarcity of same making restoration only a viable proposition to few cars . I know there are those who may disagree , but those are the declining number of people who are capable with the skills and dedication to carry out the main restoration work themselves. There are such members on this forum and I envy and applaud them . i hope the poster will enlighten us with details of his collection and hope he has at least a few gems that attract good prices that at least may compensate for some of the money and inter
  9. Unusual car ,never seen one before , looks 30s and I think it’s great , can’t make out the script on bonnet , what is it ? Thanks Cool car then and now
  10. I had two rover P6 s in the seventies , a dark brown 2000 tc and later bright red 3.5 v8, nice fast luxurious cars, but not sports cars though . as thread diverted to old attractive stars , Sophie Loren was my dads favourite, I’m more Bridget Bardot 😊
  11. As in my previous post I have calculated I have already lost over a year of my life spent waiting at traffic lights , so Thought I’d do a rough estimate of the cost of my gas wasted , here gas costs about 6 bucks a gallon now . my old jag v8 does about 18 mpg and ticks over at 1000rpm . 30 mins a day waiting at traffic light around town so say average speed 36 mph so uses 2 gallons 12 bucks , 60 bucks a week , nearly 3000 a year , my working life 48 years, 150000 !!, crazy cost me more than my house. 😂
  12. My pet hate , here in Uk we have a ridiculess amount of traffic lights , they drive me mad , I had not thought about the fuel my v8 burning while stationary waiting , but just the other day I calculated I have wasted about a year of my life sat at traffic lights , not to mention rail crossings bonkers !
  13. First time I’ve seen one , bit garish, reminds me of a cross between a caddy or Buick Electra of similar date , prefer the understated looks of a Buick myself . , but my wife likes it , wonder what its worth
  14. Just up my street , very nice , love colour combo too. 50/60 k probably , been cheaper recently
  15. I must also thank him also , particularly loved his period Hollywood images showing some old stars with great cars many thanks
  16. Like all your choices of some marvellous British cars , particularly the SS 100 😊
  17. Morgan’s have always been expensive over here too , mostly owned by more wealthy types , mere mortals like me when I was in my 20s bought mgas as were affordable and have only risen steeply in last ten years , Most of us would liked to keep our mgas but marriage, house purchase and family’s took priority sadly. Morgan’s always high . Working with a friend restoring a 1960. Mga 1600 now , will post when complete , we restored a LHD a couple of years back , my grandkids loved it
  18. Very nice car , if storage and current covid situation not a problem would have certainly considered.
  19. Reading the wish lists , I note with some satisfaction the inclusion of a few British cars , Mga , Mgb etc and if the choice had been limited to such they would have been in my top ten , but for me a 60 Mga or 60 corvette !! 😁
  20. Being a relatively new member about 5 years and British , firstly I was pretty ignorant of American classics , although I drooled over some examples I had seen here at car rallies , caddy’s , Chevys and muscle cars I knew very little . i started looking at American 50scars on the Internet as they had always been my favourites , fell in love with Buick 53 skylarks and thought I’d love to own one , but prices then over 100k to rich for me . I also loved 50s and early 60s corvettes , there again big money . Eventually found a beautiful immaculate 53 Buick special convertible and boug
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