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  1. HAPPY FATHERS DAY, NOT Not my car. .
  2. Caption states, only one known to exist. Unsure if true. '72 Stage 1 4 speed in fire red.
  3. Thanks Buick Man and Kestrel for the info. Tanks Inc. was the tank vendor I was thinking about. They have 4 different model tanks for this year that may need minor modifications to install. Anyone tried a tank from them ? Cal.
  4. Thank's for the replies. As it turns out we put 30 W In it and filter. Tank is too far gone, will need a new on. Anybody know where to find one ? Had a line on one but can't find my notes now. Cranked it over to lube it up before putting the coil wire back on and feed it gas from a water bottle and it did fire up after a bit, ran shitty but it ran. Need carb kit, who would be a good source, Kanter's ? There was some tranny fluid leaky from ring gear location at first then it went away. Might not get back to it for a while but satisfied with results so far. Old Tank it was originally parked because life got in the way.
  5. I realise everyone has a favorite but need advice. '54 Special with 65,000 miles, been sitting in unheated garage close to the ocean, not started in 16 years. Have owned since '86. Manual states down to 34 F use 20 W. I can't remember but thought that I would have used 30 W or 10-30 W. Suggestions on oil grade, detergent, non-detergent ? Have dropped gas tank and will clean out, had 10 gal. of very dirty gas. Will clean out carb if need be. Is there anything else I should do before start up ? Change tranny oil ? Tranny oil still red. Have turned over engine with socket on crank and not stuck. Any help appreciated. Cal
  6. I realise everyone has a favorite but need some advice. '54 Special with 65,000 miles. Have owned since '86. Has been sitting approx.16 years. Service manual states down to 34 F use 20W. As stated above it has been a while since last oil change but if I recall right I would have used 30W or 10-30. Multi grade or single grade, detergent or non detergent ? Presently have dropped gas tank to clean, still had 10 gal. of very dirty gas. Turned motor over at crank and turns over good. Has been in unheated garage all the time not far from the ocean. Will clean carb if it won't start. Is there anything else to be aware of before starting, change tranny oil ? Still looks red. Thanks in advance, Cal.