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Vintage "Buicks at Service Stations" Photographs


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Love the picture.

Brings back memories of filling up with my grandfather and sitting on the front seat arm rest going to the cottages. 


Sad to think those Gas Pump Attendant jobs are all but gone. I don't know if one made a living doing it but I had friends while at school working at stations for part time work / money.

Progress I guess? Today it's the fast food jobs for school kids...


Somewhat like when I was in college and computers were becoming part of the teaching cirriculum and before the micro chip. Then one could learn to be a Key Punch Operator making those hard paper cards writing programs...

Think Cobalt and Fortran.


Yikes! I just dated myself!?

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3 hours ago, Elpad said:


The Sumner Tunnel linked Boston's Financial District/Haymarket Square with East Boston/Logan Airport...it went under Boston "Habah".  This was before Gov Dukakis' "Big Dig".   

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2 hours ago, Marty Roth said:


Nice pic of (I think) a Studebaker and a Packard -

Would love to see a Buick in this setting-


Any idea where this photo was taken?


My bad, thought the two tone car on the right was a Buick. No idea where the picture was taken.. looks like a very poor part of town.

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