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  1. Ok, got it. Thanks! Did not know Olds had "gas" powered engines.
  2. Pray tell what is the difference between a "gas" and "gasoline" engine, I wonder?
  3. D Yaros


    Looks like Mom has a cig in her hand?
  4. D Yaros

    reference engine paint

    Post your question in the Buick forum, below, for an authoritative answer.
  5. D Yaros

    Upside-down fuel sediment bowl???

    Glass bowl on top was how it was mounted on my 1955 CDV.
  6. D Yaros

    Buick Wreckers?

    36 forward and 24 reverse speeds? One would have to be a whole lot better driver than me to be shifting 24 gears while backing up!
  7. D Yaros

    Ethanol damage after 4-1/2 years

    Me too? 😖
  8. D Yaros

    Yet another 57 Roadmaster

    Rubbing compound should do the trick. Work slowly!
  9. I'll cast my vote for the 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
  10. D Yaros

    Another what is it?

    Can anyone tell the state of the license plate, and what is sitting on the front fender-passenger side?
  11. Duh? Obviously, I did not! My bad! A senior moment?
  12. D Yaros

    Havana Cruise-in

    This bit of info came my way today. Would be neat to be a spectator! https://www.nwitimes.com/travel/classic-car-enthusiasts-plan-dec-festival-in-havana/article_49e5ce3a-f488-583c-bb49-31e8e53e314a.html
  13. A mandated safety device to prevent decapitation. Next question: Who was the rear seat passenger who survived the accident?
  14. D Yaros

    1950 Buick unrestored gem

    Well, I was around at that point in time and just do not recall ever seeing such. All the Oldsmobiles we had (48, 52, 53) never had such.