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  1. I can tell you that in 1960 one could definitely get a synchromesh tranny in the full-size Olds. How do I know? I owned one; a Super 88 SceniCoupe. It had the 394 with a 4 bbl carb and manual brakes.
  2. I have to agree that the Cadillac of today is not a "brand to which buyers aspire." When I see the ads for the car on t.v. I say to myself, "It looks no different than a Lexus, Infiniti or any other foreigh import.
  3. I owned a 92 Allante. Yes, price wise they are "dirt cheap." However, they are high maintenance and expensive to maintain. Some parts are in the "unobtainable" category or very expensive; Speed Dependent Damping (SDD), the Bosch brake system, headlights. Moreover, the interior hardware is, for lack of a better term, "cheap plastic." Over time it becomes brittle and easily broken. One has to be devoted to the marque and have very deep pockets to properly maintain an Allante.
  4. I have a Porter-Cable and can state it does a fantastic job!
  5. Does not a stop light defeat the purpose of a roundabout? Don't know, I am not a traffic engineer; just asking.
  6. D Yaros

    Forum is ded.

    Yes, past tense as do not own it any longer. That I do not does not mean I can no longer appreciate the ride.
  7. The hubcaps certainly look like Oldsmobile.
  8. D Yaros

    Forum is ded.

    Owned a 92, and loved it! 2 complaints where the cheap/plastic interior hardware and the hardness of the Recaro seats on long drives.
  9. All I can say is m 1976 Pinto had a mere 185K on the odometer when I passed her on to owner #2! Yes, I did have to replace the front floor pans in it during that time. Had a sheetmetal guy do the jobb! It used toilet paper oil filters during the entire 185K mile lifetime with me.
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