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  1. wow...thanks to hddennis for tko. I learned something today. Those ain't jarheads...they are army guys.
  2. This photo was found in a letter dated 1914. Researching the writer finds her name registered in New York and owner of a Franklin Auto in that year. Can anyone verify that this auto is a Franklin? thanks in advance.
  3. Can anyone ID this Automobile. The glass slide came from a group of same with various titles like 'Earthquake Kids', 'Boy's Outing Farm', 'San Francisco 1907' etc. Thanks very much in advance for any skinny on this one.
  4. Thanks for the excellent detective work. Much appreciated.
  5. Can anyone recognize this small non-ferrous, cast part? Thought it could be a section from a Hood Ornament? thanks in advance for takin a looksee and for any and all comments.
  6. Okay John n All, thanks alot. Running with 1917. Never knew smokey covers were referred to as lemon squeezers.😄
  7. Thanks Keiser31...still need year tho.
  8. Looks like a Ford Model T conversion?. Back of photo has penciled 1914 and 1917 but could be after 1920? thanks in advance.
  9. thanks Mr. G ....looks like the wheelbase has been shortened a little more (centerfold seam crop)
  10. Can someone name and date this auto please. Thanks in advance (thought it would be an easy one --- and struck out)
  11. I think you should win a prize. That was pretty fast thanks
  12. Can anyone guess what brand auto this engine might have found itself in? thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks all. Did not look like the 6 point star Dodge radiator badge to me. Running with intel as provided. Moochis Grotzius.