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  1. I would like to know why this subject is not covered more fully. Women jousting in automobiles. Asking for a friend.
  2. I can almost recognize that radiator emblem but not...thanks in advance to anyone who can ID this one which is from a stereogram. Note reflection of license plate. Think that looks like the California Bear on License plate...circa 1916?
  3. thanks Hans. Would also wonder what one would call that large curved fin on the cowl, that kinda matches the curved side vent window(s).
  4. License plate shows 1923. But what year might this ESSEX be. Bonus points for identifying the license plate topper. Thanks in advance
  5. Can this car be ID'd with so little evidence? Appreciate any skinny on this one. thanks in advance your honors... I rest my case. best of luck n health to all.
  6. "Google Renault Suprastella 1938..." thanks hanski....... I did and then saw the Viva Grande Sport convertible of 1939. See attached. It is a wee bit larger, has the similar grille, hood vents and Willys headlamps. Running with Renault.
  7. Thanks Guys. Was looking for a brand name and thought it might be recognizable by the grille and year. Regardless of the raked piece of side trim and artillery wheels...thought it looked decent. Superman was a big meanie!
  8. As per attached...Can anyone name this sporty convertible...or might it just be an artists made-up rendition of a car? The license plate states 1939. thanks in advance to any skinny on this one.
  9. wow...thanks to hddennis for tko. I learned something today. Those ain't jarheads...they are army guys.
  10. This photo was found in a letter dated 1914. Researching the writer finds her name registered in New York and owner of a Franklin Auto in that year. Can anyone verify that this auto is a Franklin? thanks in advance.
  11. Can anyone ID this Automobile. The glass slide came from a group of same with various titles like 'Earthquake Kids', 'Boy's Outing Farm', 'San Francisco 1907' etc. Thanks very much in advance for any skinny on this one.
  12. Thanks for the excellent detective work. Much appreciated.
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