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Winter Buicks


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11 hours ago, kgreen said:

You made a good decision there.  These donors are not in junk yards anymore. 


You are lucky to be able to keep that car in your yard.  Here in suburban Atlanta I've been noticed by the city officials when I had left a vehicle outside the garage without four wheels while doing a brake job.  It took me three days to do the work as I had to figure out what year the replacement rear axle was.  That extra two days on the job irritated the city. 


When I moved last i said no city no hoa no subdivisions

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Had a chance to get the GS out for a ride today.  Went to this site, which is the Saratoga side of the Mohawk River across from Schenectady, NY. It is the site where the trolley bridge crossed the Mohawk River from 1902-1941.  It was considered the longest running span for a trolley in the world at that time.




Afterwards just got a shot in the fields by the river



And in a Nature park where this Bridge arch can be seen only when the trees and shrubs drop their leaves.  This arch carried the trolley over the creek as it wound it's way up north to Ballston Spa, NY.




And from the corner of our home




It's not visible but it's only in the 30's today. 

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10 hours ago, RivNut said:

Do my eyes deceive me or is this a 2dr '57 Estate Wagon?  I've  never seen one before.



Good eye Riv! According to 1957 Hometown Buick, a 2 dr wagon was not offered in any series. This could be a highly made mutant wagon or perhaps a prototype? 

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