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  1. Less cost to buy a remanufactured unit vs sending it out for rebuild especially since you don't have an original-to-car date coded compressor you are trying to save. Rockauto shows complete A/C Delco reman with clutch for $184. I personally would not take a chance on a used compressor but that's just me. I am not a professional by trade but have totally rebuilt from scratch a hand full of 66-67 Buick A/C systems over the years. My experience was when dealing with unknown condition A/C systems or one that has been open to atmosphere for a long time, every component should be sent out for testin
  2. Mister Fab are you sure the compressor is good? Nothing worse than going through all that work obtaining parts and putting it all together, charging the system only to find out the compressor is bad or is puking refrigerant around the shaft seal.
  3. Welcome to the forum Odes. Guessing its cracked behind or near the starter? How bad is the crack? And does crack radiate to one of the freeze plugs? 425 blocks show up once in awhile but you may have to drive a few hundred miles to get it or pay to have it shipped. No matter it can be expensive then you never know what you are getting unless its a bare block and has been magna-fluxed for cracks and bores checked. That's why first you want to make sure your block is not repairable before going any further. Hey Tom T- I know that same guy too! 😏
  4. No it will not. The Wildcat driveshaft uses one CV (Constant Velocity) joint in center. The Riv uses 2 CV's one in center and one at rear. Before condemning your driveshaft, have you carefully inspected and determined exactly what parts are worn out and need replacing? Buying a used driveshaft can be a crap shoot and you could end up with something as bad or worse than you have.
  5. The 2 and 4 is a reference to option group #2 and group #4 and do not relate to any specific option. ZZ is Silver green paint without a vinyl top. The first Z is main body color and the second letter/number is the roof color if a vinyl top. For example if it had a black vinyl top it would be Z2
  6. Welcome to the forum Johnny Riv 66 an 67 should be interchangeable though there are visual differences between the two. 68 may be different at least at the differential end where it bolts to the pinion flange. Someone with a parts book may be able to confirm. I have a 66 complete driveshaft I would sell. It came off a parts car that I drove slow speed around the house a couple times so can't say for certain the overall condition. As far as parts to repair, the U-joints and CV joints should all be compatible 66-70
  7. I was at the Friday evening viewing and Saturday auction and it was an interesting experience for sure. The amount of parts literally crammed into the tent was mind boggling and there was much variation within the parts. Some of the best deals were lots that were physically mismarked vs what the online pictures and description stated. For example lot 304 included an NOS 1965 cathedral headlight molding in original box (not listed in photos or description) and that lot went for $160 a mere fraction of the value of that 1 piece. Same for a 3.42 posi from a 72. I wanted to bid based on the mis-m
  8. A competent shop can reproduce that standard seat pattern but beware good shops are few and far between. Be very specific about what you want and the quality you want. SMS can supply the fabric and they may even have NOS material. they will send you a free sample to confirm. Then you'll need to buy enough yardage and take that to an upholstery shop. This can be an expensive undertaking. Find a good shop and talk to them and see what they can do with whatever your budget is. Since its black they can probably source something close enough that would be acceptable
  9. Posted by Topcat Wild Bill over at V8Buick. Jeez, this seems like a great buy. https://www.v8buick.com/index.php?threads/1966-riviera-gran-sport-39-000-actual-miles-nice-rust-free-alamaba-car.367277/
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum. Congrats on getting your 68. It is imperative that you get a 68 chassis service manual. Originals are available reasonably priced or reprints. It will have a wiring diagram to assist in troubleshooting your dash lights problem. It is the single best publication to help keep your car on the road. Join ROA. These cars aren't like Mustangs, Camaros and Mopars where there is massive amounts of information available online or in restoration manuals. Nor is there a huge supply of reproduction parts like there is for mainstream classics. There is also a lot of misinf
  11. Believe it or not there are horn repair kits. The rivets can be drilled out. I did a tech article in the Riview on rebuilding them a few years back. Sometimes the coil burns out, contacts go bad, or they get very oxidized inside. In most cases replacement is best (either new or confirmed good used), easiest, and least expensive option.
  12. Yes Mike, In 65 the nuts were solid steel and chrome plated. The stainless capped nuts started in 71 I believe and that design did not withstand repeated abuse from impact guns and often the stainless cap would split.
  13. Very nice condition. If those are stainless capped they are for the boattail era and original can be hard to find. I'm not sure anyone is reproducing them.
  14. This is what I documented when I did my car. So as long as I didn't make a typo..... 3/8 to pump inlet. 5/16 from pump to filter and filter to carb 1/4" return all the way You probably know these hoses snake through the right front coil spring tower and are clamped inside up high. I've got the clamp loosened and fished them through but it is VERY challenging with the coil spring in place. Probably easier to remove spring or just take a different route.
  15. This is an incredible car I would love to have. I expect it to bid up pretty high
  16. I had the pleasure of viewing this car in person as the buyer (ROA member) who is now the new owner and lives local contacted me to come and check it out. It is a very straight AMAZINGLY rust free car. All bumpers and trim fit as original which is rare on these. Engine sounds great and drives great. Its a perfect car to just drive as is if it were mine but think the owner wants to eventually do a high level resto on it. It has some basic needs but nothing serious. Nice original vinyl top with one small defect. I did not investigate if original GS or not because the owner did not ask me to and
  17. I was just thinking since BCA cancelled both meets, ROA "might" see an increase in registrations from BCA/ROA members wanting to get out and attend a meet.
  18. Chuck, If you are planning on Branson it is a good idea to register ASAP as the number of registrants could be the deciding factor on the meet being held. It appears from everything I read Branson is open for business including hotels, entertainment shows, shopping, and restaurants. https://www.explorebranson.com/article/bransons-current-safety-measures
  19. Even if the venue gives the all clear to host the meet, Ed's post reveals the fact there are many people who are still afraid even if they got the vaccine and will not attend gatherings like a meet even though it can be done safely. Probably what happened with BCA especially trying to have 2 meets splitting a small number of interested registrants there were. Just not enough interest. A national meet requires a minimum level of attendance in order to make it financially feasible and sometimes that's tough even without a pandemic. I hope ROA gets enough registrants to support the meet but won't
  20. At first I did not recognize the part because the vacuum nipple is broken off the top but Rivman contacted me and figured out its the TVS/TCS sensor. You need to reference a 72 manual if you have a 72 as I believe the 72 varied a bit in the design of the TCS system vs 71 which was the first year for this messy attempt to control emissions. This is part of the TCS, (Transmission Controlled Spark Advance system) which essentially limits spark advance at lower rpm. I suggest eliminating/disabling the TCS system so it has no effect on the engine performance. Go to Teambuick.com. They have 7
  21. Are there any other stamps on the valley pan surface that you have pictured above? Thinking the 3F may be the identifier which indicates a 1959 364. The piston part number seems to match up to a 364 based on internet search as well as the head number comes up as 364/401/425. Go to Teambuick.com tons of Buick engine numbers
  22. JZRIV

    wire ?

    Philip the photo you posted is not a Riviera
  23. Original exterior color was Sahara Mist. The more I look at the floor repair the more it appears to be of very inferior craftsmanship. Certainly I've seen worse but considering the price of the car I'd expect better. Its too bad because a car like this would justify doing it right but everyone has a budget and differing perception of what's "right" Doesn't look like anything was touched/rebuilt on the chassis and suspension. At least not for decades. That can be a good thing, again only if the price reflects it because there a lot of work there to bring it up to reliable condition.
  24. JZRIV

    wire ?

    Yep that would be for blower motor
  25. Its going to have to be custom made by a shop as Tom suggested. These cars aren't popular enough for someone to reproduce it.
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