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  1. Bargain at that price. Go through the mechanicals, fix anything, drive and enjoy.
  2. When I need to remove the timing gear on my 1929 I find it easier to pull the complete camshaft and gear out. It does mean taking off rocker shaft and pushrods / cam followers. Then it's easy to press the gear off and press new one on. It takes "maybe" a bit longer and might have to cut a new gasket. But I don't know if the 1934 engine has a similar setup.
  3. I'm looking through my Buick books and don't see any mention of a "273" model ?
  4. The front fender top moulding is different ( longer / shorter )
  5. Damn. It was a bargain at that price for sure. Thanks Bill.
  6. Yes Mike, I have the 401 in my street rod project
  7. There is a Buick part for sale on Craigslist that I'm interested in buying but the seller will only take cash and won't respond to my email, if it went through at all ? No phone number listed, so I don't know if it's been sold. The part is located in a town called New Braufels which looks like it's north on the highway to Austin. Craigslist # 7187809556 I'm asking if anyone close could pay for it and pack / ship to me please, but only if it's convenient for you. I can pay you via PayPal. I suppose the first step would be to make contact and find out if sold. Thanks, Ken.
  8. Bob's Automobilia sell new hinge pins and bushes for your doors. There's not much else to wear out.
  9. Go pick it up when Madame Annastacia opens up the border ( after the election most probably )
  10. That is beautiful metalwork, a craftsman at work. I'm envious for those skills.
  11. Bullitt ---- did you get to solve this problem ??
  12. I once had the same problem on a non Buick engine. Turned out the intake manifold gasket was gone and this allowed oil to be sucked from the engine internals into the carb induction space. I ended up pulling the conrods and honing bores and replacing rings ( and replacing necessary gaskets -- the intake being one of them ) Problem solved, thought it was just rings and blow pass. It was a short time later when a friend said to me that when he was a garage mechanic, the intake gasket was the culprit -- common problem. If I had only known sooner, could of saved me a lot of work, $$, greasy hands and sore neck / back.
  13. Last offer at $50 -- any takers ? Need them gone.
  14. Price drop to $60. Any interest ? 🤠
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