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  1. This is now SOLD. Thanks Stean.
  2. Stean , I just checked ---- there is no information or Paypal through yet. Give it another go, thanks. Make sure you use the pay family and friends option with PayPal so no fees attached.
  3. I have available for sale a rear end ring and pinion gearset. It has never been used. 41 / 12 teeth , 3.4:1 ratio. Kit comes with new pinion nut, shims, pinion collar and tailshaft locating pin. PLUS --- the very hard to find rear pinion bearing NOS. Get yourself a 1955 pumpkin and install these gears and it can be fitted to any Buick 1940 - 1955. Then your Buick gets higher speed or less engine RPM and increased fuel economy. Price is $415 which includes shipping and tracking. Or $430 if you want insurance. PayPal only thanks. I have it for sale elsewhere also.
  4. For a second there I thought Mr. Earl was selling up ! 😲
  5. No it's not for the 1954. I've been down that road years ago when I replaced the housings with a 1955 unit, so it's all good. I was looking through my stuff the other day which includes a mixture of 1954 and 1955 gears and wondered whether the gears could interchange. I'm sure I read somewhere years ago that someone had either achieved it or at least tried. As for the rivetting , if the old ones were taken out I would have no hesitation in fitting new high tensile bolts torqued to correct tension with nyloc nuts and high strength Loctite threadlocker ------ provided there was clearance which I have not looked into. And I've set gear tolerances / backlash before and it doesn't scare me. The '34 ute ( pick up if you like for our USA cousins ) has progressed to it's all painted and 80% together. Main hurdle now is to finish the wiring. 🥺 With the proposed relaxed eg. cheaper state registration fees for street rods and modified customs available in the near future it might spur me on to get it finished sooner. But it's too damn hot in the shed these summer days and I'm getting less tolerant to it as I get older.
  6. Often I read how owners have changed out their 40s - 50s rear ends with a higher speed gear housing ( pumpkin ) from a 1955. My question is --- is it possible ( and has anyone done it ) to use the earlier existing housing and change out the ring and pinion only with a set from a 1955 ? I know the earlier ring gear is rivetted and they have to be ground and punched out, but what about the pinion gear interchanging.
  7. You'll get stung with high international shipping costs which either way you go. ☹️
  8. Bob's Automobilia has them in stock. Part # SB-30 $130
  9. Who you gonna call --- Snakebusters !! 😲
  10. Most likely those pistons made in China. I once asked a parts supplier the same question on parts and his reply was --- ' in China like everything else " ☹️ Google and talk to Russell. You might pay more but get expert advice and hopefully good quality stuff.
  11. And ---- what did Rita have to say about this ? 👍 👎
  12. Coming off the trailer at my place.