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  1. It would be wise to post some pics of the car here where very experienced eyes can pick up on the slightest visual concerns.
  2. You are correct. I have ran across worn bolts in the past. when going back together, be sure to have the car sitting on the tires so suspension is at normal compression then torque the heck out of those big lower control arms bolts. Agree With Tom. I would not replace the original ball joints if they are still good.
  3. Tom, Took that photo at the Lexington ROA meet of an original spare the original owner removed for display. He was also in Gettysburg and I spoke with him again. He was asking if I knew anyone who would be interested in buying the tire. As much I I liked it, considering the unlikelihood I'd ever find 3 more, I was not interested. Wouldn't it be cool to see a 67 GS sporting original H70 redlines! This is the car its from at Gettysburg in 19
  4. Well, here is an original Goodyear from a 67 Riv GS. Its bias. Redline radials not available
  5. Can remember the last time I saw a 72 with no A/C and no PW. Looks like its in great condition with low miles
  6. Tom is correct. Does not appear to be the larger pulley but the A/C compressor or clutch could have been replaced with incorrect part. Not an uncommon circumstance. Here is a 67 GS and 68 GS with larger pulley. 70 would be same. Sometimes depending on rust the stamp on axle tube can be hard to see. Some were stamped by weaklings and are not very deep while other were stamped by the hulk and remain visible despite scale rust.
  7. Yes PY = 3.42 ratio specifically which assuming the car has it, that's about as close as you'll get to confirming a GS in 1970. The 3.42 ratio in a posi could have been ordered on a base model but in my experience it was extremely uncommon. In fact I have never ran across one in a 66-70. If the car still has the original A/C compressor get a pic of it and post. 3.42 equipped cars came with a larger A/C pulley to slow it down since engine was at a higher average speed with the 3.42 ratio. Nothing on the POP indicates GS specifically. The PY is a very solid sign though. Having sa
  8. E - Tinted glass X- Power Windows Y - 6 way power bench seat K- A/C R - Rear seat speaker F - Remote mirror Only options that required preparation by Fisher Body will be on the tag. Other options such as AM/FM radio for example don't show on tag because it was not relevant to how the body was built.
  9. Near Youngstown OH. If one was to want want of these getting one with e 403 engine would be desireable. https://youngstown.craigslist.org/cto/d/warren-1978-buick-riviera/7240252227.html 1978 Buick Riviera Anniversary 403 engine edition 84k miles runs smooth very clean car. Selling off some of my cars need space. Text or call not interested in trades.
  10. Hi Tom, It would be of interest to see if the drums of any 70 owners out there have rivets. Seems odd if engineering decided to eliminate the rivets that they would still have the holes. Do you think there is a chance the NOS drums you had missed going through the riveting process of manufacturing? I've noticed a couple occasions over the years where NOS parts were left on the shelf for a reason , because something wasn't quite right about them.
  11. I thought the 90 fin change started with 67 model year but have no documentation to back that up Just my personal observations. I know all 67s had 90. The 66 MZ car had a 5th week of March build and they were 45s.
  12. Wow unbelievable item. Very rare to find and dirt cheap in my opinion. I paid $800 to get one plated several years ago and am sure it would be $1000 now not to mention the many hours of detail work to paint the argent and black exactly like factory did. The plater told me not to bring him another one! when it comes to the 66/67 grilles there is no substitute for NOS. I'd only ship that in a wooden crate. Tom you are very quick on the draw! And yes I recall it has been over 10 years that you have been looking! I think 12 anyway
  13. I don't think they were chrome. It was a bright reflective silver very similar to the chrome paint that is available which isn't as reflective as chrome. I have used foil on a boattail in the past like Tom noted and it works great and really brightens up the lights at night but one side effect I noticed is when the sun hits the lens it reflects so much it can look like the light is on in some cases.
  14. So it is a KX. Thanks for following up Chris. I wonder what it would take to undo that continental kit. Looks like its permanently attached.
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