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  1. Yes Bias were still standard in 73 but they were an option on the base model and as Bob said standard on the GS. Bottom line is you do not want bias tires if you plan on driving the car. The difference in ride and handling vs radial is significant in my opinion. Biggest mistake I ever made when it comes to tires was buying bias tires for a 67 just so I wouldn't get a deduction at BCA 400 point judging. They were horrible on long trips. Finally switched to radials and it was like driving a different car.
  2. That's an understatement!! Man was that thing ever rotten. Great work and persistence to get it this far. Congratulations on the milestone.
  3. X4 - Gene is a legend in his own time in the Riviera world. Class Act all the way. He's been around supporting ROA since I joined in 86. Countless cars have been put back on the road over the years because of his knowledge and massive parts inventory.
  4. There you go again Paul sugar coating it. 😁
  5. Most likely holes were drilled in the fenders for the emblems unless someone ground the studs off and used adhesive to attach them. In the one pic it almost looks like thats what was done but can't be sure. The ones on the fenders look good so I'd just leave them if holes were drilled. Most people who see it have no clue what a GS is anyway. The GS emblem on the grill just doesn't belong and looks odd. That should be an easy removal. FYI the vinyl top should not have a seam down the middle. I'm sure you saw it but very poorly done door seals. These are available with molded ends and not
  6. Well guys, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck........... Dennis has only had it 3 weeks but stated a year in the video 😏 The video is Ok but a golden opportunity was missed for what I call the "money shot" by not removing the air cleaner. 😐
  7. Hi Rene, Welcome to the forum Check here for repair parts. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?cPath=27_341_342&products_id=7116 http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?products_id=6919
  8. What wheels are on the car? If they are 71-78 wheels the wheel may be making contact with the drum just as its tightened down. The contact will make a squeak type noise as the wheel flexes slightly on bends
  9. Any time I see stories of folks who do trips like this I follow it with envy. I always think if only I could get that much time off work I would do it. Road trips like these are very inspiring and a good reminder to so many in the social media generations that never experience anything close in their lives and that these old cars and motorcycles were driven across country long distances. Often many now think they are achieving a feat when they drive 50 miles to a car show. In some ways its more challenging to do a cross country trip now in a 70 or 80 year old car vs when it was do
  10. David, Just a few words of wisdom when it comes to parting a car. It should be done with the majority of your goal to do as a hobby and to help other Riv enthusiasts get their cars on the road and maybe make a little extra cash. Removing parts, taking photo's providing accurate descriptions, posting advertising, packing and calculating shipping then shipping can be a challenge if you have other commitments in life. You'll sell a hand full of higher demand parts fairly quick but the largest portion could take years to sell all the while the carcass is sitting around taking up space. Once
  11. Without pics all I can base it on is this statement - "in pretty rough shape (body and rust wise)" and knowing rust is almost ALWAYS underestimated and the ultimate #1 killer of dreams on project cars. Unlikely anyone would spend the money and time to restore so its probably a good parts car. Hope I am wrong but if that turns out to be the case, figure $1500, more or less depending on condition of in demand usable parts.
  12. Yea, buckets and lets not forget to mention the factory sunroof! Amazing car. I've never seen another one like it.
  13. Good Golly Lucas, that's a killer Caddy. I think the darker the paint the more the door guards show up to the eye. I bought a pair of NOS for the 66 but never put them on as its a one-way ticket. Could not bear to destroy the paint.
  14. Paul, I had a muffler blow out on the 73 when I had it. Was having issues with carb on hot starts and kaboom! All condensers are cheap today and even though NAPA Echlin is better, they can't compare to how they were made 40 or 50 years ago. This problem is exacerbated on antique motorcycles where they are subject to more vibration. I've dissected condensers old and new and the differences in construction are night and day clearly indicating why new ones sometimes don't last. I have since converted the 48 Indian to a condenser from Thorcap.com which is far superior. Of course y
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