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  1. I need the latch mechanisms, not the strikers. These are not the same as the strikers I have, either. Thanks, anyway.
  2. I am in need of a pair of door latches for a '49 Buick. If you have some, please let me know. Thanks Rock
  3. Are you still parting out this car? I am in need of a pair of door latches.
  4. I am in need of a pair of door latches for a '49 Buick. Apparently, these were one year only. Anyone have any ideas where I might find some? Thanks Rock
  5. I need a driver's side door striker that isn't worn out and a front bumper. Front Bumper needs to be straight, chrome quality doesn't matter. Thanks Rock
  6. You are correct. They are 1 1/2" wider. I just found a pair on eBay, a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!
  7. I know the windshield is taller than sedans and coupes. Could the visors be wider, I.e. hang down lower?
  8. I posted this in the Chevrolet forum but have gotten no replies, so I'm also posting it here. I bought a 49 Tin Woody that did not have any fold down sun visors. I was told that the ones for wagons are different than the ones for sedans. Is that correct? If so, what is the difference? I'd like to find a pair, if anyone has them. Thanks Rock
  9. I bought a 49 Tin Woody that does not have the fold down sun visors in it and I would like to add some. I was told that they are different from the ones for sedans. Is that correct? What is the difference? Thanks
  10. Oh, I'm already up to my neck in the hobby. My wife thinks I should sell one before I buy another one.....but this is my first Woody and I've got all the bugs worked out of the others. 😁 You are absolutely correct on that time thing. I'm 65 and want to enjoy all I can while I can. It is a pro built car and, even though I could do everything but the paint and interior, I could not find a good starting car and finish it to this level for what he's asking. He is, no doubt, pretty upside down even at his asking price. Perusing the auction sites, it doesn't appear that Wood
  11. I am looking at a very well done 1949 Chevrolet Tin Woody restorod. The paint and interior, wood graining, etc are all very nice to excellent. All panel fit is spot on. They restored all the wood and wood grained the garnish moldings. The car looks mostly original by it sits like a rod and can be driven on trips comfortably. It has a 350/700R4 drivetrain and I like the way everything was done. i.e. If I were building it, I would pretty much copy this one. My problem is trying to determine the value of this car. Well done Tin Woody's just don't cross the auction block often and the
  12. I need a stock windshield divider bar for my 1949 Buick Sedanette. Needs to be in nice shape. Thanks Rock
  13. I got a '49 Super just like this one, except it had been hot rodded about 15 years ago. It has a 455 Buick with TH400 and a 10 bolt rear. Looks stock, runs great. I've sorted out a lot of the mechanical issues. Mine has a solid body but needs cosmetic restoration. I will do that after I retire in about 3 years. Until then, I'm going to drive it like it is. Recently, I installed a 4 bar rear suspension with coil overs and lowered it about an inch or so, compared to these pictures.
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