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  1. Thank you for your comments! I think everything is possible in conversion. But it might be difficult to make the conversion for one year model or another in particular, because you need to take measurements on the original parts before modeling them on a 3D software (I use Fusion 360), and also of the new mechanical parts you want to insert.
  2. @EmTee You have noticed my tachometer! It is home made. The clock was broken, and I didn't want to install a big tachometer. So I bought a small one, disassembled it, created a new box using 3D printing, designed a new graphic with inkscape to keep the original design, and assembled all parts.
  3. Thank you all for your answers. I had seen the vintageair solution, but I really would like to reinstall as the original. Mechanic is not a problem, ordering from the US neither. I already have a long list from Rockauto, Cars, ,Rivicentral for original parts And I also have the two volumes of the Riviera Chassis Bible At the moment I am repairing all the dashboard connections and gauges, so all the wiring / depression will be ready to reinstall the A/C
  4. Hi all, One of the previous owners has removed the air conditioning from the car. I was wondering what I needed to reinstall it. It seems the evaporator tubes have been cut, the compressor and condenser removed. Have any of you already done it before? The radiator installed is aluminum with electric motors. Will it be a problem to install a new condenser?
  5. Hi all, I have ordered new silent blocks for my rear arms on Rockauto It was said on the website fits upper and lower, so I ordered 3 kits 1.850" diameter and 2.40" long When I took the arms out, I was surprised to see the upper arms bushes are about 1" longer than the lower ones. And I can't find the long ones needed. Has anyone experienced this?
  6. I all, My car misses some parts, including the complete left and right air vents. @hubert FRACKOWIAK visited me in Toulouse a few days ago and he sent me pictures of what it should look like, but he doesn't want to sell me the ones on his car! 😁 Some panels are also missing around my front turn signals, as shown on the pictures I am also looking for chrome trims around the windshield, the left and right have been shortened and the lower is missing Has someone got some of these parts? I have family in Texas and Ill
  7. I have taken out the driveshaft yesterday. Is there a way to control the CV joint visually, or do I need to disassembly to check inside? And if I disassembly all the U joints, do I have to install new ones or can I reinstall these ones after checking?
  8. All the tires are brand new Toyo, and I checked them yesterday. I also checked if the wheels weren't bent. I didn't find anything wrong
  9. @RivNut It seems it works perfectly. And the external temperature was quite high while driving for these two days (102F) But as the dashboards doesn't work, I couldn't see if the water temperature was high. The radiator is in aluminium, so I believe it has a good thermal exchange. I'll be able to tell you more about the temperature regulation as soon as I'll have repaired the dashboard electrics
  10. Thank you for all your answers. I'll start to check all of this as soon as possible. I have been driving the car during the weekend, and I noticed a squeak, coming from under the car in the center. It happens only when the car accelerates and decelerates, and no noise while cruising at a constant speed. No noise either while on neutral position. I have greased the joints, but the noise still remains.
  11. Hi all, I just bought my first Riviera, which is also my first V8 American car. I have been restoring front wheel drive cars for many years, but the V8 world is a new world to me. There are a lot of little problems I want to fix on my Riviera. The first one is that I felt vibrations when I was driving home for two days. I have been driving all the way between 55 and 60 mph Some vibrations came from the back, like a little shaking, all the time And some other came from the front, amplifying above 60mph The engine is working perfectly with no
  12. I bought the same headlight for a motorcycle. One headlight costs about $30 including p&p on Aliexpress The led lighting is very powerful, and they have a lot of different models, some including angeleyes or turn signal They are 7" standard size
  13. Hi Ed, Good foundation, yes, no doubt about it. all the interiors have been restored by a saddler, seats and headliner, electric seats and windows working. But nothing work on the dashboard, all the hands on the instrument panel are blocked. The instrument window is missing Heater is locked on heating with blower on, the AC compressor has been removed. Cruise control doesn't work either many accessories are not attached correctly, because of missing screws. The exterior paint looks good 10 feet away, but needs to be redone. there' are leaks on t
  14. Hi all! I am Fabrice, from France. After many years restoring old Austin Minis, I sold them all and fell in love for my first V8, a beautiful 1967 Riviera. I took a plane on saturday to Dunkirk and drove it back south for 1000 Kms. There's still a lot of work to do on it to be perfect, but it drives very well
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