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  1. Hi! I'm Fabrice, from Toulouse . I own a 67
  2. Thank you @Bloo for all these detailled informations. Yes I have a multimeter. I have already planned to check if I have a grounding on a wire tonight.
  3. Not, I never reversed the polarity. I have good mechanical and electrical skills, but I really don't understand how this happened. Sorry for my english, but what "long shot" means? short circuit?
  4. I am sure the alternator is not whistling. It only whistles when I plug the regulator back, it looks that it acts like a electric motor going in opposition to the engine rotation, that's why the belt whistles. Last week, the day my previous alternator burned, I heard whistling when I took the car out of the garage. I thought the belt was loose so I tightened it before my ride, and five minutes later, the alternator burned with smoke and flames
  5. So I just checked the regulator. It seem there were an electric arc sticking some contacts. I cleaned it with a file and I put it back in place, but not electrically plugged I started the engine and the weird thing produces when I plug the regulator: the belt whistles on the pulley, as if the alternator acted as an electro-brake, and the rpm goes down I unplugged the regulator directly. I still don't know if the problem comes from the regulator, or if I have a bad ground somewhere, I 'll have to test the wiring for continuity. Have you already seen this happening?
  6. I didn't have the time to check, but I need to have a look at the regulator. On the diagram, it is possibly the only thing that could cause this. I have been looking to replace it by a "modern" transistorized one, but I didn't find a compatible model with the 67 Riv. I guess this one is an electronic one, but it is out of stock: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=936126&cc=1319059&pt=4884&jsn=9 I had found also that model, that fits lot of GM cars, but seems not compatible with 67 Riv https://www.tuffstuffperformance.com/i-26729291-alternator-replacement-voltage-regulator-for-alternator-pn7102-10dn-7635.html Has someone got a reference to share?
  7. Hi all. Last weekend my alternator started to burn while driving. It was 6 months old. I got it replaced under warranty, but when I installed the new one and started the car, I saw that the ammeter directly goes right (O) Has someone got an idea where the problem can come from
  8. @Kink56I agree with you that a restoration is not complete untill all the original accessories are not workink as out of the factory. At the moment, I am fighting with cruise control not working and bringing back A/C as original. @RivNut I have been contacted through Facebook by someone who might have the brackets. Thank you for your support anyway
  9. I understand your point of view, the problem for me is that I live in France, and shipping+taxes more than double the price of everything I buy, so I try to minimize the cost when I can.
  10. My friend took the compressor out of a 73 El Camino, and it was still working 6 months ago, but I will check. Reconditioning kits must be existing for those, am I right?
  11. Thank you PWB and RivNut for your answers. I'll have to check the intake manifold, as it is an Edelbrock installed by previous owner. As All the AC system has been removed probably a very long time ago, I have none of the original brackets, hoses or radiator, but the compressor is a good start 😉
  12. Hi all, I didn't post about that project for long, but I was working on other things on the 67, like fixing all the depression system and the Electro Cruise. I am still gathering informations to reinstall the original A/C. One of my friends gave me a compressor he had in his garage. Not from a Buick, but it looks similar to what I have seen on Rivs. Can someone tell be if it can be installed?
  13. Thank you for your comments! I think everything is possible in conversion. But it might be difficult to make the conversion for one year model or another in particular, because you need to take measurements on the original parts before modeling them on a 3D software (I use Fusion 360), and also of the new mechanical parts you want to insert.
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