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  1. I also neglected to mention 2nd Gen Rivs have a non-venred fuel cap !
  2. All 2nd gen. Riviera eliminated this potential problem by placing a metal expansion loop above the gas tank. It is found in the trunk by the rear right wheel well. Fuel will expand with warmer temperatures, so allow for this when filling the tank.
  3. I saw two listings on evilBay for this publication, with Boat Tail covers, and they were both UK locations. I didn't see any Canadian source listed Randall ? There were also two Australian sources listed for the Boat Tail cover version.
  4. From what I googled Jason: They both appear to be the same, both 96 pages but different release dates? The Boat Tail version was available Amazon UK, 5/11/2019. Your car on cover: Preorder - available21/07/2020. Slightly confusing - maybe contact the Author, he's Canadian eh?
  5. . . . I think they still are Paul - the true classic Riviera
  6. ROA was originally established for '63-'65 owners only, and ROA #1 eventually opened it up to all years of Riviera .
  7. There are two types of housings available - the CA emissions version (...shown), and a non-CA version. They are a one year only part for '67 GS 400 cars, and '67 Riviera GS 430 cars. The air cleaner shown is a California unit - the non CA units did not have the valve cover tube or the base pipe connection and no engine smog pump unit. Quit often the bases went missing, as parts scavengers figured the air cleaner was the only part worth saving. However, the bases were an SW air cleaner exclusive too, and totally different from a regular air cleaner bases.
  8. L@@ks like one of the cast aluminum SW facsimilies doctored for an Eldorado application !
  9. Mr. Paul has spoken, and he is quite correct - double check your GM Body Manual for additional info Mike !
  10. If they are anything like the '68s check your '65 shop manual. The '68 has a special adjustment procedure for getting them to park correctly. You have to insert a 1/8", or 1/4" drill bit or punch into a specific hole,or slot in the motor so they will park correctly ?