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  1. Perfect color choice - but I'm partial to metallic greys !
  2. . . . probably one of the reasons for making the switch to painted plastic grills ?
  3. Never worry about it here in the frozen north, while it's usually later, it always gets here! I think Canada Post is probably just about as bad, or as good as the USPS.
  4. Great photos of your '65 resto Eric, obviously a labour of love !
  5. I was going to make the same request Jason, but you beat me to it ! The ones I sent Ray, (...cribbed from FB posts), were all small, and low res. I'm sure you will get some good ones!
  6. Glad it found a new home Mr. Paul - it just looked much too nice to toss, from the pictures you posted. I have saved bits 'n pieces, mostly small stuff, stored away from 2 '68 parts cars that are at best "driver quality," but I can't bear tossing them. Soon as I do, I know I will need something - at least that's how I justify keeping them. haha
  7. Quite often similar parts from other years look like they should be interchangeable. This can be easily checked with reference to a Hollander Parts Manual, or a Buick Interchange Parts Manual. The slight variations year to year defies logic, and different part numbers usually are not interchangeable, as we see here. At least it was a fairly easy fix, and thanks for the follow up !
  8. Definitely a design flaw common to all GM models of this era as Jason stated ! Even more so if the vehicle was driven and exposed to harsh winter climates. Bare steel is very prone to corrosion and seizure. They get an "A" for the thought process, but an "F" for execution !
  9. Most of them get to look like this sooner, or later, with a little less grease !
  10. Welcome to the ROA AACA forum, and the wonderful world of Riviera. There are lots of Riviera Owners in the ROA that can help you out! We're on a first name basis here too !
  11. Jim Wesely - correction : I think you meant Jason Zerbini ?
  12. Don't really know as I have nothing to actually compare them to. The ribbed, cone center cap plastic inserts are the smallest diameter. The 15" '69/'70 hub cap centers are a little larger diameter with a wire clip retainer. The turbine cap centers are the largest diameter of all three, but I have never seen or measured a knock off turbine center cap plastic center, and don't know how the diameter compares to a plastic non-knock off turbine center.
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of Riviera ! Both common problems on 2nd gen cars, as well as others. Those big, heavy doors have three thicknesses of unprotected spot welded metal in the lower hinge area on both sides. Over time, accumulated dust/dirt and moisture take their toll on the unprotected metal. Lower front fenders are another source of potential rusting. Vinyl tops are also prone to bubbling/rusting as the vinyl ages. Once the vinyl ages, and dries out with exposure to sun, it causes the vinyl to dry out, and crack. This allows moisture to seep under the vinyl top. As long as the rust damage is not too severe, rust damage can be repaired and new vinyl top can be applied. My restoration involved removing my vinyl top to eliminate potential problems. Good luck with your '68 restoration !
  14. Sent you a PM Jason - much appreciated sir ! . . . best regards.