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  1. And returned intact with no serious damage !
  2. I have to agree with the BOD's decision to cancel the National events for this year, as much as I don't like the results either. I applaud the BOD for making the extremely difficult decision they ultimately had to make. I am sure it was an extremely difficult task and decision for them to come to. I'm sure they had a lot of information to review, that we are unware of, and weigh all the pro's and cons in their decision. Ultimately the safety of the club members had to be of utmost concern and importance, as most of us fall into that high risk category. I know too many people in that age risk that are still waiting for a vaccine date or they have completely decided not to get one at all. I was of the latter mindset until very recently, but decided it was better to give in for my safety, and the safety of others I may come in contact with. I have plans for this year. They also had to consider the financial cost of all penalties the club would have incurred for not meeting all the obligations contained within the contracts with one or both of the hotels. While the club has adequate finances on hand, these budgeted finances are required for the overall operation of the club year to year and over the long term. If the decision was made to continue on, and either event cancelled at a date closer to the shows, or attendance was greatly less than contracted for, the BCA would have been on the hook to pay high penalty fees for cancellation or for not meeting the goals set forth in the contracts. There are all kinds of guarantees the host chapter and BCA negotiate with the host hotels in order to put on these events, that those of us never involved in the process are unaware of-ie: guaranteed # of booked room nights, food & beverage cost guarantees are just a couple, if not met, incur large penalty charges. Together the totals of these penalty costs could be enough to wipe out the financial budget of the BCA and cause the club to terminate its very existence. I too was looking forward to attending this years events after being couped up for over year with all the restrictions imposed on us, and all the local car shows that have been cancelled this past year+ and am saddened that they were cancelled, but with all this Covid crap and federal and state by state restrictions currently imposed, I understand the reason for the BOD's and NMC's difficult decision. With the age of the vast majority our members and the unknowns over the next few months, I feel it's better to play on the side of caution. I applaud and thank all the hard work that both the Ohio and North Carolina Chapters put forth in their efforts to put on their respective shows and sincerely hope we have the opportunity to visit their locales in the not to distant future.
  3. Electra concept is a skunk ! If the designers are trying to kill the division, designs like this have them on course !
  4. And now the waiting game starts again for the July Bugle and the July/August RIView !!! Neither has arrived as of today !
  5. Yes. Thank You Bill for your dedication and all your hard work that you put into the BCA and your position. Get well soon, and Best wishes to a speedy recovery !!
  6. Miracles still happen !! Happy to report that I finally received my Issue of the RIView in today's mail ! Have got to love the U.S. Pony Express mail system and its carriers. Only took 5 1/2 weeks to get mail delivered to the Midwest. I think they need to get either new fresh or more horses to do the job, as mine obviously tired out on the journey ! I My faith and sarcasm stems from the fact that during this time they also failed to get my medicare supplement check delivered on time, and it has now cost me an add'l $35 to issue a stop payment on that check, because the new bill arrived wanting this month and last month payment.
  7. Happy to report I finally received my Issue of the ROA RIView in today's mail. Got to love our Pony Express mail system and its carriers ! Only took 5 1/2 weeks to get the mail here to the Midwest !
  8. Was wondering who else has not yet received their May/June copy of the RIView ?? Went to the local post office today to inquire and was nonchalontly told "we deliver the mail when we receive it." Was then told it was probably due to the Covid Virus because some stations are closed due to people calling in sick. Was my issue put in quarantine ?? lol. I have already been in contact with Ray and he told me the issue was mailed from the printer on April 23rd. Find it hard to believe it takes over a month to get mail delivered unless they're still using the "Pony Express". And I believe even they were faster. This has been happening more frequently than I like with delivery of the RIView and BCA Bugle. Just curious who else is still waiting.
  9. Was just wondering who else has not yet received their May/June Riview ? Went to local P.O. today and was nonchalantly told they deliver the mail when they receive it. Had no reasons other than to blame things on the Covid Virus, claiming some stations are closed because of people calling in sick. I have already spoken to Ray, and was told the issue was shipped from the printer April 23rd. This isn't the first time I have had problems with my local P.O. delivering the RIView and BCA Bugle on time each month comes out.
  10. Thanks Ed-- Have to check w/this yard to see if they still have car-- Hammond, iN isn't that far from me- 15-18 miles to State line.
  11. Wanted: Looking for chrome wheel trim open mldgs for last gen Riviera-- 95-98. Specifically in need of RT Rear Mldg. Misjudged backing into garage and crushed rear of mldg against shelving unit. Luckily no damage to 1/4. Prefer NOS, but will consider quality used/LKQ Mldg w/o any dings or pitting. Will consider other wheel position mldgs to have as spares, but mainly concerned with finding Rt Rear Mldg.
  12. In need of replacement chrome wheel open mldgs- for 95-99 last gen Riviera.. Specifically need R/R mldg-- Misjudged backing into garage & crushed rear of mldg. Lucky no damage to 1/4-- Prefer NOS but will consider Used/LKQ mldg in good condition with no dings or pitting. PM me if able to help. Would consider mldgs for other wheel positions to have as spare.
  13. Sunday, February 19th, 2017 Kane County Fairgrounds 525 Randall Rd. St Charles, IL. Open to the Public 8am to 2 pm public Donation -- $6 Paved Parking & Corral area heated indoor space- Paved outdoor swap spaces Food available Directions: On Randall Rd between RT 38 & RT 64 Off I-88, Exit 115 -No Orchard Rd-- 2.5 miles to Randall, then No. 6 miles to fairgrounds Host Hotel ; Fairfield Inn- St Charles-- 630- 845- 5500 Hosted by: Chicagoland Chapter BCA, Illinois Valley Olds Club, and Pontiac-Oakland Club of Illinois
  14. Bill -- Make sure you stop by the Chicagoland Chapter Booth in the main lobby so we can say Hi ! Several of the Chicagoland members will be in attendance helping work various security duties at the various entry/exit points that must be kept secured during the meet.
  15. Sunday, February 19th, 2017 Kane County Fairgrounds 525 S. Randall Rd. St. Charles, IL Open to the Public 8am to 2pm Public donation- $6. Food available Heated Indoor spaces, Paved outdoor swap space Paved Parking & Car Corral Directions: On Randall Rd between RT 38 & RT 64. Off I-88, Exit 115, No Orchard Rd. 2.5 miles to Randall, then No 6miles to Fairgrounds. Host Hotel : Fairfield Inn, St. Charles-- 630-845-5500 Sponsored by : Chicagoland Chapter, BCA, Illinois Valley Olds Club, and Pontic-Oakland Club of Illlinois
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