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  1. Rob, People have restored worse cars. Don't let the rust at the door hinge be a deal breaker if the price is right. If you do buy it, pull the windshield and you will probably find where the water was getting in to cause the rust. I would be more worried what is hidden under the paint that has been sprayed already ( the patch panels in the trunk should not be left that way) You didn't say how much they are asking for the car, this should be a big factor in your decision.
  2. Value wise, the 64 is the better choice. You will find the 68 is a more comfortable car ( for me at least ) if you will be doing longer distantance driving. My advice is to check both cars out carefully ( the 64 should have a 425 engine code KW, not a 401 ) The 68's has been changed if it truly has a 455 and not the original 430 under the hood.
  3. so, it seems that you have oodles of poodles there Charles.
  4. And we all know just how much you like pie.
  5. Tom, If you are not keeping the old carpet. Cut a way the carpet from around the gas pedal base and you will have better access to the plastic base to remove it before you install the new carpet ( it snaps in ).
  6. Rob, The short console was standard when you ordered the 40/40 seats. The long console was an option as was the convenience center. This is noted in the 1973 color and trim book.
  7. Sooooo, "When all else fails, read the directions" seems to apply here.
  8. I spent this morning scanning / photographing Teresa's article since her teachers like to see this sort of thing. Fourteen years old and three published articles...that makes for a proud poppa. Don't forget Joesph's photo credits Derek.
  9. Clerk "That will be $22.00 please" Dad "Umm no I only got two beer" Clerk "Yes, Two beer at $11.00 each is $22.00" Dad to me "Your buying the rest kid" Which is exactly why I don't drink.:eek:
  10. Brian, Plan a trip to Danvers and you can make the " Sea to shining sea" run.
  11. Boots Randolph classic "Yakety Sax"- Love it.
  12. Dan, I am not infallable, I have made plenty of mistakes in my life. I have given ideas on things that I thought would make things better and have been told they would not work. I believe everyone has done that. The difference is that I do not go ballistic when this happens i.e. name calling, threats, that sort of thing. My people skills are not perfect, but are certainly better then some posters on this board. As for the lurker comment, I remembered that you wrote you were going away from the forum for a while ( forced vacation I think you called it ) I took that to mean that you would not
  13. Rob, Yes, it is redundent to have the two "R"s on the front. If you have a copy of Chris Wolfe's book " Buick Riviera 1963-73 " there is a picture of a 73 with the hood ornament. I wish I could find some paperwork showing this was an option in 1973 ( perhaps midyear? )
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