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  1. The Parts Place ( www.thepartsplaceinc.com ) has them available for $179.00. The part number is RH9847199.
  2. For those that missed out on the EBAY auction, The Parts Place in Illinois offers a reproduction right side mirror for $129.00 complete with mounting bracket.
  3. As Jack Welch stated awhile ago, an official decision will be made public after the April 15th BCA Board of Directors meeting. The National meet committee has already voted on what to recommend to the board. Now, go forth and speculate no more, wait for the BCA boards decision.
  4. Alan, A lot of things changed between 95 and 99. You will want a 98 or 99 for everything to interchange.
  5. Now I need to go to Target and pick up a Mr. Fusion.
  6. Isn't that the way things go, as soon as you don't need something, it comes up on EBAY.
  7. Reverse the seat back and side filler trim and you have got it. Package tray, side filler trim, seat back then speaker.
  8. A friend of mine called me today asking if I knew of a Junior seat that was an available option for 58 and 59 Buick and Oldsmobile wagons. It is a bolt in 3rd seat in the cargo area, the fore runner of the fold down 3rd seat that became available in 1960. Has anyone seen one or better yet have a picture to show?
  9. Ihttps://youtu.be/L4GDJhFN8_U I was listening to Hot Rod Radio this morning while taking the 41 Limited to storage when this song came on. I knew Arlen is a Buick guy but I had not heard this one before. A pretty good song in my opinion.
  10. Thought you might be doing Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 or something...
  11. From the location and Ebay ID, I think Kreed is unloading some extra parts.
  12. For that kind of money, the details should be done right.
  13. The filler panel below the chrome speaker housing is a press fit. Just get a finger behind it towards the bottom and pull forward. There are two screws at the bottom of the housing, remove them and pull the bottom of the housing forward and down. Disconnect the speaker wire and you are good to go. Reverse to install.
  14. A guy I knew had this feature in his 62 Electra. Some kids at a show were looking the car over and said it is nice but that they prefer newer cars with the new technology. The owner asked the kids " Does your cars have voice activated radios?" They of course said "No" and he said " My radio changes stations on voice command". Now the kids thought he was yanking their chains when he got in the car to demonstrate. Sitting behind the steering wheel he turned on the radio and said "Change" while secretly pushing the floor switch. Of course the radio whirred and went to the next available station. The look on the kids faces was priceless. He even invited them to try one by one as the others were saying " No way- OMG" ect. They walked away impressed and were going to find out if the feature could be adapted to their cars. I wonder what the look on their faces was after an internet search turned up 62 Buick radio features.