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  1. Mark, Hopefully you have two carbs sitting on top. The LX indicates a 1965 425 cubic inch engine with 2 4 barrel carbs. You probably have a Gran Sport or one of the rare non GS cars with this engine. Pictures of the car please!
  2. When I had the car at Harrisburg, I asked to be put in the convertible class but Ray said I needed to be in the custom class. The Buick Club of America has a "S" class which is for cars that look like Buick could have built but didn't. This class is mostly for Hearses and Ambulances, this is the class the 96 goes when it gets judged.
  3. Chiming in, If you can find one for sale, buy it. They were built quite well ( no cowl shake except for VERY rough RR crossings ) The roof is insulated so they are pretty quiet on the road with the top up. The main disadvantage is the top cover is custom so if it needs a new top it will cost more the a standard convertible top ( IE no reproductions available ). Avery fun car to drive and get decent gas mileage to boot.
  4. Does anyone know if GM still has the last Riviera? I don't remember it being sold off during the great purge of the Heritage collection.
  5. Currently on Ebay , The sign that was on the last Riviera Built for a mere $450 I couldn't paste the auction but the auction title is Buick Riviera Sign
  6. Jim, RockAuto has the motor mounts for less then $5.00 each. The pictures look correct but that seems way too cheap. The may be having a fire sale on them.
  7. That whooshing sound you hear is every 79-85 owner sharply drawing in their breath while looking at the pictures.
  8. 8?-85 Opera Lights is the post. It is on page 2 as of now.
  9. Barney, They are in the Clive Cussler Museum. Clive is an author of action novels where his hero is a car collector and many of Clive's cars are in the books.
  10. rivgs

    Question - correct carpet for '59

    Derek, You want loop pile, cut pile wasn't until much later ( mid/late 70's ).
  11. rivgs


    I have had NOS retainers do the same thing, bend the tabs a little outward.
  12. rivgs

    Lamp inside mirror?

    The gray rubber trim around the mirror face makes this a late 60's mirror ( 67 to 70 ). The rubber trim is part of making cars safer in a crash.
  13. rivgs


    John S, You are correct, they are not T-types but many people call them that . Normally the turbo convertibles do not have the amber turn signal lens, but have the "turbocharged" grill badge, fender badges and the alloy wheels to differentiate them from the "regular" convertibles.
  14. He forgot to mention blind people as well.