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  1. Spotted this at Westside Auto Works in Pasco, WA... Sheet metal is in good shape. Has complete engine but it appears to be a Pontiac V8, inside pretty well missing, though an employee told me the owner may have the bucket seats. It was floor shifter car... driver's mirror in place and in good shape. Saw front and rear body parts inside the car. I told the owner I would post it here as a parts car. If you are interested, give them a call at five zero nine five four four zero three two five.
  2. I’ve decided to use the Bondic UV Liquid Weld to reattach the nails to the chrome strip... received good reports on it’s adhesion qualities...
  3. Would someone kindly explain the types of exterior mirrors that came on the third generation Rivieras? I have a remote driver’s side mirror, but I’m not sure if it’s original or an aftermarket item. I know the passenger side was fixed and an option, which my car does not have. Do the originals have the Tri Shields on them? Do second generation mirrors interchange with the third? Ideally, I’d like to have matching driver’s/passenger mirrors, but I know the originals are hard to find and very expensive. I’ve also read there is debate on the fit of the aftermarket versions. Thoughts? I’m attaching three pics of my mirror... why do some of them upload 90 degree off from the original? Thanks.
  4. Both of the horizontal chrome strips on my 72 Riv interior door panels are loose or off. I removed the driver's door panel and examined how the panel is attached... at least from my "wet behind the ears" point of view. The chrome strip is a U channel and slides over the bottom of the top door panel. There are three small, 3/4" ribbed nails tack welded to the strip side facing the door interior. The nails are inserted into round, honycomb plastic pieces. The nail ribbing anchors it into the plastic piece. The plastic anchors fit into to door sheet metal. Most of the nails have broken loose from the weld point on the chrome strip. How do I fix this? Tack weld the nails back into place and reassemble? Or modify the whole set-up in some manner with metal screws instead of the original nails? Photos are attached and I welcome your guidance.
  5. I've noticed this Electra sitting outside a Pasco, WA body shop for quite a while. Today, I decided to shoot some pics and post on the forum in case anyone is interested. Photo with for sale sign has all the info...
  6. I recently requested a quote from Just Dashes on a dash pad restoration for my 72 Riviera. They responded it would cost approximately $2500.
  7. Thank you for the advice. I joined the ROA a few weeks ago after seeking out advice from ROA Director Ray Knott on avoiding scams. My initial search for a boat tail resulted in identifying a Russian auto scam site (eautoriders.com) and another scam advertisement selling a https://usclassifieds4all.com/details.php?id=727980&listing=363276t. These creative criminal scumbags responded with an email from the owner, none other than Robert Ballard of Titanic fame! He was on assignment for NatGeo overseas, but had a middleman who would sell his car... Luckily I overcame being starstruck and toyed with them for a while. Again, I look forward to gleaning as much information on the 72 Riviera as I can from the Riviera knowledge base.
  8. Greetings from the Pacific NW! I'm very pleased to join this website and see all of the very helpful posts from other members. I've owned and loved multiple Buicks, most sold to others due to now my ex-wife... should have kept the cars! My current wife and I graduated from high school in the early 70s and decided to get a "sunny day nostalgic cruiser." We settled on the the 3rd generation Rivieras as I've always admired the boat tail lines. Sometime this week I'm traveling to the Seattle area to inspect and possibly purchase a 72 Riv... wish me luck!
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