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  1. Has anyone converted there hood springs to hood struts
  2. in need of a blower motor switch for a 1970 trying to get a/c working living in Arizona would be nice to have so I can drive this summer have found all other pieces needed but unable to locate blower motor switch
  3. FS Buick manual used condition but VERY usable $25.00 plus actual shipping. 67rivi@gmail.com
  4. has anybody found a source for a chrome thermostat housing for a 1970 455 cid
  5. you say that you have a 1971 buick riv boat tail I would be interested in the wiper arms but the left side must have the clip that holds the second arm on the peg dont remember what that small armis called but it is only on the drivers side thanks ted 67rivi@gmail.com 414.704.1768
  6. wanted looking for a right side rear view mirror for a 1970 riv Ted 67rivi@gmail.com 4147041768 text only please prob wont answer calls way to many B.S. calls want to sell me extended warranty on cars I have not owned for years among other BS they want to sell me.
  7. Here are 2 pictures cleaned up as good as could the one fitting towards top on side takes Grease but comes out instantly on top looked real good and felt around cannot find another Grease fitting on or towards bottom
  8. Is my chance of finding a flying 8 radiator cap for a 1931 less than 0%. Any help in finding one would be greatly appreciated
  9. By any chance is there any possibility of finding a flying 8 radiator cap in 1 piece or is this just a dream of finding one
  10. looking for a radiator cap for a 1931 buick model 57 straightb 8 radiator cap. contact ted by email 67rivi@gmail.com
  11. need leads for turn signal switch on a 92 can not put bright lights on
  12. Just waiting for registration to come online to so we can register early, and would hope all register so plans can be made accordingly. Ted M
  13. OK have cover off float and needle removed anything else to look at or check before putting back together ( one thing not very confident about is carbs and trans) ok I guess that is 2 things Thanks Ted
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