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  1. Here are some pictures of my 61 convertible. I work on it frequently. Loaded. AC, PW, Cruise, Fog, Autronic eye, Dual power buckets, remote trunk. GM build sheet
  2. Hi All, I purchased a 1961 cadillac brake line kit---that has all the tubing needed. Any one have a diagram of the brake lines and where they go? Can also text me 919-630-0158. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I have been tinkering with my 61 convertible that has bucket seats. I got the build order from GM and the car was built with bucket seats. Interestingly, both seats I think are power. Was there both seats being power an option in 1961?
  4. Always tinkering on my 64 Riv. I am looking to match carbs with original numbers. Would appreciate if anyone can provide me with carb numbers for dual quad setup which this car has. Thanks----Arthur
  5. My 64 Riviera has been sidelined for a year. I lost the adjustment bolt to the alternator. What size bolt does it take? Thanks for reply. Art
  6. Hi All, My 64 Riv has a brittle fuel line from metal conduit to fuel pump. It also leaks. Looks like it channels through frame. Is there a trick(s) to replace it? Any advice appreciated. Arthur North Carolina
  7. decent emblems several decent hood ornament front grill fair rear bumper ends need rechrome radio rear sail trim good 430 four barrel intake manifold $350 for all together 919-630-0158 Will need pick up Raleigh/Apex North Carolina
  8. Hi everyone, Was the fancy GS rocker trim in 65 offered as an option in 64. I like the way it looks, but think it was a 65 only option. Thanks, Arthur
  9. Hi All. I had to replace my fuel pump on 64 Riviera. I did not pay attention to the route of the fuel hose from pump to filter. Does it run behind the alternator/AC compressor bracket or through the gap in the bracket itself. If behind bracket it seems to rub directly on water pump housing. Thanks for any information. Arthur Raleigh, NC
  10. The 1960 "BUICK" radio keys are notoriously fragile. Has anyone successfully reinforced theirs with some material. Thanks for any input. Arthur-919-630-0158 Text
  11. Hi. Please text me at 919-630-0158. Interested in the running 66. Location.....price? Arthur
  12. Hi. Looking for factory Chrysler spot light for 1965 wagon that I am restoring. 919-630-0145. emmd61@yahoo.com
  13. Hi. I am a Buick fan. I have a 60 electra and 64 riviera. Here are some pics of the 64. Does anyone know what dealer advertisement was available for 1964 Riviera? I have a large pamphlet for it but looking for a dealer book sort of item. Thanks, Arthur
  14. Hi. I am slowly putting together my 60 electra. Does anyone know the part number for 60 buick power antenna? Was the same antenna used on pontiac? Thanks--Arthur
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