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  1. Hi All. I had to replace my fuel pump on 64 Riviera. I did not pay attention to the route of the fuel hose from pump to filter. Does it run behind the alternator/AC compressor bracket or through the gap in the bracket itself. If behind bracket it seems to rub directly on water pump housing. Thanks for any information. Arthur Raleigh, NC
  2. The 1960 "BUICK" radio keys are notoriously fragile. Has anyone successfully reinforced theirs with some material. Thanks for any input. Arthur-919-630-0158 Text
  3. Hi. Please text me at 919-630-0158. Interested in the running 66. Location.....price? Arthur
  4. Hi. Looking for factory Chrysler spot light for 1965 wagon that I am restoring. 919-630-0145. emmd61@yahoo.com
  5. Hi. I am a Buick fan. I have a 60 electra and 64 riviera. Here are some pics of the 64. Does anyone know what dealer advertisement was available for 1964 Riviera? I have a large pamphlet for it but looking for a dealer book sort of item. Thanks, Arthur
  6. Hi. I am slowly putting together my 60 electra. Does anyone know the part number for 60 buick power antenna? Was the same antenna used on pontiac? Thanks--Arthur
  7. Finally getting around to replacing fuel pump on my 64 Riv. I loosened and moved belts and loosened and moved the generator or alternator. This car has AC. Should I remove the AC bracket or is it possible to remove the fuel pump without removing the AC support bracket? It looks to have tight access from underneath. Thanks---Arthur
  8. Hey All. What type of transmission fluid do you use for 1960 buick dynaflow? Thanks--Arthur
  9. Looking for a 60 buick wonderer radio, or regular radio. Also, power antenna that is complete. Can text me at 919-630-0158, Arthur
  10. Hi all. Fuel pump gave out. Any tips on replacing it would be appreciated. Thanks---Arthur
  11. Hi. Was looking to see if someone has referral for a reliable transmission shop in Raleigh (NC) area for old cars. My 60 Electra tranny leaks pretty bad. Thanks......Arthur 919-630-0158
  12. My 64 buick 425 dual quad engine fuel pump died. It is a sealed aftermarket unit. I would like to get and rebuild a stock pump. What pump unit number is it? I think it was originally an AC fuel pump. Thanks Arthur in NC
  13. Hi all. I am looking for a reputable transmission shop to reseal my 1960 buick electra transmission. Runs and drives good but tranny leaks a lot. Any recommendations highly appreciated. Preferably in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill region. Thanks---Arthur Raleigh NC 919-630-0158
  14. Hi All. I found a nice reel out trouble light on ebay. Its application I think is 1964. Is there a specified location on the inner trunk lid where it should be mounted? Thanks---Arthur
  15. I have a really nice passenger side mirror and was figuring out how to install it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Its a nice low mileage 64 Riv with tons of options. Thanks---Arthur