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  1. To clarify your concerns, I sent photos from the ROA collection to be used in this book. It was in the spirit of supporting and encouraging the publication of a book devoted to the Riviera. It has been over 30 years since a book was published to include resource information and photos on our favorite car. Having such a publication goes a long way to promote the marque and educate owners, ROA members or not. I am sorry that some are upset that they were not contacted, but I had no prior knowledge of what photos would be selected for the book. I am currently on vacation with very limited internet access and can be reached best at ray@rivowners.org after my return on December 10th.
  2. We have started a new page in the Riview called "Member's SNAPSHOTS." We welcome members to send us two photos of their Riviera along with your full name ROA # and city/state. The photos must be at least 500 KB in size and sent as jpg attachment to ray@rivowners.org.
  3. The photos I've added are of the various activities, including tours, several views of the 16 vendor tables and our panel of Tech advisors at our annual Q&A. I also added several photos of the beautiful setting and display of Rivieras at the Wyndham. The Sept/Oct Riview, devoted to the meet will have a summary of the event and even more photos. Thanks again to all who attended and shared in a fun week!
  4. Get out your calendars for next June and join us in Kalamazoo. We are close to the Gilmore Car Museum with over 400 cars displayed in numerous structures - a total of 190,000 square feet on a 90 acre campus. If that is not enough there is the Air Zoo, a Smithsonian- affiliated Aerospace & Science museum,, just three miles from our host hotel. For details on the hotel and our schedule go to our website at www.rivowners.org.
  5. My Thanks to all who attended our 2019 Meet in Gettysburg this past week. Our great members always make it a memorable event. In addition to the many attendees, we had 98 outstanding Rivieras in a picturesque setting, under clear skies. A list of winners will be posted on our website www.rivowners.org. Next year we will be in Kalamazoo, MI from June 22-25th. Details will follow.
  6. I am gratified to read these comments. Thanks! Keep in mind the Riview is a collection of information provided by the members. Michelle Finney, our Graphic Designer takes my rough material and gives it the professional appearance you see. Bob Wannall is our proof reader who applies his newspaper experience to get our thoughts and grammar correct. Looking to the future I need your suggestions for articles, technical experience, reliable part sources and Member Showcases. Please email me with your thoughts and if interested in featuring your car I will send you the guidelines.
  7. Just called Auto City, the tanks are not available for sale at this time. "Fitzo1969" was their test case. They expect delivery in late January and a price has not been determined, it will depend on the import tax.
  8. Good to hear the tanks are now available. We passed on this information in the Riview last July, but a production date and price had not been announced. What is their asking price?
  9. Keep in mind that the deadline to register with the ROA and the hotel to insure you receive a dash plaque and get the special hotel rate is May 26th
  10. Thomas, We here at the ROA look forward to your article and ask that upon completion you send a copy to us so we can share it with our 2,900 members world-wide. Ray Knott Director / Editor ray@rivowners.org
  11. Hardy was a dedicated Riviera man, who shared his love for collector cars with his many friends in his home state of Texas. Having the opportunity to meet him at two International ROA meets I also know why he has so many friends. Good Guy! He will be missed. Ray Knott ROA # 1
  12. I want to thank you all for your kind comments. Even after 33 years I still enjoy preparing the Riview and with the help of many we have kept the ROA alive and well. However, I regret to announce that DeWayne Ashmead, the owner of the '71 on the recent cover and the three-page showcase, passed away this past weekend. Ray Knott
  13. A full color print of the 2017 Meet drawing is on page 35 of the September/October 2016 Riview. If you don't have that issue email me with your request Ray Knott ray@rivowners.org
  14. Mid-Week Discount, ROA International Meet I am pleased to announce that we have been granted a reduced Mid-week discount at our host hotel in Reno. Registrations must be made as members of the ROA and use our group code (SROA17). A rate of $54.99 will apply on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, a reduction from the $74.99, which will be applied other days. These rates will apply to those who have already registered. Ray Knott
  15. I am happy to announce that Villa Riviera, the 1963 George Barris custom that has appeared in numerous films, television, magazines and custom shows for the past 52 years, will be on display at the 2016 Riviera Owners Association International Meet in Williamsburg, VA. The car will be on display all week in our event room. The room limited to registered members and guests during the week, will be open to the public during our car show on Thursday June 30 from 9-2pm. For details on our meet location, schedule and to register go to www.rivowners.org This famous Barris creation first appeared in a 1964 movie For Those Who Think Young, starring James Darren, Nancy Sinatra and Bob Denver. The car was originally a bright Candy Apple Red with a white leather interior. But the paint was changed to white for use in the movie. Darren had exclusive use of the car for years before it traveled the custom show circuit and later sat in a California movie museum. In 1983 Barris sold the car and it went through two private collections before an ROA member bought it last October. Since then the car has been totally restored to its original condition. Ray Knott, Director Riviera Owners Association