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  1. My '70 Riv currently has an older replacement radiator in it. I got the original radiator with the car when I bought it and looks to be much more stout and thicker than the replacement. I'd like to get it rebuilt but have no experience with getting a radiator redone and would like a one and done solution without issues. Any suggestions for a reputable place in Illinois/Chicago/Wisconsin area?
  2. Words of wisdom right there!!! This is deja vu as I have spoken similar words to a friend doing similar work.
  3. This is good info. I know everything in the front will bolt up but honestly thought the trans mount was quite a bit off and the difference in overall length required a slightly different length driveshaft. I also think the trans output splines are a different count if my memory is working correct. Back in my heavy automotive days I have seen what a misadjusted TV cable is capable of. No Bueno!
  4. I kinda figured you were trying to give me a smart ass comment, but wasn't completely sure if I did miss something or not. Trans worked great before removing it and even worked great with the new engine in front of it for a very short while before the removal. Definitely needs a higher stall though. I am going to rebuild it myself, something that i haven't done in a loooooong time. Just need some tips and tricks that will strengthen any weak points and hopefully enhance this 455 even more.
  5. Honestly I do not know how much a dyno run costs and i would like to believe that when a reputable engine builder tells me something that he is honorable and is telling me like it is. Buuuut, the "expensive " part has crossed my mind to be perfectly honest but like I said. I like to think on the side of honorable. As for the 200-4R, I like where your head is at! I am in possession of a 200-4R and have contemplated installing but I think there is a little more to it than just putting it in the car and calling it a day. At this point my search for a numerically higher differential set up is stalled as I cannot find anything higher than the 3.08 I installed in it and I would like to just get the Riv on the road before I start making further changes to it. There is nothing set in stone as of yet, but the 400 trans just seems to be the easiest route for now. I just got done clearancing (hammering) the TA headers to fit on the left side and they will be sent out this week for the Jet Hot treatment so there will be plenty of time to think about this I guess.
  6. You lost me already, what did I already answer? Maybe I missed something.
  7. As my '70 Riv is on it's way to getting the engine put back in with TA headers and hopefully no more oil leak, I am rolling the idea around of rebuilding the original Turbo 400. My 1st instinct is to shelve it like I have with the original differential and engine, but I think on this go around I will use the original trans. I like to bring my Riviera counseling here first and then if necessary I will try V8 Buick, but for now you are all stuck with my question. Has anyone rebuilt their own transmission and do you have any suggestions on kits and/or upgrade parts? My newly rebuilt 455 is supposed to have 450ish HP and 550ish ft/lbs. I wanted to get it dyno tested to know for sure but the builder kept telling me that it would be quite expensive and is not necessary so i am at the mercy of what he told me. I guess since it is still out of the car I could find someone to dyno it, but that will have to be later. Anyways I know a TH400 can hold up to alot in stock form but I want this to be a one and done project. What do you all say? Thank you!
  8. I thought I looked thoroughly so I didn't bring up a topic that has been discussed already, but minutes ago I just rediscovered a thread from close to 2 years ago that I posted regarding my question about motor mounts. I guess this is what happens when a project falls off the tracks for awhile.
  9. Besides having an original mount revulcanized, does anyone know of a mount that will install and correctly mount the right side of a 455? Does anyone know why the '67 right side mount won't work? Working towards getting my 455 back in it's rightful spot and found the new left mount from Buick Farm to be spot on, but no luck with the right. Luckily my right one is still good but my thought process is to replace it now so I won't have to mess with it in the future and to have one always on standby in the event it ends up being needed. I tried the ones from eBay that claim they are correct, but there is no chance they fit so I returned them. More like universal and won't fit should be the description in my opinion. Let me know what ya think Gents, appreciate it!
  10. I have been wanting to and probably will after I get my Riv back together. Engine pulled out for pan gasket replacement after the engine builder didn't come thru for me and fix his error. It's taking me a lot longer to get to it than I anticipated. I always look at the holes in the lower rear control arms and wonder why the factory never utilized them on an E body for a sway bar option or even why the aftermarket hasn't tried anything. Never understood why the aftermarket still hasn't hopped on the gentlemen's hotrod (Riviera) bandwagon. Perhaps in the future.
  11. On the second Gens the springs attach on the differential. Appreciate the feedback!
  12. To the best of my knowledge, Addco is the only one that does. I have read that it sits too low and it needs to be flipped over during install to fit better and obtain more ground clearance.
  13. Good read! I don't have a Riv of those years but any chance @telriv you will do some improving on a rear bar for the second Gens? My understanding is the '66-'70 Addco rear could use some improving.
  14. I do not know the part # off hand but T/A recommends a Dynomax muffler that pairs well with their system. I just went with those. Give them a call, they are great to work with!