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  1. Appreciate the replies! I can understand the liability thing and a simple waiver could take care of that I would think. I would imagine at the least, the guy could have walked me out to the cars and let me take a gander all the while he was babysitting me. I guess I have just been spoiled by roaming the places that have no worries about liability or that is why I sign a waiver before I have gone in. Too bad there isn't a publication that names junkyards across the country and any rules that might apply. Just a thought.
  2. So Tuesday while making my way to Chicago from New Mexico I thought I would reroute myself to make a visit to a junkyard I have been wanting to check out and see what they have hanging around the yard for my 1970. I walked in and asked about 2nd gen Rivs. The reply was "what do you need?" with an attitude. My reply was asking, "can't I check them out and see what's available and the condition?". I thought all junkyards let you walk the grounds or at least accompany you on the grounds. That has been my experience with the many I have been to. I was told I cannot go onto the lot and I would just have to give them my list. I don't know about most situations but I have never had to approach a junkyard in person with a list. If it is online or a phone call I can understand the list but in person I would expect to be able to see the vehicle. When I walk a yard I usually find more than what I went there for by seeing the vehicle and sometimes I even go without needing anything but end up finding more than I need. Does this sound pretty typical or did I just cross paths with this guy on the wrong day? I had even asked about posi rear ends for my '70 and was told he has not seen a posi in a Riv. That could have been a clue to leave also.
  3. Awesome engine! Put a set of #5 heads from a 350 on it and it will move out really well. Just my experience.
  4. I put Monroe brand shocks on the front of my '70. They work decent and do not bottom out even with my car lowered an inch. I'm thinking of getting Bilsteins and seeing if it rides nicer but when I had them on the rear of my car it rode like a brick so I'm hesitant. Good luck, looking forward to reading what you went with and your results.
  5. I would encourage you to tackle it yourself. Just make sure to support the car appropriately and do one corner at a time. As long as it's not too rusty you should get by with hand tools. Good luck!
  6. I don't see a location, can you provide that?
  7. You might say that now about the '70 Riv, but it will grow on ya. It did for me at least. Good luck in your search!
  8. Appreciate the info, I was in contact with this gentleman. Price is a little steep in my opinion and then there is also shipping. On top of that it is a '66 rear with the same size carrier bearings on both sides. Carrier won't work in a '67-70 and I prefer that it does in case his '66 housing is off in some way. I do not know how much these typically go for, but the most I have paid for any Riviera posi diff is $375 complete. Thank you for lookin out though!
  9. I'm interested in finding a 3.42 posi rear differential for a 1967-70 Riv. If it's the complete gear set and carrier from an Electra or Wildcat that can work too. Let me know. Thank you!
  10. Let us know how it works out for you or if you have any issues or questions with the sender once you have it out. good luck!
  11. I believe a Delphi FE0065 is the pump that works. I'm working off memory on this. Delco EP-297 was another recommended one.
  12. Hey @RoadShark, how much massaging of the header tubes did you have to do to make them fit? Would a different gear box swap/upgrade at the same time get you the required real estate to get them in without a massage you think? Sorry for the long winded questions, just want to get my project sorted out with some insight before I just jump in.
  13. Is anyone running TA Stage 1 headers on their second gen Riviera? Satisfied, dissatisfied, fitment issues, performance or different ideas for coatings? Appreciate any info or insight. Thanks all!