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  1. Let us know how it works out for you or if you have any issues or questions with the sender once you have it out. good luck!
  2. I believe a Delphi FE0065 is the pump that works. I'm working off memory on this. Delco EP-297 was another recommended one.
  3. Hey @RoadShark, how much massaging of the header tubes did you have to do to make them fit? Would a different gear box swap/upgrade at the same time get you the required real estate to get them in without a massage you think? Sorry for the long winded questions, just want to get my project sorted out with some insight before I just jump in.
  4. Is anyone running TA Stage 1 headers on their second gen Riviera? Satisfied, dissatisfied, fitment issues, performance or different ideas for coatings? Appreciate any info or insight. Thanks all!
  5. Definitely a fan of the '70 Riv. Only one I have ever owned and it's the one that got me into the sport of Rivving!
  6. Can a fuel sending unit from a 2nd gen Riv swap over to a tank from a different year 2nd gen Riv without fitment issues? For example, can I put a '67 or '68 sender in my '70 tank? I know the' 69 and '70's have the in tank pump, I'm just asking for the sake of the wiring being the same and gauge being operational as well as any fitment issues with the slight differences in some of the tanks. Do they all have the same 0 to 90 ohm configuration? Thanks all!
  7. To sum things up I ended up getting my issues resolved with this mount by cutting off my alternator as well as putting in helicoils where the compressor goes. I was looking for a replacement in the event that my mount cracked during removal. When I bought my car I noticed the head of the bolt for the lower alternator mount was snapped off. My thought was "what a dumb ass for over tightening the bolt". Well, now I have first hand experience with a rusted and seized bolt in the lower alternator mount. The mount came out good, but the alternator had to be sacrificed for the greater good of replacing the bolt. I obtained the replacement bolt from Todd at Die Cast Musclecars, this dude is a stand up guy without a doubt and extremely helpful too. The alternator was replaced with a single wire unit from Power Master Performance. These people have great customer satisfaction skills too.
  8. Thanks Mitch, I just happened to look at my threads and noticed you replied. Somehow I didn't see this until now. Appreciate the response!
  9. My Riviera is a 1970. Thanks for your input and direction, I greatly appreciate it! I ordered the left side mount from Buick Farm late last night as that is really the one I needed, just like you had described. I would like to know how people are making these other mounts work that appear to be close, but are different.
  10. I am currently replacing the motor mounts in my '70 Riv and see that each side is different. I had already ordered new mounts from Cars and just unboxed them. They are both the exact same mount. Before i try to install these and run into an issue, has anyone else come across this or have any expertise in the motor mount field? My engine has a larger and a smaller mount installed while the ones i received were both the larger type.Thank you all!
  11. I am looking for an aluminum alternator/air conditioner lower mount bracket. Anyone know where to find or have one for sale? I believe the number is 1381728. Thank you all!