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  1. Looks legit to me and very interesting!
  2. Everyone sells the generic junk that doesn't work, can't understand why they all keep pushing these. They are straight up junk for our applications. More than likely you really only need the left side mount as that is the one that endures the most stress. Check out the Buick Farm, that is where I get my left side from and they work just like the original. They don't have the right side that I know of.
  3. Check out Ratechmfg.com They should have what you need. Good luck!
  4. Hi all, I posted back on 12/19/2020 about looking for an aftermarket adjustable upper rear control arm for my '70 Riv or if anybody knew what bushings will work. I didn't really get any info but have since done a lot of research and pretty much came up with 0. Then I seen the thread that showed up on 12/28/2020 named "1st Gen Rear Bushings - Reproduction" so I took a look about a week ago and noticed something about their awesome creation. Their bushing looked exactly like the one removed from my upper rear 1970 control arm. I contacted James @Bestoffercountsand talked with him about it and he ended up sending me the dimensions he took from a bushing made by the 3 Australian Wise Men. Bingo.....spot on, we have a match. So with confirming that, I only need 1 pair of bushings for my upper arm and they are being sold as a package of 6 which benefits the intended '63-'65 owners whose rear control arms all utilize the same size bushings. To help James not have to split up a package of 6 just for one buyer he is willing to split up a package if he can sell the 2 other pairs. He will sell them for $135.00 shipped/pair. Anyone interested in one of the pairs please contact James at the information provided below. @Bestoffercountsplease feel free to comment, add or correct anything. Best Offer Counts. james@bestoffercounts.com Phone: 215-767-0845
  5. Check out Rare Parts for replacements. I acquired majority of my '70 front end parts through Auto Zone using 20% off coupons on the Rare Parts. Anything else I needed I bought in Moog. I don't think Moog is terrible but one thing I learned is that there are variations in their manufacturing process. For instance, if you are replacing control arm bushings make sure they are all made in the same country. To answer your question the bolt is not the pivot, it is the bushing. Don't forget to tighten all suspension bolts with the vehicle at ride height.
  6. A '70 GS Riv had the chrome air cleaner lid with no decals on it too. Doesn't mean that someone couldn't have put a decal on it though.
  7. Has anyone found an aftermarket upper rear adjustable control arm that will fit a 2nd generation Riv? I was looking to replace the bushings in mine and thought I would ask. Maybe there is a different style out there that would be easier to adjust. If not does anyone know what bushings fit the upper arm? Thanks
  8. Anybody using one yet, quality or fitment concerns?
  9. I have bucket seats and a shorty console from a '69 Riv I could potentially be interested in parting with. The seats are black with the tracks but they are not power and the seats would have to be redone. The shorty console is black and is not mint but in very good condition. Not interested in shipping though. I was going to convert the bench in my '70 but not sure if this is actually ever gonna happen for me.
  10. Sounds like some pretty solid advice to me!
  11. And to answer your question, it's always had the stock fan and a standard duty Hayden fan clutch.
  12. Just got the car started back up for the first time in almost 2 years. Picked up a 16lb cap today and decided to leave the thermostat alone. It's not a daily driver, just gonna be a weekend toy. Getting excited to drive this thing again after I find a competent exhaust shop!
  13. As I am working with the cooling system on my Riv I have run into a couple of things that I may not be clear on. The man that built my engine put a 160 thermostat in, is this typical? The 455 is now slightly beefed up but nothing outrageous. And secondly, I have been running the radiator cap that was on the car when I bought it. It had an aftermarket 3 core radiator and a 7lb cap. I have since installed the original recored 3 core radiator and now I am curious as to what cap pressure is correct for this car? Any suggestions? Thanks all!
  14. All the ones that I found say trim to fit but I would have to see one to tell for sure. The car now has a lower hose on it that looks like someone trimmed it to fit many moons ago. It also had the spring in it so who knows, maybe replacements awhile back were trim to fit and came with springs.
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