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  1. When I fitted new weather strips from Rubber the Right Way I really had to slam the door for it to close. I bought a can of Rubber Magic and after a few applications and some time for it to work the doors now close with much less effort. This product is available in Australian but there must be an equivalent in the USA that does the same job. Cheers Tom K
  2. Options installed at the Fisher Body plant appear on this data plate. I assume that the GRAN SPORT emblem on the glove box is fitted at the Fisher Body plant. How come this option is not listed on the data plate? Or was it fitted at the Buick assembly plant? Tom Kunek 2 x 65
  3. Hi Tom, If you are shipping to Melbourne you can direct your part(s) to California Shipping. (714) 590-1999 Shipping address is: Pete Smith / Joe Blow California Shipping 11121 Dale Street Stanton, CA 90680 Parts will be shipped to: Pete Smith East Coast Mustangs 6/46 Industrial Park Drive Lilydale VIC Australia Joe Blow (the person who will pick up and pay for the LA to Australia shipping) needs to contact Pete Smith and inform him of the parts to expect. Any item sent to California shipping with Pete Smith's name on it goes straight into his container which gets filled every month or so. I have used Pete Smith many times and have found his pricing fair for large and heavy items reasonable. If you are shipping to Sydney then Tony Gentilcore will chime in and give you the details. A diff will not prove to be a problem in regard to asbestos. If you are importing a car, motor or brake parts then asbestos paperwork is needed. Cheers Tom Kunek
  4. I am 6' 7" (I am long in the torso) and I do find head room a problem with my hair touching the headlining. The seat has to have a little sag in it to be comfortable. No problem with leg room. American cars of the 50, 60, 70... are large but I am surprised how some have so little head room. If Bill Mitchel chopped 2" of the 1st Gen Riv there is no way I could drive it in comfort. Happy just the way it is 🙂 I think Darwin Falk is a little taller that me, I wounder how he sits in a 2nd Gen Riv. Tom Kunek ROA3845
  5. Bjorn Lomborg is president of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre and he and his team have argued that the many costly measures and actions adopted by scientists and policy makers will have little impact on worlds rising temperatures. We will spend trillions of dollars on solar and wind, but they can't scale up to the worlds energy needs. Bjorn's team are the only group that have done a detailed cost/benefit analysis of the Paris agreement. We want to believe that we have the answer with solar & wind but we don't. I am impressed that the contributors of this subject have been courteous and respectful to each others point of view on such a politicised subject and that the conversation has not degenerated into name calling which is so often the case.
  6. The IPCC special report on extreme events states there is not yet evidence of changes in the global frequency or intensity of hurricanes, droughts, floods or wildfires. Have you read this in the main stream media? Yet alarmists claim that extreme events are increasing and mostly due to man and little to do with natural variability. I bet you have read this many times. We all know that this topic is highly politicised. You really need to be a independent thinker to work out what's going on. The USA is the world leader in reducing emissions. US energy related CO2 emissions fell by 14% between 2005 and 2017 even as the economy grew mainly due to innovative technologies and greater use of gas and less coal.
  7. After about 1960 onward it was “Global Cooling” Some now claim that this was a myth, yet I clearly remember reading article after article in the 1970’s that we were headed for an ice age. Then around 1985 it was “Global Warming” Then “Global Warming” changed to “Climate Change” to encapsulate any weather anomaly. Now we hear the term “Climate Crisis” or “Climate Emergency” as the world will soon end.
  8. Ever wondered why Norway has such a high percentage of electric cars: · High stamp duty on internal combustion cars. · Electric cars are exempts from stamp duty and other taxes. · Exemption of roads tolls, Free ferry travel, Free recharging sites, Free public parking & access to bus lanes. H eavy government policy driving out internal combustion powered cars. Cheers Tom K
  9. I worked in the off-shore oil and Gas industry for 30 years and I am amazed at how many predictions (past & present) I have read that the world is running out of oil. In 1914 US government agency the Bureau of Mines predicted that the world oils supplies will be depleted in ten years. In 1939 the US department of interior looked at the world’s oil reserves and predicted that global oil supplies will be fully depleted in 13 years. In 1946 the US State Department predicted that the USA will be facing an oil shortage in less than 20 years. In 1951 the Interior Department said the global oil reserves would be depleted within 13 years. In 1972 the Club of Rome published Limits of Growth which predicted that the world would be out of oil & Gas before 1995. In 1974 famous population scientists Paul Ehrlich predicted that within a quarter of a century mankind will run out of oil. Reality Check. In 1980 the world had about 700 billion barrels of proved reserves. In 2018 global proven oil reserves is at 1.6 trillion barrels. Most of the easy oil is known. (think Venezuela, Saudi, Canada) But Innovation and advances in technologies allow oil and gas reservoirs that were once thought inaccessible to come into production. Unconventional drilling has dramatically increased US oil reserves. We will not be running out of Oil & Gas in our life times. Cheers Tom Kunek ROA3845
  10. Hi Everyone, I converted over to LEDs and am very happy with the improvement. The list is from the Nov 2017 Australian RIVIEW which I think Rodney Beauchamp was the primary author. All LED codes are from Super Bright LEDs. One correction needed to the list, otherwise every LED fitted nice. I know that LEDs are not OEM but the original bulbs just are not bright enough for safe driving at night. Also I don't like all that heat on the PC board and you will never change lamps again (Hopefully) I am sure George Moon would approve! (GM interior designer of 1st Gen Rivs) Cheers Tom Kunek ROA BCA
  11. Hi Eric, Thanks for your suggestion. Simple solution that worked 😊 Many Thanks. Tom K
  12. Hi all, rebuilding my console shifter and the black plastic strip in the plate assembly that is moved by the selector shaft will not slide all the way to the lower gears. The strip hits the ductwork inside the console before the lower gear clicks into position. I checked how my other 65 shifts and the same thing happens. Does anyone know of a fix or am I missing something? Cheers Tom Kunek
  13. Hi Jim, Based on the photos and description what ball park number would you suggest? $40K, $50K, $60K ? Cheers Tom K
  14. I enjoy visiting memorial parks and discovering interesting lives and sculptor. Have to say that is one of the most impressive works of art I have ever seen. Can't imagine how proud Gene must be of his father. Tom Kunek Melbourne Australia 2 x 65 Riviera ROA/BCA
  15. Hi Tom Here is the Joy stick. Is it the correct one for 1965? Cheers