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  1. I had a similar vibration problem on my 65GS. It had my mechanic going nuts trying to work out what the problem was. You can see by the photo that the non working cylinder was clean. He figured that some exhaust gases are getting from the exhaust passage through to the intake passage (within the manifold) and due to the exhaust gases having little or no oxygen the fuel could not ignite. Mechanic then completely blocked of the exhaust cross-overs (see photo) and the vibration problem was gone. Strange story but true. So now whenever my mechanic rebuilds a nailhead
  2. If #8 Cylinder was not firing then the spark plug would not be black. It would be clean. Black plugs can only be if there is some sort of combustion! Would badly worn valve glide allow excessive oil to enter the cylinder and foul the plug? Also may pay to have the intake manifold pressure tested so to absolutely rule out internal casting failure. My 2 bobs worth. Tom K
  3. Of what I remember I did a complete change out of all the suggested Super Bright LED swap as per the Australian RIVIEW. The dash really pops at night. The result I am very happy with and would not hesitate doing the same again especially if doing an interior resto which would make it an easy task. But nice dimming control is lost on the dash. Tom Kunek Down Under!
  4. Beautiful GS. Now that we are taking about whitewalls, what is the best and easiest way to keep them clean and to bring them back to life when they go yellow.
  5. 1st Gen. 1965 exterior almost flawless from any angle. Interior, dash of 64 this better. Clam Shell detail is as Bill Mitchell wanted it. Bill's magnificent anti-Thunderbird, originally intended for Cadillac. Landmark design, Buckets & console appeal with performance. One of the outstanding American designs of the 60's Tom K
  6. BTW Rodney, Very clever on the title of your topic. Mixing your love of music with your love of Riv's. There has been many a time, cruising down the freeway in my Riv with "while my guitar gently weeps" and the volume on 10 Cheers Tom K
  7. Hi All, On the 2nd page of current "RIVIEW" there is an ad for what looks like a 63 Riv. One of the options listed is "Front and rear door releases on each door" Is this pertaining to the 2 internal door handles that you get with custom interior or are taking about some sort of central locking. Long time ago I saw a 65 Riv with central locking which the owner claimed came like that from the factory. Same type that the Cadillac had. Cheers Tom K
  8. Thanks John, Just the same way I will never forget Linda, I can say the same about you. Enjoyed meeting you at the 2016 ROA meet (which I really enjoyed) and how easy it was talking to you as if we had been friends for many years. Cheers Tom Kunek
  9. If you have replaced the front lower control arm bushes than you can easy do the rear set too. It's easy work if you have excess to a hydraulic press. Tom K
  10. Thank You Ray for the kind words on the passing of Linda Hall. Linda & Brian were doers not talkers. They were lifters not leaners. They leave a huge legacy. The Oz ROA has a mighty hole of gratitude to fill. Tom Kunek Photo of Linda with our regional coordinators
  11. Don't forget that after installing the new bushings that the suspension needs to be fully loaded (wheels on the ground) and then torque up the fixing bolts.
  12. If I knew back in 2016 that Tom T was remanufacturing 808 boxes to 12.5:1 then would have definitely used his services. I try to support ROA members and companies that support Riviera Enthusiasts when ever I can. Tom K
  13. We have made an agreement with James that he will take orders for the USA & Canada. James is in a much better position to process orders within Nth America and this will also mean quicker and cheaper shipping costs. So please contact James for pricing and details. James can also tell you the other Buick models that use the same bushings. Best Offer Counts. james@bestoffercounts.com Phone: 215-767-0845 If you live in Australian or NZ contact Bill McCausland on rivierabushings@gmail.com Cheers Tom, Dave & Bill
  14. Three ROA members who live in Melbourne Australia were each restoring their 1965 Rivs and found out that exact replacement rear bushings where not available. So after lots of time spent thinking of ways to rebuild bushings we bit the Bullitt and looked to get reproduction bushes manufactured to exact OEM specs. Dave who is one of the 3 amigos has an engineering background and had worked in the auto component industry. After lots of investigation and research we drafted drawing/documentation. We then agreed to split the tooling and manufacturing costs 3 ways. Now we have to rec
  15. I wanted to buy a new box but it to look the same as original. 14:1 Box from Classic Performance Products at Placentia, CA. CPP Item # CP50004 (500 Series) Very happy with the result. I think the price is the same now as it was back in 2016 TomK
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