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  1. Is there such a thing as an aluminum alloy intake manifold for a Nailhead? Cheers TomK
  2. After using a penetrate like WD40, I find that if you Freeze the item that does the trick. This works every time with brake connections. Tom K
  3. Some cars have different springs (left - right) to allow for the weight of the driver and the camber of the road. I take it that this is not the case with our Rivs Tom K
  4. Good advice from David. Give me a call on 0419 658 500 and I can walk you through how I made my repair. Cheers Tom K 2 x 65 ROA#3845 locked down in Melbourne!
  5. Destructive testing. Fit and check for dimensional tolerance to lower control arm. Check for bonding of the body to the rubber core by rotational flexing at ambient temperature until fail. Repeat at high & sub zero temperatures. Check lateral stability. Compression, impact & fatigue tests. Chemical resistance. So it will be anything that that we can test for chemical, thermal, dynamic & static analysis. Tom K
  6. The first lot of bushings should arrive late next week which will be used for destructive testing. Will let you know how they perform. Can anybody verify that the the bushings for 65 are the same as 63 & 64? (USA vendors offer the same bushing across all there years) The 3 of us involved with this project all own 65 Rivs. With the COVID lockdown we are not allowed to travel more than 5km from home! If we get nicked its a $1,650.00 fine. Tom K 2 x 65 ROA#3845
  7. Lots of us down here in Australia have ordered rear bushing form lots of vendors and have been told that what is offered is a direct or near direct replacement bush. Not so. In some cases we have had road worthy compliance rejected as it's obvious that the bush replacement is not as per OEM. So we have to spend big $$$ to get them custom made. Some of the pricing vendors are asking for non OEM bushes is crazy. Thank you for your feed back. Bushes are for the rear lower control arms (4 Qty) and the rear upper "adjustable" control arm (2 Qty) The upper a
  8. Frustrated with the 2nd rate offerings a small group of 1st Gen Riv enthusiasts with OEM auto industry connections have been in development of an exact replacement of rear bushings. Tooling completed and about to evaluate full production samples, and yes we‘re excited. These are dimensionally 100% as original and with the same hardness rubber. Volume production is being done by a specialist (not Chinese) manufacturer of suspension components with facilities approved and used by Toyota and other major manufacturers. After many months we’re hopeful these “made for purpose” bushings will be avail
  9. Photos show lots of rust. But there has to be more rust you can't see until you start attacking & chopping sheet metal. Unless it has some sort of sentimental history, I also agree that its a parts car. Has anyone done a full resto and not spent way more than your original budget? Tom K
  10. Please note that the LEDs do not dim like incandescent bulbs. Wonder if there is a way around that. And depending on your preference you have a choice of Warm White or Cool. Chart above based on WW.
  11. In the Nov 2017 Australian Region REVIEW is a list of Super Bright LEDs for 1st gen Rivs. I have replaced all my interior bulbs with LEDs as per this chart and very happy with the result. Tom Kunek
  12. Small emblem Gran Sport from November? Can anyone else verify that? If true, then the small emblem Gran Sport was only available for 2 months.
  13. The vinyl roof was an option, but only available from mid year. Was it factory installed or fitted at dealership? Or both?
  14. I never understood how you could go to a dealer and order a Buick Riviera with no options. In fact you could order equipment delete. Keep in mind that the Riviera was marketed as a personal luxury car. Correct me if I am wrong, but Buick was a luxury car mainly for the conservative buyer. But also, I would think that the Buick buyer was more price conscious than say a Cadillac buyer.
  15. When the 1965 model year was launched was the Gran Sport option available from day one? Cheers Tom K
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