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  1. Hi Zimm, The Relay box has 2 relays inside. One is for Hi beam and the other for Low. You can find the wiring diagram in the Australian RIVIEW - ROA Regional News (ROA Web site) January Edition Page 15 It is a very easy relay to wire up. Can wire it out of sight next to the battery or on the inner fender. Color of wires for a 1965. Cheers TomK
  2. Hi Ed, Nice to see you enjoy reading the ROA Australian Region newsletter. It is sent free to anyone who has an interest in Rivs. Yes it is a Regional newsletter with local news & events but there are always articles that would be of interest no matter where you live. We also invite non ROA members to join the ROA and enjoy the benefits of membership. John Forster works his magic talents as our Editor at Large. If you would like to go on the mailing list just send a email to John at Tom Kunek ROA#3845 Australian National Co-Ordinator
  3. Absolutely Brilliant. The simple solutions are the best but sometimes we complicate and overwork it. Thanks Tom M Merry Xmas. Tom K
  4. TKRIV

    Happy Holidays

    Ho Ho Ho to ALL Boys and Girls from the Great Southern Land down under. ☺️
  5. Hi Jim, In the First Gen Rivs that I have worked on the fuel line goes through the frame via the top of the spring mount tower. Inside the tower I found the fuel line fixed via small half saddle. This would be to prevent any possibility of the fuel line coming in contact with the spring coil. How do you can gain access to this saddle without removing the spring and shocker? Nice tip on how to rotate engine so that pump is in the "down" position. Cheers Tom Kunek
  6. Hi Bill, Your engine bay looks amazing considering that you did not remove the motor. As for the windscreen wiper motor pump I have not been able to locate ANY after market pump here in Australia that produces negative pressure required to suck water out of the bottle. There are dozens of pumps that are designed to work with a head of water but can't find any that produces suction on the inlet. Could you please have a look at your pump and see if there are any make or model markings that would give me a lead. Cheers TomK
  7. My 65 Windscreen washer pump does not work. Diaphragm is long gone. Bought after market diaphragm (stated for 65 Riv) but does not fit and cannot be modified to fit. So I am dropped the idea of repairing the original pump mounted on the windscreen motor. I need a new pump that provides suction out of the bottle. There are plenty of after market pumps but they must be fitted at the bottom of the washer tank so they always have a head of water. Unless they have a head of water they will not work. Has anyone had a similar problem and know of a pump that produces suction out of the bottle and onward via tubes to the windscreen. If such a pump exists then I can place it inside the fender and it will look 99.9% original. Cheers TomK
  8. Hello Folks, I found the right person to fix my remote window control cable. I was at a dental workshop and noticed that they had the following skills. 1. Staff that had exceptional dexterity & could solder with great precision. 2. All sorts of different wires used to make dentures and related items. 3. Proficiency in Epoxy resins and chemical welding. I informed the supervisor about my problem. Next day I fronted up with my remote mirror and after he inspected the damaged cable, he dropped everything and started work on the spot. Within 10 mins it was fixed! Photo shows Gimbal fixed. The another photo shows 2 different joy stick designs. Are they specific to a particular year? Tom Kunek
  9. I have a remote side door mirror on my 65 with nice chrome but one of the control cables have broken at the control lever. Does anyone know of someone who does repair work? I would prefer to repair as I would imagine that an excellent example for sale would be $$$ TomK
  10. I must admit that I find this subject fascinating. The sole purpose that the tag exists was to record permanently the Fisher Build. So here we have 2 markings (5 pointed star & 0) that no one has a definitive reason for its existence. Star stamped from the underside and the 0 stamped after the tag has been affixed to the fire wall. One thing for sure is that the markings were never intended for decoding by the public, not even the dealer. As Gordon said "one of the miracles of life" TomK
  11. Sorry men, I just realised I had gone off topic with my question on the distorted "0" which sometimes shows up on the Fisher Tag. It's just that I saw Sean's comment that the * is also unknown. My apologies. TomK
  12. Does anyone know what the distorted "0" on some Fisher plates indicate? TomK
  13. Ride in the early morning mist. Tom Kunek Victoria, Australia ROA#3845 BCA#47703
  14. Gene Guarnere told me way back that White Deluxe Interior for 65 is rare. I think he told me that White Deluxe was only available some time into 1965. Would love to know the actual month that it became available. If you look at the dealer Color/Trim book you will see that White code was added after publication. TomK