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  1. Small emblem Gran Sport from November? Can anyone else verify that? If true, then the small emblem Gran Sport was only available for 2 months.
  2. The vinyl roof was an option, but only available from mid year. Was it factory installed or fitted at dealership? Or both?
  3. I never understood how you could go to a dealer and order a Buick Riviera with no options. In fact you could order equipment delete. Keep in mind that the Riviera was marketed as a personal luxury car. Correct me if I am wrong, but Buick was a luxury car mainly for the conservative buyer. But also, I would think that the Buick buyer was more price conscious than say a Cadillac buyer.
  4. When the 1965 model year was launched was the Gran Sport option available from day one? Cheers Tom K
  5. Did PARISH also manufacture the Differential Housing and lower control arms? Also, who manufactured the Differential.
  6. Thanks Jason, That was quick. I see there was a earlier post about this topic too. Many Thanks TomK
  7. Hi All, My friend is doing a frame-off resto on a 65 and has found some stampings on the back passenger side as shown in the photo. Does anyone know what PARISH is about? Tom K
  8. Top advice Tom,. I will remove the relay and tap terminal 4 (brown wire) of the regulator as it's hooked up to the Ign Sw. Bingo, Got the 12V with no fancy wiring or relays. Learning all the time. BTW I do get better performance from my 425 2x4 Quad with 12V at the coil, confirmed by dyno. Cheers Tom K
  9. I installed a solid state relay which I happen to have in my electronic box of odds and ends. The wiring looks cleaner than an Electro-Mech relay and it has a very small LED to show me it's on. Yes 7V will work but why not get the full benefit and run it at 12V and get a bigger bang at the plugs. I think the reason they designed points to run at a lower voltage is to save the points contact face for longer life. Tom K
  10. I thought that our 1st gen Rivs were the only cars that had removeable door skins. Just found out that VW Golf MK5 2003-2010 also have removeable door skins. Tom K
  11. Hi All, When removing the door skins the front facing nuts are difficult to access due to the limited space where the door hinges are. Got myself a spanner with flex head & ratchetting ring which makes the task much easier. Cheers Tom K
  12. Well with all this unexpected time on our hands its a great opportunity to work on our Rivs. As you can see Gene has lots of nice parts waiting for you. Just about the only positive to come out of this mess is cheap gas. I think this is going to continue for longer than we expect and heaven help us if there is COVID-22 Tom Kunek
  13. In other words, why did the original carb designers go for a progressive linkage and not solid if many folks claim better performance and street drivability. There must have been a good reason(s) to go the progressive path. From the point of view of the engine designers, what is the advantage going progressive? Does anyone know? TomK