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  1. Thank you Tom T for a great explanation. Tom K
  2. Over the years I come across folks who have blue smoke coming out the exhaust mainly on start up. Even on a rebuilt motor. One way to reduce oil flow though valve guides is by chamfering the end of the guides with a special tool. Has anybody done this with success? I found this solution in a 1970 Engine Service Manual. If only valve stem seals should be used (intake only) what type? Who has them? Tom Kunek
  3. "Buy Once - Cry Once" "The Quality remains long after the price is forgotten" 100% Correct.
  4. As time goes by, and EV cars start to replace the ICE there will be an even greater price needed to buy your classic car. It amazes me how people tell me that the EV revolution is “unstoppable” due to their inherent advantages. If that is the case why are state and federal governments offer such generous incentive packages and currently pay no tax as per hydrocarbons? It makes me wonder when people say to me that electric cars are fun. Yes, they are quiet and they have amazing performance but that’s about it. Take away the sound of the internal combustion engine and the minute vibrations throughout the cabin that you can feel deep down inside you and the electric car is lifeless. Don’t believe me? Then watch the car chase with Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt with the sound off! The internal Combustion engine breaths. It has warm oil circulating inside it like blood in our veins. The exhaust has a voice of the most primal sound. I get joy from driving my Riviera purely because I get feedback like something made of flesh & Blood. On top of that it’s a Buick which was made for folks who like driving with class. Even our Buicks that were built with performance are described as a car with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Classic cars will remain in demand. My 2BobsWorth.
  5. If a buyer finds a Riv which is exactly to there liking i.e. Color, interior, Options, condition but it is not 100% correct this will have a higher impact for handing over large amounts of cash. This is more true if the Riv in question has great known history. My 2Bobs worth. Here in Australia classic cars are increasing in value/price. Everyone thought that COVID would suppress the price of classic cars. Not so, they have gone up! Has the same thing happened in USA & Canada?
  6. Just saw it on ROA FB. If true, is this the new top price? Does anyone know of this 65GS ? Tom K
  7. Correct: My Baby Gran was built in the 3rd week of November 1964. However I have not seen any documentation of the exact date that Buick replaced the small Gran Sport emblem to the larger one in 1965. In which week did the change-over happen? Does anyone know?
  8. YouTube is your friend. PROBLEM IS ENGINE IDLE TUNE as John stated. Tom K
  9. DV8, Don't give up. Keep at it. Looking forward to you telling us what the fix was. Problems like this is like a who-done-it movie.
  10. I had a similar problem some years back. Then for some reason I took out and inspected the idle needle screws. One was fine, the other looked like it did 3 rounds with Mike T. Replaced it, did a tune and it was fixed. Tom K
  11. I have a veneer set. Ring me if you are interested. Tom K 0419 658 500
  12. Following feedback from owners with custom deluxe white interiors who tell me that their console is Black and they have seen nothing else but Black. The gray finish could be due to original black paint which has faded. This particular 65GS has spent most of its life in South Texas which could explain it. But it is a mystery how Tom T. has a 65GS parts car, that has a deluxe white vinyl interior that has a blue console, black rugs & white headliner. It all appears to be factory original. Thank You Ed and all the others that have provided comments. Tom K
  13. It was at that 1994 ROA meet that I first saw Roy Wager and his triple white Boattail. Yes you love it or hate it. Lots of white for sure. Best all original Boattail I have ever seen. I found it stunning. Roy is no longer with us but I wonder what happened to his Boattail
  14. TR Code 624 I have checked the color again and it sure does look like a very dark gray. I am 99% sure that it looks like original paint. Carpet is black but not original. If you went to ROA 1994 Denver meet you would have seen this 65GS. Yes Ed, your memory is that good I am sure you will remember! Colin Grubb (ex ROA accountant) was the owner at the time and that's the way he bought it from the guy who restored it. Photo: Close to camera at Riviera Lane. Dot joining continues...
  15. Hi Ed, I know this is a first world problem but my friend really wants to restore his Riv in the correct color combination. His console is gray and sure looks original. I know of one other which is the same. Then there are known black consoles. I can't see how you come to the conclusion of black carpet/console in the custom interior. Maybe no definitive answer backed by factory documentation. Please help me join the dots!
  16. Thanks Ray. Every time I would visit the USA I would make sure to drop by Dick's place and spend the day talking all things Riviera. He always made time for me. At one time I stayed with Dick & Debbie when I was shipping a 65 Riv back to Australia. Dick helped me with all the parts I needed. There was not much he did not know about 1st Gen Riv's as he bought his first in 1965 and continued to own them until his last Riv which was a very nice bamboo cream 65GS. Apart from his love of Rivs, for many years he was involved in the volunteer Police Dept. giving back and protecting his community. Yes I will miss him. My condolences to Debbie and family. Tom Kunek
  17. True or false. 1st generation Rivs were the first to introduce: 1. Printed Circuit Board for Dash instruments/lighting. 2. Ribbon cable (flat plane conductors) 3. Frameless side windows (for a mass production car) Tom K
  18. So could be Black or Charcoal ! Me thinking more toward Charcoal. I am sure there must be someone out there who would know for sure. If there is no definitive conclusion on the color of the lower dash & console how would this matter be resolved at a show with judging?
  19. Thanks Tom T. Can anybody else chime in if they have one of the 499 White Deluxe interior. Console my friend has is not Blue or any shade of Blue. More investigation required. Tom K
  20. Twelve interior selections could be had in 1965. Rarest of all was White Deluxe with only 499 installed. I really like the color combination of White/Black/Red as per photo. Interior grabs your attention in a flash.
  21. I was confident that the charcoal/grey color was factory as it looks very original on my friends Riv. If it was repainted it would have been done a long time ago. But I have to admit that the black console would be a more logical color combination. Does anybody know in which month in 1965 the white deluxe trim was offered?
  22. Hi All, I have a friend who has a 1965 Riv with deluxe white interior. This color interior was not available until midway through the model year and therefore it is somewhat rare. The console is best described as a charcoal/gray color (which looks original) but I have seen photos with black console. Can someone please confirm which color is factory correct. Tom Kunek
  23. Speaking to a friend of mine who is a mechanical engineer about this problem... and then he opens a cabinet and hands me over a device that lets you look inside the combustion chamber while the engine is running. You can see if there is combustion and also by the color of the flame you can adjust the A/F mixture. I have never seen this device before. Has any body used this diagnostic tool?
  24. Mike, Don't give up on your investigation on why your nailhead has the vibration. We all want to know the reason just in case in the future we have a similar problem. Tom K
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