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  1. Maybe I need a new eyeglass prescription. But I cant see a dent on your quarter. If it is in fact there I think fixing what u have would be better than grafting in a section? I am not a body man. But when I posted the damage on my quarter panel for opinions on this forum most thought fixing dents was better than grafting. Advise on grafting points to the best/strongest method being to do the entire quarter panel. Not from the middle of the wheel well. I was told u will be asking for trouble with warping? This is an example from the net that people are telling will give us the best results when replacing a quarter panel. I dont think u need this. Obviously, I kinda do...& I don’t even think I’m going this route haha... U are probably an experienced Bodyman & know what u that case, disregard whatever I said haha good luck brother
  2. Not mandatory. I took a shortcut & didn’t get mine done. Now I have a mysterious vibration at 65 mph…wanna guess where it might be coming from 🤷🏻‍♂️ $70 sounds like a good deal
  3. Housing doesn’t need to be notched Seat belt doesn’t need to be cut stitching doesn’t have to be undone & restitched. I posted a pic in that thread that shows my entire seat belt retractor taken completely apart. Once apart u can feed the drum (with the seatbelt still on it) into the new housing, rebuild retractor...done.
  4. I thought I would add this newer thread here for others using the search function to see. The belts DO NOT NEED TO BE CUT in order to replace the housing. The belt can be completely disassembled & reassembled.
  5. Yes…exactly what PWB said. Here is what I got for my 65 from Scanlan. Top notch work. Real wood veneer. Not sure where foam comes into play…maybe on the 63/64?? Mine didn’t have this foam PWB mentioned. Along with what Steelman said, apparently, there are two different colors to chose from also. A lighter gold like color & this darker walnut tone. So that makes 12 options haha…not 6 haha
  6. The only thing Konga forgot to say was: welcome to the forum & congrats on the sweet ride haha
  7. Cool 64…Congtats on the trade & welcome Ed, is right. Get a five blade fan in order to play nicely with the fan shroud. Don’t forget a STANDARD fan clutch too. DONT let them sell u on an HD fan clutch. U will HATE it! Haha. I learned the hard way. I did a little write-up on this matter in my 65 Riv build thread. Here’s a link with the basics on fan clutches. oh…I have an aluminum 4 row radiator too & my fan shroud fit perfect. No mods. But someday I wanna sandwich those L shaped rubber pieces to either side of radiator that Ed mentioned earlier
  8. Our ROA buddy sells them new on his evil-bay store for $25. Contact him directly to avoid evil-bay charges & it’s cheaper. James Kehr (215) 767-0845
  9. Looks AMAZING!! Thx for sharing. I have been working on my gauge cluster & glovebox plastic surrounds. I also have the dash “cap” on my dash. I never completely install the dash cap. I’m glad I didn’t cuz I see what u mean about the “extra” thickness. This extra thickness covers most of the gauge cluster & glovebox chrome strips. Here is a pic u posted of your dash prep in another thread. U described the product u used as DAP “sponge like silicone”…can u help me understand what that is please? In this pic I can see the tip of what looks like a caulking gun. Is that what u used? Thx in advance
  10. Yes. This belongs to Bob in CA. I will pass on your good advice. Thank u sir
  11. This is my buddy’s 65 Riviera Gran Sport that he has “considered” selling. He did an amazing job building this thing. This is one of two 65 Rivieras he built. The other one is the Champagne Mist 65 Rivi that was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. There is so much that was done to this car to get it this nice. Too many things to list. The entire process was photographed & he is willing to share those pix with interested members. I am sure there are tons of questions a “serious buyer” will have. My buddy is more than happy to answer any & all questions. BUT, in an effort to not waste anyone’s time, he is asking for calls ONLY from “serious buyers” who are considering buying a beautiful car with a SIX figure price tag. please DO NOT call if you are not a “serious buyer”... His name is Bob & here is his cell phone number 818-391-3126. He is good with calls or texts Just to name a few options this car has: Original Buick tachometer LX425 ci engine (rebuilt by Russ Martin) TH400 transmission Dual quads 3.07 posi-traction Stainless steel exhaust Passenger side view mirror Front & rear sway bars Deluxe interiorPower antennaAM/FM radioFront & rear seat beltsRally wheelsWood grain steering wheelAir conditioning 4-way flashers Vac trunk release Rear window defroster Four note horns - working Dual reservoir master cylinderCar has stock drum brakes but, all valving installed for disk brake conversion. The options this car does NOT have:Power wind wingsCruise controlIt should be noted that many parts have been powder coated. Such as:Frame/chassisControl armsRear endInner fendersAll smaller under carriage partsInsides of doorsFront & rear seat frames exhaust manifolds received a high temp coating The entire underside of car & inside floor pans have been completely undercoated. Then fully Dynamated (underside of roof, doors, front & back, dash & under dash, behind air vents & trunk). A second layer of Dynamat was added from the fire wall to under the front seats. New heater core, all new vacuum lines, all rubber is new, all keys are correct, all locks work correctly & everything locks. All thirteen wiring harnesses were refurbished, fixed or replaced. The car is all original except for some painting options he preferred over stock. The A/C blows cold New three (3) core radiator All electronic gauges along with the original “idiot lights” that work New windshield and new rear window (All windows have the optional green tint.) This is his words from his email: “Please ask that I prefer not to waste my time or theirs if they cannot grasp paying more than six figures for a car, don’t call. As you well know, you cannot build a Riviera to this level anymore for what I am asking. I can move but, very little” I hope u guys like his work as much as I do. He has helped me overcome some hurdles on my own build. The least I can do it post his beauty here & help find her a new home. THANKS FOR THE HELP BOB.