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  1. If your not in a hurry…take your time & do it yourself. If your in a hurry, pay someone. If your wife is like Ed’s, go for the team effort concept. If she’s like mine, stop considering it 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Every thread on here goes in different directions
  3. Maybe your thermostat is intermittently sticking & not allowing coolant to circulate then it finds a way out somewhere??
  4. Doug, thank u so much for your generous offer. But I will have to pass. Hopefully someone else can benefit
  5. I’m interested. I don’t have carpet 😬. Rolling Rat Rod like. 😆 Edit: I’m in SoCal. How do I estimate shipping? I sent u a PM
  6. My upholstery guy said not to bother with the 63/64 foam when I asked if we could mod them. Like Bob said, my guy will be “cooking” up some foam for me too. Try asking a couple of other upholsterers in your area.
  7. I think @buickboneheadwas making them at one point. He also made the bitchen all steel horn bars. His metal & chrome guy stopped producing quality products. He talked about looking for other guys to work with. Hit him up. Maybe he’s found new guys u can also try @abandg. He’s got tons of parts
  8. Use the search function. I had to fix my glovebox door too & I did a little writeup. Maybe there something in there that’ll help u
  9. Yes. Felt on both halves. Like your picture #1 & on the back half which the air duct hose attaches to. Then the chrome ball will be sandwiched between the felt on both halves. Set the tightness by pushing the two halves together against the chrome ball & tighten the set screw
  10. Start a new thread. U might have better luck with an answer to your question
  11. u are probably right. I didn’t ask. I only assumed. U know what assuming does 😆
  12. Like the song says “I Can See Clearly Now…” 😆 My 57 year old glass was in horrible shape. I’ve got 16k miles on my car since I got her back on the road & I always had trouble seeing thru the windshield (mainly when driving at night). I found a auto glass shop who even had the original replacement green clips. They used 5/16 foam & silicone (not butyl rubber like I did when I put my old glass in 3 years ago). The glass has a green tint & dark tint across the top. It does not have the original marking on it but it does have a DOT number. I’m just glad “I can see clearly now” 😆 Makes for a better cruise experience
  13. Phil Collins said it best: There's too many men, too many peopleMaking too many problemsAnd there's not much love to go aroundCan't you see this is the land of confusion? Just trying to help. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m no mechanic. I was just relaying info that was given to me 😬
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