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  1. Very cool comparison pic Ted. Thank u. I’ve never seen the right bracket for finned valve covers before.
  2. can u please share the YouTube link or at least tell us what the fellow “showed” u?
  3. Good idea on having a pro look at your column. The manual discouraged me too My car is good. Thx for asking. I’ve been focused on driving the snot out of my car. 6k miles on her now haha
  4. Hello friend. Long time no speak. I don’t know what your in for. Sorry. I can’t help. As for pullers, U will need one to get the steering wheel off. I bought mine at HF. It did the job. That’s no specialty tool tho. Our manual shows a slide hammer like puller that is needed once u get the steering wheel off. That seems like a specialty tool. I needed to get in my column to fix my turn signal cancelation pin & decided not to once I saw that “specialty tool”. Too trick for my blood haha Lemme know if u need any help
  5. This is a really cool idea. I never even thought of it.
  6. I am checking with a local source in SoCal. Your license plate says Washington. Not sure how shipping a hood & fender is gonna work if I find one.
  7. I saved this in hopes to someday do the same to my car. It hasn’t happened haha Great info BTW TexRiv…thank u
  8. @SwedeDownUnderR63 yes…everyone with a Riv should own the service manual. I have one too. These books are great. But it sure didn’t help tell me what I learned the hard way…(read my reply to RivNut) @RivNut I thought the same thing about the “locating hooks” when after removing the screws at the front of dash my dash would NOT budge. In my case, my hooks did need some persuasion to release. After that first time my dash now almost jumps off with a one finger tug when front screws are removed. What I learned is that a little spray lube may have been all I needed on the locating hooks for them to play nice.
  9. ”Slide cover forward” sounds confusing. Makes it seems like u are saying to slide it toward the front of the car. Maybe I’m the only one reading it like that. But in an effort to clear it up for others reading it like I am… once the screws are out, slide the cover back (towards the rear of the car).
  10. Ed’s son who is doing that 3D image thing may need those specs Also, it could just be the pic, in your pic with antenna extended it looks like the antenna goes on forever haha. Is that an illusion or is it just a super long mast?
  11. Love this mod…but how would we make that “T shape bushing?” Great pix too. I love pix haha. How did u get so many pix on one post? It always tells me to take a hike when I try to add more than like 4 pix haha Edit: hopefully one of the electrical wizards can help figure out how to get this new antenna to work with our dash switch?? 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  12. I was thinking maybe the opening was for a different radio
  13. My buddy is in need of the throttle spring that attaches to the throttle linkage at the firewall. Anyone have one for sale? edit: he believes 64/65 is the same spring. But that the 63 spring is different & will not work