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  1. I installed new springs in the front also. good call on checking my installation. Hopefully that is the issue fingers crossed 🤞🏼
  2. new springs may not solve an uneven ride issue. There are also spacers that sit under your springs. Maybe called “spring perches”?? my car had 1/2” spacers/perches under the driver side rear spring when I took the old springs out. These spacers/perches do not look DIY. They are round, made of metal & have a large grove carved In them where the end of the coil rests in. I replaced my old springs with brand new (1” lower than standard H2 specs, 2” lower total), 400 pound spring rate H2 springs from CSS & my car still sat uneven. It was lower on the driver
  3. Very exciting. Good luck. I see that u installed what looks like the Holley Hyperspark too. U will probably have RFI/EMI issues. I did. Tech support had me wrap my dizzy in tin foil & it worked. That was just to isolate/troubleshoot where is was coming from. They said my air cleaner was acting as an antenna between the Sniper ECU, Hyperspark & Holley coil (old style coil, mounted in stock location). So they had me add a ground wire to the base of my air. Problem solved. Weird. I’m learning a lot.
  4. I do happen to have a friend in high places. Nice bracket. So have u had a chance drive it & test your creation? Cruise control? Hmmm…now there’s an idea. I never thought of that. I will look into that
  5. Congrats, I agree. Looks like very clean work. Looks like a high dollar build done right (unlike my shoddy a$$ DIY work 😀). It also looks brand new, as in “not driven” yet. Have u had a chance to drive it? I am interested to hear how your setup performed. It doesn't look like the throttle geometry was addressed. Your throttle linkage looks parallel to valve covers. We had to raise ours up some so that it would pull Sniper linkage from slightly higher. U might find u have the same issues as we did. Keep us posted
  6. Your funny...I’m glad this helped. Congrats on your Sniper install I decided to make my throttle mounting point on the bracket a little closer to the sniper due to my aftermarket air cleaner. It used to hit my hood when hood was closed. I found a low profile air cleaner base which allowed my air cleaner to sit lower. A lower air cleaner base meant I didn’t have much room to change the geometry of my throttle linkage by simply raising it up, I also had to go inward. That & a little persuasion with my ball peen hammer on the air cleaner base & wah-lah...it worked
  7. So ur thinking the relay I ordered will not work?
  8. What do u mean by “Class-A”? I ordered a relay my buddy suggested I try. Still waiting for it to show up. Is that what u mean by a “regulated PS”?
  9. Where was it living for the last 54 years? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I checked the amp ground. But I’ll check to see if my EQ has one too. Thx
  11. It won’t allow me to add video 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Yes, the micro switch is working right now. I will post a little video. I’m excited about it working. But now that I cruised the car around with the SP working, I’m not sure I like it. It sits at a light/stop sign unless I depress the throttle. I might add the Hot Rod switch under the dash 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lately, I have been attacking all the stupid little things that need attention on my car. Both SP micro switch AND KD switch always had bare wires which had me thinking would arc & not allow them to work right. But I never heard “popping” from my speakers. Now that I have repaired the wire
  13. My radio is not hooked up. I play music thru my phone which connects to my speakers with one of those Bluetooth thingys. I tried disconnecting all of my audio equipment & the popping is still there. My buddy suggested I add a relay to the power wire feeding my audio. He thinks I might have a “dirty power source” as he describes. He explained that a relay may provide a clean source & hope that solves the popping
  14. Finally, I fixed my micro switch. It had a hairline crack in the micro switch body that would not allow me to adjust it. A little epoxy, a small clamp to hold it together while epoxy dried & all seems well…NOT!! Now I am getting a loud “pop” or “crack” like sound from my speakers each time I touch the throttle as micro switch clicks. This happens in park at idle or at a stop sign/light & I touch the pedal. I can also recreate the sound in my garage with the key in Aux position & I touch the throttle pedal with my hand Any suggestions on what to check would
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