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  1. Correct…no “C” clips
  2. RockinRiviDad

    Holley Sniper EFI on my Nailhead

    I forgot to mention, one detail that the shop I used pointed out was that both main fuel line & return line needed to be 3/8”. My car is a factory A/C car which requires a main & return fuel line. My plan is to add A/C someday. So I had already bought a pre-bent fuel line kit from a fuel line vendor. This fuel line kit I bought & installed was a big step in the right direction. Or so I thought… That was NOT the case. Factory fuel lines for my A/C car is 3/8” for the main line & 1/4” for a return. I woulda probably tried to use the 1/4” line without knowing any better & something coulda went wrong. Glad the shop figured that out early & ran a new line. The EFI kit comes with all the fittings u need for this step too. Here’s a couple pix
  3. My goal was to find a complete steering coupler to replace my ratty old coupler. Prliminary searches found that there are tons of rebuild kits out there. But no complete kits. By “complete” I mean I wanted a coupler that would simply require the removal of the old & installation of the new. Not the case. The rebuild kit does not look difficult to tackle. But I was being lazy & I did NOT want to do the work IF I could find a complete coupler. Looking back, this process was not bad. I finally found a race shop that had a complete coupler. When I got there to pick it up it turned out “complete” meant “mostly complete”. Apparently, they ALL require some kind of parts swap. In this case, the part needing to be swapped was the coupler/clamp that the steering column shaft slips into. Pic #1: U can see where the missing coupler is missing on one side. U can see their style grounding strap is different than some guys are used to seeing. Also, its kinda hard to see in this pic but both the rotation limiting stubs & mounting stubs are different sizes. Pic#2: shows the coupler/clamp that slips over the steering box input shaft Pic #3: Old coupler in vise. In order to separate the two halves I used my cut-off wheel to cut the rivets. Pic #4: The two halves separated. U can kinda see the old grounding wire if u look closely Pic#5: Once cut, the old rivets would not simply fall out. I had to use a punch to drive them out. Didn’t take much effort. Pic #6: Like I mentioned earlier, the mounting stubs are different sizes. So I simply drilled out the appropriate hole. Pic #7: Last few steps were to clean & paint the old half & join the two halves together. This is a pretty simple write-up. I hope this helps others.
  4. I wish I was better at this stuff. I’m confused. I’m sure I’m the only one. Sorry for being so dense. I had my engine cold, engine off, key hanging on the hook in the garage when I adjusted mine. Can u pls help me understand how the choke, hot idle & ignition being on plays a part in PROPER adjustment. I’d like to get mine right too. Thx
  5. Fianlly, a Guru chimes in haha So how do u suggest PROPER adjustment for those of us (me 😬) without a choke? And “hot idle” I assume means to have the engine running at op temp at idle during adjustment of micro switch?
  6. I may be misunderstanding u. Choke & idle have nothing to do with setting it. The micro switch is only operated by the throttle linkage when u press the gas pedal. Choke = butterfly valve adjustment idle = set screw adjustment
  7. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Haha…I’ll do the best I can with what I got. But u guys know I’m no mechanic…so I may lack some of the “tech talk” u want haha. I didn’t take too many pix. But I think I may have enough for a good write-up.
  8. The only forward spring I have is the factory one that comes up from below the micro switch. The spring hooks to a plate screwed to the throttle linkage mounting base on the firewall. My micro switch is cracked. I was still able to adjust it tho. It doesn’t take much movement to set it. Loosen the tiny screws & with throttle in the resting position push the micro switch forward until u hear the mechanical click of the switch. Tighten screws. Then test it by pushing rearward only on the vertical throttle linkage rod coming up from firewall. The slightest pressure on the rod towards the firewall simulates your foot pressing on the gas pedal. There should be movement between the vertical throttle rod & the horizontal rod that it attaches to. That slight movement is all u need to open the micro switch. Hope that makes sense. Most important, I hope I got it right. Guru’s wanna chime in?
  9. RockinRiviDad

    Holley Sniper EFI on my Nailhead

    Finally, the end result. My neighbor modified the store bought Holley bracket. Works great.
  10. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Thank u. LOVE the Sniper! I just started a thread on my short experience. No issues with intake
  11. RockinRiviDad

    Holley Sniper EFI on my Nailhead

    Examples of my shotty throttle linkage fab work before realizing I forgot about my kickdown switch. Here is an example of what I came up with to attach my kickdown. The problem was I had the kickdown mounted for the arm to pull out as the throttle was pulled back (accelerating). The arm is suppose to travel inward when accelerating.
  12. I am no mechanic…I will share how I “think” it works with the little experience I had. Hope the guru’s teach us both if I have it all wrong. A few months ago I was fortunate to have a transmission mechanic aquaintance make a house call to help me sort this out. What he showed me was that the micro switch on the throttle linkage sends power to SP/KD (switch pitch/kick down) switch any time there is any pressure applied to the gas pedal. So yes. My understanding is U need that micro switch to work. Otherwise the SP/KD will never recieve the signal
  13. RockinRiviDad

    Holley Sniper EFI on my Nailhead

    Good questions. Fuel pump is mounted to inside frame rail, behind the rear axle on driver side. Instructions recommend to mount as close to sending unit as possible (within 24”). Holley actually recommends internal fuel pumps which last longer & are more efficient. But I did not think that was possible on our cars. I have since learned that universal internal fuel pumps (which mounts inside fuel tank) are available from a few company’s (Aeromotive is one). I spoke to an Aeromotive rep at a show & he claims it would totally work on our cars. I wouldn’t call my external pump “loud”. But it makes noise, u can hear a hum/buzz. At idle & music off I can hear it. It’s not bad. And in my case, I still don’t have all my interior installed. I’m still lacking carpet & padding. I’m sure that will help muffle the hum. I may switch to an internal pump if/when my external one takes a dump. Pic #1: external fuel pump Pic #2: inline fuel filter between sending unit & pump
  14. RockinRiviDad

    Holley Sniper EFI on my Nailhead

    Thank u. Funny u ask. “Retain” didn’t just happen, it was a bit of a struggle. Linkage was actually problem #1 & kick down/switch pitch was problem #2 haha. After the initial install of the EFI there was no “easing into the throttle”. It was either ON (full throttle) or OFF (no throttle). It turns out that the factory mechanical throttle linkage angles on some old cars do not play well with some TBI’s or aftermarket carbs. Our cars have that kind of linkage. So I needed to change that angle. I spoke to a couple of shops & they all said they always fabricate brackets. I am NOT a fabricator but I thought “how hard can that be” right? I had a hell of a time figuring it out. I went thru 5 brackets just to get the throttle linkage right including one store bought Holley bracket. I was so focused on throttle that I forgot about the kickdown/switch pitch. Then I made 2 more brackets that would accommodate the KD/SP before I figured out that I was mounting the KD/SP wrong...UGH!!! Lucky for me a neighbor showed up just before I torched my car in frustration haha. He offered to help modify the Holley bought bracket with his welding skills & WAH-LAH!! It worked...still gotta get that washer in place Lots of learning...but I’m learning