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  1. does your headlight switch dim the LED lights in your instrument & speedo?
  2. Took everything apart too. But not that far apart haha. Your idea of using rubber tape “should” work. My first thought was to buy a thin sheet of rubber at your local hobby shop, use the old ones as a template & cut new ones as for lube, i used both spray lube & white lithium grease. I can remember if I used silicone or WD-40
  3. The blacker the berry…the sweeter the juice 😆
  4. Congrats. I was gonna point u to my EFI thread. I struggled so much with getting my switch to work right that I almost gave up. Like u, I didn’t & it worked out I know it can be a pain in the butt. “BUT” can u post some pix of what u did. I’m sure someone, somewhere is/will be dealing with the same issue. Pix always makes things easier to learn from…well at least for the visual learners like me 😬
  5. Nice write-up of your troubleshooting. Your description sounds logical. I “think” u have the pathway correct. I can say for certain that u CAN service your kickdown switch because I did it to mine. It was soooo simple but I had help. A transmission guru friend made a house call to help me sort this out. The switch body is made of a soft type of metal. U can see that on the back side of the switch where the circuit board is mounted the edges of the switch body are folded/bent (there is a better term for this but I forgot it haha) over creating tabs to hold the circuit board in place. My buddy had me pry those out of the way. Two tabs played nicely & I had to take my Dremel to the other two tabs. Then the switch simply pulled apart, we inspected it, all was in good order. We cleaned, lubed with dielectric grease, reassembled, bent the two tabs back into place & created two new tabs with a small tipped screwdriver & small hammer which I had removed with my Dremel
  6. Interesting. I wonder if this place in Cali is the same place that I suggested u call.
  7. My tailshaft housing had a paper gasket. So I replaced it with a new paper gasket. No leaks. Call this guy. This is where I got my bushing. Sounds like he was right, not many people/sources have the right part. I don’t know where u live. If u are not in SoCal maybe he’ll ship it 🤷🏻‍♂️ Good luck
  8. Yes. The wider horn bar I have now works the horn as good as the stock horn bar. The narrower horn bars out there need the 3 mounting screws to be loosened/backed off in order for horn to work.
  9. YES!! Finally!! I have the cool wood wheel AND elusive horn bar on my car. I can hardly believe it!! The faux wood (still in need of repair) was given to me 6 years ago by @arnulfo de l.a.. Thank U kindly sir 👍🏼. I didn’t think I wanted to go thru the struggle of finding a horn bar. But this quarantine has me doing crazy things 🤦🏻‍♂️ In my hunt for a horn bar I found their are two types of repop horn bars. I learned that the hard way. One is narrower than the other. Guys who have them for sale didn’t even know this. Not a big deal, both are still cool horn bars. But I wanted the wider one & found one. Now, on to the faux wood repair…stay tuned 😝 Thank you @abandg & @kreed
  10. I was gonna suggest products from that same company in the link K-Man posted. But places like craft stores may have what u need
  11. I’ve had my cowl on & off more times than I want to count. I read this thread a week ago & I thought “what the hell, lemme take my cowl off again” haha I bought a 1” thick foam pad from McMaster Carr a while ago for this very project. But I never got around to it. Now is a perfect time. I saved the old petrified “air damn” pieces that where under my cowl when I took my car apart 8 years ago. I dug them out of storage to trace a pattern onto the 1” foam. I went bigger on the pattern thinking the originals probably shrank. I was able to cut out the patterns with a razor. A longer razor would’ve probably worked better. My new foam blocks look hideous. U can laugh. I am haha. But they work. I used a small piece of this same foam to jam into the end of my steering column where it sticks out of the firewall to keep hot air from climbing up steering column. Hope this helps someone 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Whoa!! Me likey!! So we can simply slap those on our wheels? I’m so in!! where do we get those rings?? Edit: wait a minute. I vaguely remember something about having to weld a wider lip welded on??