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  2. That was of course, since its' Canada, not a "Weed" party, but "Weeding" party, like thistles and danelions! Keith
  3. Rodney, I've been looking into these LEDs a bit more. Did you put a red LED in the "hot light" position and green LED in the "cold light" position? To accentuate the color? Did you use the LED replacement bulbs with a single surface-mounted LED chip on the end? Especially for the indicator lights? Or one of the replacement bulbs that has 5 LED chips mounted on it (end and sides)? Anyone else who has done this want to chime in with what they used?
  4. 1926 Buick standard brake band assemblies. 4 mains and 2 parking bands with levers & assorted parts. $100 for all located near Portland, OR Kevin BCA # 47712
  5. Hi, what I have listed is whats being sold, both engine and tranny were sold awhile ago and never were apart of the description. I always as a mechanic refer to a running gear as frame and axles wheels etc., others may disagree. No reason to start a topic on that. You get what I mentioned in top, minus engine and tranny of course. If does not sell soon will be dismantling.Regards Thanks for Question hope I answered it
  6. Last reminder … Keep in mind, pre-registering helps get the classes correct, so we can have the right number of awards for the banquet. And, it also helps with knowing what classes we will have, and how many of each we will be parking for the show. Both things being very helpful to know ahead of time. With Monday being a holiday, it is probably too late to get it submitted by snail mail, but, if you email it to the office you can still beat the deadline. Hope to see you there.
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  8. Good for you fordrodsteven. You just keep hanging around. Thanks for that. Tomorrow I am taking a "road trip" to look for some Reatta parts at another junk yard. This one is near Antigo. They have some listed on
  9. Earl, all I want is to see you maximize your price. From what you posted, it seems pretty reasonable. Good luck getting the car and with the next steps.
  10. Don't over think it, +ve side of coil to the points where it gets grounded. Ground is +ve.
  11. Second that! Visited at twilight/early evening, guided tour and players from local theatre company recreating the "ambience" of the time/place. The run very early the next morning up the coast, almost deserted highway except for dodging some deer, was magical.
  12. There is a wiring diagram on page 90 of the 1927 all models owner's manual as shown in images #1 & 2 below. However the Service Library Vol 7 has a better one (larger) see images 3-4 below. There is also 106 pages of info in Volume5 of the Service Library, see image #5.
  13. Another idea is a "bra". I know some hot rod guys use them, unfortunately I don't know the supplier.
  14. Up the coast on HWY 1, Marin County, Stinson Beach, then North to Bodega Bay, eat in Occidental at the Union Hotel, which is just a bit inland, then north some more on HWY 1, see Fort Ross, and the town of Gualalla.
  15. Actually Greg sold the car to Jerry Greenfield (sp?) who then later sold it to the Indy Museum. We did the car back in '84-'85 and it looks like it's held up pretty well. I had stopped by the museum shortly after they acquired the car but it wasn't on display at the time. I inquired about it and a guy told me that they were having problems getting it running. I offered to send them copies of the information we had on the car (manuals, etc.) which I did, but I never heard anything further from them. Everyone else that had a hand in bringing the car back has passed away, including Greg, so I guess that I'm the last one living that had any hands-on experience with it. I was a good runner/driver when it was here, and I always thought it was a very handsome car. Glad to see it back on display.
  16. I detailed the Reatta today and took it to a Cruise-in. As usual a couple lookers but not really sure what it is. Anyway. I got a flyer for a Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GM event coming up June 9th at the Budweiser plant in Merrimac, NH. I think I'll be attending that!
  17. Go to clutch doctor in Minnesota,service is great,turnaround is fast,have a set for the elcar now
  18. Okay, all of you got what you wanted. I told the dealer I want the car back at 1 PM on next Tuesday, May 28. I have to go up there to see it before I have AAA pick it or decide to drive it the 55 miles home. It's been sitting for 5 months, but it has often sat that long in my garage, except the new battery might be dead by now. He thinks I'm too old and sick to drive it home myself...ha. But, I might take the easy way out. I have AAA for 125 miles. I hope I made everybody happy. I dont' know if I'm happy or not. He said he'd reduced the price to $41,500 and cut his commission, and I don't disbelieve him. Actually, I like the guy personally. But, according to one of you who should know, you can't just keep cutting the price. After my heart surgery, maybe I'll put it up for sale in Hemmings, BCA and other places or maybe I'll wait until I'm 82 when I plan to sell the truck and trailer (June, 2020). Hear this. My wife is a tough cookie. If anything happens to me I'll bet she'll be harder to deal with than me. 😀 Oh yeah, I'll take all the advice and remove the Trippe Lights and put them in my trophy case.
  19. GM held on to the crappy vacuum wiper motors forever. My '57 Olds had them and they werent great
  20. Thank you! Like I told Jack I really don't know about auto wiring ,so will have to print this out and wrap my head around it w/ the car. all my rear lights have 2-filament question though is how do you know a dim filament from a bright one? I just thought each filament had its own brightness, but sometimes both filaments came on and that's what made them bright....hmmmm
  21. X2! Leaving Thursday afternoon. My tow buddy has to work a half day Thursday. I am excited to get there already. 🙂
  22. Hemi, Thanks for the advice - I am retaining this whole thread for future reference. I also have the rear caliper adjustment sequence filed and usually let my mechanic have any and all pertinent info I have available. Again - Thanks Tom
  23. Monday I went junkin... on my own car that is stored at a friend's house. Items grabbed were a headlight switch and shifter light panel. Both in great working order. Back light on the switch is like new [guessing because the inverter was bad and didn't wear on the back light]. The console back light is very good on all the shift points except for the "over drive" position. Still works good but "faded". Pretty much fun taking parts that I want to try and not worrying about any costs!
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