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  2. All, Before I go buy some Supertech Heavy Duty oil, is Zinc and ZDDP the same thing? I found a datasheet/PDS for Supertech Heavy Duty motor oil and it shows a zinc level of 1,298ppm. This is one of the highest levels I've seen out there. Here is the datasheet: Thank you Chris
  3. The only other thing you could do is use a propane torch using map gas as it's hotter. Soak the nut end with PBlaster or WD40. After it gets warmed up, not red hot, spray it with the liquid & wait to give it time to wick into the threads. You may have to do it 3-4 times, BUT eventually it will come loose. Be careful of the paint on the fender. I NEVER re-install them because if you or someone taps the bumper in the pointed part the results are a bent fender also. Tom T.
  4. Thank you sir! I couldn't find anything online with that much detail. Don
  5. Looks like it went for $6000 that’s pretty cheap I would think.
  6. Yes, usually used in sets of four, to stop tires getting flat spots. Most cars didn't use antifreeze, so they were put up for the winter......on hub jacks.
  7. I’m interested can you please give me a call my phone number is(319) 264-0133 thanks Jake
  8. Hi there, My name is Reg Evans and I make reproduction speedometer, gauge, radio, and clock lenses for old cars and sell them on eBay. I found this image of a clock lens on line for a Studebaker and I need to know what years it covers and the dimensions of the glass. Anyone here have one and know about it ? Are the graphics in metallic gold or just a kinda gold color ? Thanks, Reg aka grandpadodge on eBay
  9. Our vendor spaces were hopping this year an we did extremely well. Our spaces were in Chocolate and Green. I heard from some vendors that they were sold out very early. Sadly, not everyone can have a banner year. Good to hear the hotel has lowered their rate. There are a few new hotels in the area now and that is good as their will be more competition for rooms. At least two more hotels in Derry Township are in the planning stages. Maybe they will get to the point of competing on price!!! That would be nice!
  10. Thanks Turbinator. Good thoughts. I'm hoping to explore less destructive options before going to the reciprocating saw.
  11. NC, the red Buick emblem is from a 1958 Buick wheel cover. My 63 Riv is red so I thought the idea would be something different. Thank you for the compliment. Turbinator
  12. Have heart---I did this several years ago to save a 1918 touring. A little at a time, measure and fit well, and you will have it.
  13. Well, From what I see I would take a cut off wheel and cut off the head of the bolt . Once the head is off the bolt take a punch/drift pin and use a hammer and the drift pin to punch the bolt out through the other side. If you don’t have a cut off wheel use a reciprocating saw with a short blade for metal. Use goggles. Eye Glasses are not enough protection for me. if you had an acetylene torch you could burn it off, but sparks and fire around a gasoline tank is risky. i gave you my approach. Turbinator
  14. Hugh and Carl, A true 1925 Model 25S will have a 114 3/8" wheelbase. This information comes from the Buick Motor Division Car and Engine Data compiled on June 16, 1943 Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  15. I say keep it. You do not see any like it at car show. I agree with all above for maint. I have two big old Pontiacs. A 63 Bonne. 2 dr. ht & a 63 GP. Bothe I restored.
  16. Join a club that is affiliated with the car brand you have. They have been through whatever searches you need and can point you in the right direction.
  17. Mike, I might have one. Is it just the glass portion that you need? The reason I ask is that the cast portion that the glass bowl attaches to on the one I have is broken. I'm not sure what year mine is from as it came in a pile of parts that I rescued from going for scrap. In any event I will get you a couple of pictures the next time that I'm in the shop. Don
  18. I agree that the show was another great success. As a vendor, we hardly made any sales and noticed that the crowds were much lighter this year in the Chocolate field. Our hotel actually lowered their rates for next year - a first in the 45 years I have attending this show.
  19. For certain cars, there are clubs and club members who may have compiled a stash of the more tough to get parts. Depending on the make, there are some reproduction parts out there to be had. This forum is a GREAT way to find parts and information for a lot of obscure makes and models.
  20. Do not ever count on the Ebay stuff to be correct without verifying it other ways. LOTS of folks put stuff on there and call it something without having the slightest clue as to the real identity of the part.
  21. So the polishing begins. I'm hoping someone can help me out - I'm looking to find out if the inside area of the outer detail ring was painted on the hubcaps. The ones that I have started to polish are bare aluminum, however, I have another set that are chromed with that area painted on those one. The second set may have come off the front axle from a 31 that I have, I just can't remember now if that's where they came from or in another collection of parts. Any help is appreciated. Don
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