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  1. Hi Alex I can help you with most of these below: Please see my comments in bold. Under the hood, the bar towards the front which holds the insulation in place - x1 Sunvisors - left and right Fuel door - in excellent condition, no pitting! Accessory button for dash with something holding it in place - don’t need the actual button (Please Clarify) Windshield trim clips Trim that goes across roof on the inside - x2 Headline trim pieces that sits along and above the window - 2 each side - passenger and driver Glove compartment contact/jamb for the light Driver side door lock mechanism - mainly the rods that connect to the door handle Rear middle window - clear glass - Century/Special only Washer jar pump - I have the lid 2 Door handles - 2dr HT 2 front seat trim - black or white - manual seats 1 Cigarette lighter - complete The top plastic ‘lid’ for the horn ring. I have the plastic that has the text, need the dome over it. 1 screw for inner tail light bezel. There are usually 3 in total on each side but I’m missing 1. 1 centre ventilation bracket, the one that sits below the dash and holds it up the on the passenger side. 2 Window channel - front door. (I don't think these are from the two door hardtop, the two door hardtops and convertibles used the chrome ones as you list below) 2 chromed door side window frames - bottom section (These are going to be very difficult, but we can discuss. I just did the ones on my convertible.) Washer jar holder bracket I will pull the pieces and send you some pictures. Steve
  2. Hi The project is looking great. Who did you use for the chrome plating? Thank You
  3. Hi David Pete is closer to you, so hopefully his is the same size. I have the inner fender and a channel from a 1955 Roadmaster. Thanks Steve
  4. Hi Kasper I have a good decklid, rust free southern California piece, but it is from a Special, which is the same decklid, but the holes for the ornament will be different. I can email you pictures of it. Please PM me your email address. Thanks Steve
  5. Thank you Steve for the nice words. I wanted to speak with you a bit regarding Oldsmobiles but did not get the chance. Hopefully in the future.
  6. This was a very fun meet with some really terrific cars on the show field. I was very glad we were able to attend. The Fallbrook region did an excellent job. Please do more in the future. Thank You Steve Rostam 1955 Buick Century
  7. Hi Chris & Ben Here are the number off of the transmissions: The small ones are 1312397-7, 1312397-5, 1312397-4, 1312397-3. The big one is 1317854-2. I guess the first small one is a 1955. I'll check my books as well and see what I can find. Thank You Steve
  8. I'll call him today and get some numbers, not sure how we can tell if they are in good shape or not. Ben, they are in southern California, but they are small enough that I think they can be shipped. Thanks
  9. Hi Chris He thinks they are mid fifties, I just remember how to differentiate the large series and small series. Do you know how to tell the years? I have a 55 Special sedan with the stick, and no spare transmission. So you think it may be a good idea to get a spare? Thanks Steve
  10. Hello I was at a car show yesterday and met a man that has 4 small series Buick manual transmissions. These seem to be mid fifties or earlier. Is there much interest in the small series ones? What might they be worth? Thanks Steve
  11. Thanks Doug I'll look at Tractor supply. Much appreciated. Steve
  12. Hi Joe I called them, it seems that they only have the fan belt. The two belts on the car have different lengths. No point to mismatch the belts. Thank You Steve
  13. Hi Does it have power windows? If so I need the rear regulators. thank you steve
  14. Thank you for the replies. Not sure what would have been correct on the 55 Buick, I looked through literature and nothing is mentioned. Anyone know where to look to see when serrated belts were introduced? Also I have looked high and low and cannot find non serrated belts for the 55. Any ideas? Thank You
  15. Hi Guys I saw this bleeder system Gunson Eezi Bleed, where it pressurizes the brake cylinder reservoir and forces the fluid out. Not sure how this would work on our Buicks either. Any thoughts? Thanks Steve