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  1. This seems to be more of a dust shield than a water seal, the door weather-strip would keep the water out. I have not had my car washed or in the rain to see if these work. The pictures are of my 53 Roadmaster parts car, it is an untouched original so it is very helpful. Let me know what you find out.
  2. Hi Guys To get the bottom part secured, the front fenders needs to come off. There is a L shaped clip at the bottom and an oval metal fastner with 2 phillips head screws. I tried with the fender on, but could not reach that far down. Please see attached photos, let me know if you have any other questions. Steve
  3. Hi Lance Just curious who you are using for chrome and what it cost to plate the window frames. I want to do a set for a 58 Convertible and don't want the pieces lost of damaged. Thanks Steve
  4. Hi Lance It is a printing block, used to make letterhead or business cards, etc. It is a very neat piece. I have a lot of different ones as well. Steve
  5. The vin plate is attached by some sort of rivet, the original was spot welded on. Also the front door power window switches are not in the correct spot, leads me to believe that power windows were added. Power windows were standard on the Century convertible.
  6. If anyone is interested in this car, you may want to look it over very carefully. I don’t think it started life as a 55 Century Convertible. It may have been a 55 Special convertible. There are a few discrepancies on this one.
  7. Hi Joe It would also be good to list this in the CCCA Bulletin magazine, since the car is a Full Classic. The bigger the audience the better the chances of finding it a new home. Good luck with the sale. Steve
  8. Hi Wayne R I remember that issue of the Buick Bugle very well, it was my first issue when I joined the BCA. I did not realize till now that it was the same car. That is a beautiful restoration. Do you still have the car? Steve
  9. He has his email in the original post as bimorph@yahoo.com If anyone is seriously interested, it is best to email him quickly.
  10. This is for a 1957 & 1958 Cadillac. The 57 Buick one sticks up by about 10 inches from the fender. hope this helps.
  11. Hello Everyone Here are a few more pictures of the wagon. It is incredibly rust free and would be a shame if scrapped. Is anyone restoring a rusty car? $750 or best offer, the fenders and doors are worth more than that. Thank You Steve
  12. Hello Everyone Here are some photos of the frame. Thank You Steve
  13. Lance & John Over time those slits are stress cracks in the copper horn contact piece, originally this was a solid piece. I machined one from a solid brass piece for one of my cars. The cracks cause the copper to raise up and touch the steering shaft and that is why the horn blows when the wheel is turned. The turning of the wheel moves the copper piece away from the opening and that grounds to the inside of the steering column. It is a lot of work to fix, but a little easier on the 58 as you don't have to take the brake pedal off. John your post was very helpful and well done. Steve
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