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  1. Hi John I would like to buy this piece. Thanks Steve
  2. Hi John Have you tested it? Does it still work? I am interested. thx Steve
  3. Hi Auburncoupe Where are you located? This will be a very nice project. From the pictures Greg sent me it looks like a solid car. Good luck with the project, it will be very rewarding. Steve
  4. Glad someone rescued this car. It is in very good shape considering it’s storage for the past 50 plus years. I would love to have restored this, but I haven’t finished my 55 Super Convertible restoration. I got excited when I saw it. Steve
  5. Lamar The car looks great, you spent a lot of time detailing. I am doing the same on my Buick’s right now, we should never let them sit. Happy cruising. Steve
  6. Hi Lance He is very knowledgeable and our conversations were always very informative and enjoyable. I hope he is okay.
  7. Hello I just sent you an email for more pictures. Thanks Steve
  8. Thank you everyone for the responses. I appreciate all the help. Steve
  9. Hi Lamar Out here in California, the shop I use for triple chrome will be around $375 to $450. I just picked up some pieces on Monday and they were in that range. If you have pictures of your cores, I can email them to the shop and they will provide an estimate. Hope this helps. Steve
  10. Hello Everyone Just curious what everyone is currently using for carb cleaner. I heard Pine Sol in an ultrasonic cleaner bath is a good cleaner. I am curious what other products are out there to soak the carb bowls. Thank You Steve
  11. Thanks Mike, if you were still here, you could have taken it out for a drive.
  12. Thanks Lamar, yes that is my Dad, we still play with the cars together. Nowadays we spend more time working on them and hardly take them out, so we figured if we have less to upkeep, we can enjoy the rest. Both of us hate to sell cars, we have had this 58 since spring 2007 and will surely regret selling it. So far the Hemmings auction experience has been very pleasant and they are on top of things. They wrote up the entire text. Let's see how it will turn out, hopefully a Buick Club member can be its next caretaker. Thank You
  13. Hello Everyone Does anyone have any recent status on Alan? I have not been able to reach him and wondering what may have happened to him. thanks Steve
  14. Hello Everyone I listed my 1958 Buick Century Coupe on the Hemmings Auctions site. It is a very nice solid unmolested car. Thanks Steve https://www.hemmings.com/auction/1958-buick-century?utm_medium=email&utm_source=auctions_newsletter&utm_campaign=2021-03-04
  15. Hi Jarve The 1957 & 58 Cadillac 2 door hardtop will also fit. Hope you find one. Steve
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