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  1. Hello I have rebuilt the old Trico vacuum motors before, but they never worked so well. Is anyone left that redoes these motors? If I can get a new flap or fix the flap my rebuilds will work better. Anyone have any experience they can share? Thank You Steve
  2. Hi Don Great story and great progress. The car is coming along very nicely. Thanks for sharing your progress. Steve
  3. Hi These would all be aftermarket, since the factory did not offer fender skirts. I think I have a set, I will pm you pictures. thanks Steve
  4. This seems like a great wagon. Thanks for posting Roberta Steve
  5. Hi Mark I have a 58 Century two door hardtop that has those pieces, but I would like to sell it complete. It is a complete car that needs to be restored and is untouched original. If you need other pieces, it may be worth having it. I always try to have two cars of the same model to compare while restoring the one. I just assembled the door panels on a 58 Century Convertible. I had SMS make the panels and I installed the stainless trim. The panels came out great. By any chance do you have the front kick panels from the convertible? If so can I get a picture of it. Thank You Steve
  6. Hi Jerry What are you asking for the wires? I did not see a price in the pictures. Thank You Steve
  7. Hi Lamar what are the dimensions of the set you have? Mainly the diameter. thx Steve
  8. Hi John I would like to buy two. What would shipping be to 91356? thx Steve
  9. Hi Doug i think I can use this, can you email me a couple pics. thx steve
  10. Hi Willie Glad you are okay, heard of arms of steel, but this is legs of steel !!!!! 😀 Steve
  11. Hi Pete Is the chrome show quality on this? Thanks Steve
  12. Hi Good video, I just hooked up a temporary electric fuel pump just like the one you used to start my 59. The mechanical pump failed and I needed to move it. Thanks for the video. Steve
  13. Hello Any ideas on how to rebuild the power antenna motor? The unit is in good shape and rust free, and is apart. The motor does not run. Thank You Steve
  14. Hi Lamar Thanks for the video, it really highlights the differences from a production model. Thanks for brightening up my day. Steve
  15. That is a good point Willie. The later pumps are very simple and I had an aftermarket kit with great instructions as well as the shop manual to follow. Thanks