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  1. Jim The garage came out great, looks very nice. May you enjoy it for many years.
  2. Also look at the Caballero badge on the top back corner of the rear aluminum panels. Another indicator is all the stainless around the lift gate window, the other wagons including the Oldsmobile Fiestas did not have the chrome trim around the tailgate window. Its ironic, but I have a NOS tailgate glass that I bought a long time ago in case I needed it for my wagon. See this other one on ebay, looks to be in better shape. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1958-Buick-Century-Caballero-Estate-Wagon-caballero/184480683964 thanks
  3. Hi Lance I just sent you a PM. Steve
  4. Hi Ted Was there a Lou Ehlers dealership in Wisconsin? That was the name of the Cadillac dealer in Los Angeles-Beverly Hills. The car may have started life out in Southern California. Looking good on the project.
  5. A Special 2 door sedan with Factory Air and no power steering. Interesting car.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I know that is was common practice to do so, I know of a 1938 Century Convertible coupe that started out as a 46-C.
  7. Is the frame for a convertible 66C the same as say a frame for a Century four door sedan? If so, is there any way to know if a 46C body was placed on a Century sedan frame other than the data tag? I know in the 50's the frames are different between a convertible and a sedan or hardtop. Thanks
  8. Hi Matt Yes there were 6 volt T3 as the ones on your car available starting in 1956. What Doug is referring to is in your picture the 6 volt is correct for your wagon, it would be a sealed beam with a glass lens and a steel back reflector. This may be a good topic to write an article for the Bugle, like Doug I have collected a lot of headlights over the years. Steve
  9. Hi Doug I have one from a 55 Roadmaster, maybe you can use it to fix yours. I don’t think the front part is similar. Thanks Steve
  10. Hello A friend of mine just bought a 1959 Electra 225 flattop and is looking for fenders, bumpers and trim. Does anyone have a parts car or know of any sources? thank you Steve
  11. Hi Native I still have the fiberglass ones I had sent you the photos of. I don't think I will use them. Do you want to put those on until you find the correct ones? Thx Steve
  12. Hi Don This is great, your dad is very happy. Good job on getting the car going. Steve
  13. Hi Guys Thanks for the reminder, I sent the wiper motor to Rob and I had it back in about 10 days or so. Looks brand new excellent and works real well. I actually remembered that he did the one on my 1955 in 2002 and it still works great. Thanks Steve
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