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  1. Hi Benny Yes, I still have the car as I am not finished with my project. I have someone interested one of the rear fenders, but do have both fronts and one rear available. Where are you located? It will be hard to ship these fenders. Thanks Steve
  2. Hi Elpad Sorry this happened to you, I don't think anyone sells these bolts, you may have to have one made. I will ask around and see if anyone has had an issue like this. Steve
  3. Hi Kosage what are the paint codes on your 55? I think it looks good in that color scheme.
  4. This was Jeff Brasher's car that he auctioned off in February 2024. It sold for $21,100 plus 20% commission. It cleaned up fairly well, you can see what it looked like in the link below from the Brasher's auction. https://onlinebidding.worleyauctioneers.com/Public/Auction/AuctionItemDetail?AuctionId=bkF%2bUfzmbmC1FaqFmAbRhA%3d%3d&pageNumber=pf6Q%2bhJtdeleDd9FfYpy9w%3d%3d&pageSize=O5OaPaZE1XrTjGtTQItkaw%3d%3d&showFilter=iBcS%2b4ptjknZQtCojbueqQ%3d%3d&sortColumn=DzjFhc3ru75VkiT8JGVCgg%3d%3d&AuctionItemId=SYAM73HD1Dyr60fkN4wg0Q%3d%3d&Filter=ITUHdU2DoqWvw89vAOs0Dw%3d%3d It seems it was only cleaned and started, it probably needs a lot to be roadworthy, it would be best to see it in person.
  5. Thanks Brian It is funny about your son. I had my 8 year old helping me on Friday. His hands are the perfect size to work behind the dash and he helped a lot. I'll look for the brake fluid.
  6. Hi Brian Great progress on the project, I really like the black wall look. For the DOT 5 fluid is there a specific brand you like? I want to use it as well in the 53 Buick I am restoring. I am tired of redoing the brakes 10 or 15 years down the road. Also is there a trick to bleeding the brakes with the Dot 5? Thanks Steve
  7. Hi Steve I replied to your PM. I use galvanized wire and make the staples individually to match the holes on the steel panel. Let me know if you have questions about the seals and their placement once you check my PM to you. Steve
  8. Hi Pete Bob’s Automobilia has them, I bought mine from him a few months back. Do the doors on this Skylark have all the hardware and mechanism attached to the door? If so can you post a couple of pictures. Thanks Steve
  9. Hi Chris Those are the original steel back headlight bulbs. Basically it is a metal backing with a glass lens crimped on the front, the bulb is what is sealed. These are very rare as they were only offered from 1953 to 1955 in 12 volts. However they were first introduced in 1940 for the 6 volt cars. My 1955 Roadmaster and 1955 Century Wagon still have their original ones. If the car is being judged, these are the bulbs to have on the car. Your car must be a low mile car or was mainly driven during daylight hours.
  10. Looks great. I didn't remember you had this one. I just bought two sets of the General Dual 90s, they look great on the cars.
  11. Hi Dan You may want to call Coker and ask them about the date code on those specific tires. If you get the wheels, please post some pictures with them on your car. I really like the Buick wire wheels.
  12. Looks great, thanks for the source. I am waiting to take the 58 Limited to the Upholstery shop to install the top, hopefully next week.
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