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    I have been collecting first generation Rivs and parts for 30 years. I am the son of Wild Bill from Band of Brothers fame. He keeps me busy at 89. He has attended Riv shows with me when he was younger.

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  1. I have the part. The part is free you will just pay for shipping. Send me your address at abandg@aol.com
  2. It looks the same as the Riviera. I have the Riviera one if you are interested. 25 dollars plus 5 for shipping. Let me know if interested. Send to my email abandg@aol.com Gene
  3. Nick, I have about 10 or more 65 upper front bumpers. If interested you can call me. Thanks Gene.
  4. David, I have about 70 63 to 65 bumpers. More items to scrap when I'm gone. Gene.
  5. David, I do have fenders but shipping across the country could be a pain. If you set up a shipper I can dig out 2 65 fenders. I have about 25 fenders and my wife will probably scrap them when I'm gone. Gene 610-359-8901
  6. I will check media mail and check it out. Gene.
  7. Winston, No charge for boxing them. I can send them in a post office box at 14.95 a box. It will take a lot of boxes to get them all there. Let me know and I will work with you to get them to you at the least cost. Gene.
  8. I have about 200 Bugle mags that I would like to give away. I don't want to throw them out but if no one wants them I will recycle them. They go back to 1984. I am outside of Philly. Free to anyone willing to pick them up. Thanks Gene abandg@aol.com or 610-359-8901
  9. I thing you can use the same clips that hold the 63 64 horseshoe moldings. Make sure to put the clips on the script then tap it on the car. Gene.
  10. 55 dollars which includes shipping. Gene 610 359 8901