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  1. I have a repro made of steel and bent to fit. 80 plus shipping. Gene. Bill ( Riviera 63 ) has one and can comment on the quality. Gene.
  2. Someone called me about a new radiator. I do not have one and I am asking if anyone knows where he can get one. Thanks Gene.
  3. The bracket on the left looks like a radiator hold down bracket.
  4. Close the heater control valve on the passenger side inner fender. It is probably open or stuck open.
  5. I have a new repro. Gene at abandg@aol.com
  6. Here you go. One is 64 and the ribbed one is 65. Gene abandg@aol.com
  7. The re chromed buckles are sold. Thank you, Gene.
  8. I have a re chromed set of 64 buckles. !50 plus 10 to ship. The chrome is beautiful. Gene.
  9. Thanks Steve. I am glad it helped you out. Gene.
  10. Tom. I think I have a new armature for the rear defroster motor. Gene.
  11. Dan, I have them if you didn't find them yet. Gene abandg@aol.com