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  1. I will give them to you if you just pay shipping. Gene.
  2. Thanks Ed, It will be nice to see you too. Gene. Some of the stuff I will be bringing.
  3. I a planning to come to Lexington. I still have a few sets of new truck cardboard. It was made back in the 70;s. The standard set is 60 dollars and the remote set is 70 dollars. I do not ship this stuff as it has a great chance of getting bent. If anyone needs anything special that I may have send me a message. Thanks, Gene.
  4. I have a few spoke caps if you need one. Gene.
  5. Ed, have Bob do one for you and see what you think. If you don't like it you can do it black. The best way to tell is to see it.Gene.
  6. Lou Adzima built the car trailer. He is in San Diego.
  7. This the one I bought my grandson.
  8. Ed, last time I tested a wiper motor I think I had to use a jumper to complete the circuit before the the motor would operate. . It has been along time ago. I am sure someone has the answer. Gene.
  9. I am also trying to get the seat cover done. I had them made a few tears ago and like many projects they die before they begin. I also have a few other items re chromed. Gene.
  10. I have all the headliner and A pi;;are moldings re chromed. Gene.
  11. I thought this was interesting for us naillhead fans. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/buick-s-innovative-1960-torture-test-at-daytona/ar-AA1ekcIU?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=ENTPSP&cvid=b4b180ea75af4ab2a2276f9dbc2d8375&ei=99#
  12. I have a fewNOS parts but do not know what year they are for. The mirror chrome is great and has a small crack at the corner of the mirror. The other two parts are new Looking for 100 dollars for the three plus shipping. Thanks, Gene.
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