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  1. That's a shame. I posted this a few weeks ago .. I guess someone called before you. Sorry, Gene.
  2. Check this guy. His mane is Jerry. He says he has sheet metal for sale. I have never seen these items or know this guy. He called me to see if I was interested. I am not. His number is 812 375 0574. He is in Indiana. Hope this helps, Gene.
  3. Sometimes the tans needs a good cleaning and it's back to normal. I have done this in the past.
  4. This guy called me about some floor pans and trunk pan he has, He said they were from a 64 from the west coast. He also said he has the rear window piece that always leaks at the bottom of the glass. I told him I have no use for these items. I am posting his info here because if these are good pieces they are very hard to find. His name is Jerry and he is in Indiana. His number is 812 375 0574. Tell him Gene gave you this info. I hope this helps someone as these items are getting very rare.I have never seen these items. Gene.
  5. Winston, I will check tomorrow. I do have some loose in a box. Gene
  6. Ed, yes it is. I have one piece of the smaller rocker molding that is new and it is the same shade of gray ( I thunk ) Gene.
  7. I don't know where the pictures went but I will put them up again
  8. I have a beautiful re chromed 1961 front bumper for a Buick. I also have the two end caps re chromed. I am a Riviera guy so I would like to sell this. It is in great condition. I am outside of Philly and would like local pick up. It is heavy and shipping could be expensive. Looking for 1000 dollars or a good offer. Thanks Gene. My e mail is abandg@aol.com.
  9. When replacing the door skin make sure you hook the door latch on the key hole on the door skin. How do I know this. It only happens once.
  10. Does anyone know what year these belong to. I think they are Buick or Riviera but they are not first generation. I put a ruler to them to help. Thanks Gene.
  11. I have many wheel well moldings. Gene at abandg@aol.com
  12. I am hoping to get more of these made. Will keep you posted if I do. Gene.
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