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    I have been collecting first generation Rivs and parts for 30 years. I am the son of Wild Bill from Band of Brothers fame. He keeps me busy at 89. He has attended Riv shows with me when he was younger.

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  1. Is this an insurance claim, or are you stuck for the repair. The reason I ask is that I can mail your parts through the insurance company and it will work out OK. Just a thought. Gene
  2. I have all those parts but shipping from the east to you could be a real pain. Make me your last choice. Gene at 610--359-8901
  3. Doug, I don't think your missing anything. Put that washer looking item over the handle and slide it past the cables, then slide it towards the handle again and if you spin it correctly it will stop at the front of the cable connector and hook the handle inside.after you have screwed it to the mirror bezel. I hope I did not confuse you. Gene.
  4. Turbinator, I will bring a set of turbines to the show. Gene.
  5. I am starting to pack for the show and want to know what anyone might need. I have 63 to 65 parts. I also have trunk cardboard for 50 dollars set. I will post pictures as I dig them out. I am hoping to have some seat plastic made for the show. I have the long DS piece made and the short one is original. If anyone wants or needs these items please let me know. I am driving my dads 2004 Chevy so space is at a premium. I really do have tons of parts but I can't bring them all. I am looking to see old friends and make new ones. Drop me a line at abandg@aol.com or reply to this site and I will try to bring what you need. Thanks Gene. I had trouble loading pictures.
  6. If you look close you can see they both have different mounts. One has a piece sticking out and the one on the right has three slots on the back. You can see them through the emblem. This makes sure the emblem is set correctly on the spinner. Gene.
  7. Randy, no problem. I found it funny how a topic can go off course. It's like passing a secret down the line. At the end the message is way off course. Thanks Gene.
  8. Does anyone know what this antenna fits or what car it belongs to. Gene.
  9. Does anyone know what antenna this is. Thanks
  10. This a manual antenna with no numbers on it. I have owned this for about 20 years and just found it again. I am pretty sure it is Buick but do not know the year. It looks new. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Gene.
  11. Disconnect the arm from the motor and see if it closes manually. If it does it only needs an adjustment. Gene.
  12. I have a set of 1983 4 note horns that I never installed 100 plus shipping. Gene
  13. I have been buying extra T shirts at the Riviera meets for about 20 years. I did this to support the club and my dad liked wearing them. There is no way I can ever wear all these shirts so I am offering them for 20 dollars each which includes shipping. Pay pal is 22 dollars. They are all size large but if you wear an XL these will fit I am sure. You can fit a Buick in them. They are all brand new and have never been worn. I am listing a few but have many, many more. Hope someone can use and wear these. Questions e mail at abandg@aol.com or phone 610-359-8901. Thanks Gene. I will put more up later today.