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    I have been collecting first generation Rivs and parts for 30 years. I am the son of Wild Bill from Band of Brothers fame. He keeps me busy at 89. He has attended Riv shows with me when he was younger.

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  1. I have a like new 66 67 steering wheel and would like to know what the official color is. I am not to familiar with the 66 67 cars. This wheel looks brand new. A good plastic wheel is pretty rare and I would like to get this to an owner who needs one. There are no cracks or dents on this wheel. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Gene.
  2. Tom I will take the set. Gene Let me know how to pay you. Thabks
  3. Tom, the top mirror is a 65 and the bottom with the scrolled handle is a 66 67. The mirrors are the same. Gene
  4. Dave, you said no hurry. I am having two more done and when they get here they are yours if you still want them. Let me know. Thank you I did not forget you.
  5. I have one left. Call me at 610-359-8901 later this afternoon and I will hold it for you. If I am not home leave me a message and I will call you back. Thanks Gene.
  6. I think I have a couple of these left. The cost is 99 dollars plus shipping. Gene 610-359-8901. I am also selling some NOS meet t shirts at 20 dollars a piece and 2 dollars to ship them. If anyone is interested let me know and I will post a few. Thanks Gene.
  7. I had a few horn bars made and are offering them to members on the forum first if anyone is interested. They are made of steel and are chromed. The fit is very good and the chrome is excellent. the back of the bar is not polished but you can not see it anyway. The cost is 350 which includes shipping. If interested let me know. I have had calls about these before and I did not have any on hand. I don't know if I will continue doing these as the project is expensive. As we have learned before some of the items that are reproduced are not forever some reason or another. Thanks Gene 610-359-8901
  8. abandg

    Floor Mats

    Tom, yes they are. How did you know. John I only have the 2. I did not see them on Bob's only Caddy and Pontiac. That's why I asked. I would like to sell them if anyone is interested 40 dollars plus shipping. Gene.
  9. abandg

    Floor Mats

    I do want to sell them but I do not know what year they belong to and have no idea what they are worth. I am just looking for some help and yes I would like to sell them. Thanks Gene.
  10. abandg

    Floor Mats

    Does anyone know what year these mats are for. They look new and are very pliable. They are 12 x 17 3/8
  11. abandg

    Mystery relay?

    Scott after reading your post again scratch my remarks from the record. Gene.
  12. abandg

    Mystery relay?

    Scott, I think it has something to do with headlights. I remember my 64 a long time ago and I just can't remember all the details. It was a long time ago and I could be wrong. Gene.
  13. I have a few of these re chromed. Gene
  14. abandg

    1963-65 Riviera Parts Inventory

    Paul, I have a re chromed front bumper here. Call me if you like. Gene.
  15. The back of the cranking mechanism is probably pulling away from the gear box. It has two rivets and they break. This is common due to age and use. When you try cranking the window the gear has a tendency to push out the back and becomes jammed. Just my two cents. Gene.