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  1. Rear coils too or did you compress them?
  2. With all the taxes and import cost. I would just have someone make it. OPG has complete interior kits, but they are VERY expensive. Plus then you have the option to do something maybe custom 👍. I have a 64 and I have 2 tears similar and I keep putting that purchase off.
  3. Hi Gene! The Window trim came out great! It made a HUGE difference. Thank you again Gene!
  4. He works on the cheap, $5 an hour plus cookies. 🤣
  5. Yes, holding pressure, no leaks, no boil over, 16lb cap. Everything is working okie dokie. Previous owner had the radiator flushed within 6 months of me purchasing, actual showed me the receipt for it. Good to know 210 isn’t crazy.
  6. Lets say I take it for drive for 30 minutes and it’s 80 outside. My driving temp will be around 190 and my temp at a traffic light will be about 210. Bare in mind I also do not have a fan shroud either.
  7. Hi all, Having some cooling problems at idle speed after driving for a decent amount of time in warmer temps. 1964 Riviera w/425, stock. Flying down the freeway and streets I stay under 185. I just purchased the car last month. I’ve replaced the thermostat to a 160. Radiator is in great shape, no coolant leaks, trans fluid is good, oil is new. But.....no fan clutch or shroud. How difficult is it to install a fan clutch? 1hr? It has an aftermarket fan. I recently put a 14” electric auxiliary fan that helped a little bit but nothing major. thanks in advance
  8. You can dim them. Ordered them off amazon in a pack of 10 for $10. I cheated thought I had small hands to get to the hard to reach ones.
  9. Just did my instrument and speedo. It’s a start but it looks killer.
  10. Hi guys, after searching for years I finally found the car I wanted and talked the wife into it. 64 Riviera with a Wildcat Motor, ordered from the factory. I am chasing down a few odd parts. I’m looking for the vertical window chrome trim that goes between the rear window and door windows. Anyone have a pair I can buy or who sells them? I ordered the rubber from OPG. Thanks everyone!
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