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  1. Oh I did search here. But I couldn't find a post that answered my questions.
  2. I purchased a chassis manual but it didn't cover the brakes. (How to remove the drums). I'll search for a shop manual and pick one up
  3. I have no idea. This the first time I've ever seen this before.
  4. Thank you Wildcat1562, I didnt realize I needed to have them turned. But I'll definitely do that. What do you mean "make sure they do not give on those bolts"?
  5. I used a grinder and clearanced the nuts so that the stock wheels could be remounted.
  6. This is the after photos. I ordered 2 new steel drums for the front.. The "golden" color you see is cosmoline. I used it since I wanted to protect the exposed metal until I could get the car in my garage. Since the front drums were seized.
  7. The brake pads where seized to the steel inserts of the drums. I thought I had no choice but to use a cutoff wheel to cut the drums to release them from the pads. If I would have known that the rivets were what was holding them on to the hub. I might have been able to save this drum. And I couldn't find the answers I needed by searching this forum. I also didnt want to start a new thread if the question had already been asked. I didn't want the verbal-lashing I guess. Live and learn I suppose..
  8. Hey guys, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I wanted your input on my weekend project. I couldn't find any documentation on why the brainiacs at GM decided that riveting the aluminum drums to the hub was necessary. But there has to be a reason, right? So I drilled out the rivets and replaced them with 5/16 bolts. I really dont think I need them however until I know more about this Rivi, I'm just going as close to stock as possible. I'm not new to working on older cars. My first car was a 72' C10 (I still feel sick to my stomach knowing I sold it). But this Riviera is kicking my butt due to all the nuances that make this car so damn cool.
  9. Yep. This 64 has a 4105 Edelbrock on it. So I guess I need to find an original carb for it and the kick down switch. Yeah RivNut, that was the kick down switch I found on eBay. I know he says it works but it doesn't look like it works.. i might just wait to see what else I can find at a later date.
  10. Hey guys, I recently picked up my 64 Riviera and I'm working through the manual trying to identify this cluster-f of wires that have just hanging loose under the hood. As I was trying to find out what this single yellow wire that is just hanging loose under the hood in my chassis manual I just purchased, I'm pretty sure that i need to purchase the missing transmission kick down switch since i dont have a switch where the drawing says i should have one. But I'd love to see how you fabricated the bracket to allow for the aftermarket switch since I cannot seem to find one for sale anywhere except for Ebay and it isnt in really good of a shape. I'm learning quickly that my definition of "complete original 64 Buick Riviera for sale" and his definition of "COMPLETEly original 64 Buick Riviera" are not the same thing.....😂