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  1. Gents, My 63 was the unfortunate recipient of a smack in the rear end yesterday and I am in need of a right rear quarter panel as well as the tail panel. I see that if I'd only been smacked a month earlier I could have bid on the NOS tail panel on eBay! If anyone has a lead on some solid pieces I'd appreciate hearing from you. I am not into rust. Thanks! Deano K. Portland, Oregon
  2. I looked back and saw that. It was actually me that decoded my own car months ago...
  3. 736 is an all vinyl Sandalwood interior SS I don't know. D is a radio S7 is remote mirror U7 is power windows I7 ??? (I6 is tinted windows)
  4. I've got a new headlight switch on order from CARS. I had just bought a new one in the low $20 range from the local Chevy muscle car repop parts guy which must have led to my problem, since I didn't recall ever having the flashing business going on prior.. It looked to be the same physically, but I guess it doesn't feature that more robust internal fuse that has been talked about (for twice the money) Deano K. 63 Riviera 58 Chevy 2 door 55 MGTF 1500 72 Volvo 1800E 73 Volvo 1800ES
  5. In the garage with brights on it takes over a minute for the light show to begin. While driving it is almost immediate. Unplugging a high beam light stops it. Doesn't seem to matter which one. Reoccurs when all 4 lights are plugged in. Purchased a new floor switch which made no difference in the problem. Nothing obvious, so will do some more wire chasing when I get back from the beach. :cool:
  6. Thanks for the steer guys. I'll get to work and post my findings.
  7. Low beams work fine. High beams work fine for a bit and then the whole shebang starts cycling off and on. No other engine or electrical symptoms while this light show is occurring. Ideas? Thanks. Deano K.
  8. Thanks for the replies. That's what I figured but didn't know if I should be shooting for 15 or higher. I had a friend rebuild it to spec. The biggest problem was with most gasket kits not having the correct internal gaskets. The PO or someone had an incorrect gasket which was blocking a couple internal vacuum circuits. Proper float level is is important and might be the cause of your flooding issue. My 63 Buick shop manual shows a chapter for Carter AFB and a chapter for Rochester 4jet pertaining to the 4700 series. I believe mine is original. Plus my body number and engine number match. Yes it is in the data base. Thanks, Deano
  9. After a thorough/correct Rochester 4jet carb rebuild and tuneup I'm getting just about 13MPG around town and some freeway. I'm figuring that is about as good as it's ever going to get. The car runs great! Anyone with other opinions / experience and advice? Thanks! Deano K.
  10. My 63 was shipped from Grand Rapids MI to Portland OR last year via open transporter for $900. The process took about 3 weeks due to no one being interested in doing the job for awhile. The driver was an old school guy who took care of the car fine but pulled the key out in the accessory position which ran the battery down to dirt and fried the little coil in the clock during the process. It's the little things... Deano K. 55 MG 58 Chevy 63 Buick and others
  11. The GS also comes standard with the "Instantaneous Reading Gas Gauge", as you'll be watching the needle move from full to empty as you drive down the street with the dual quads running that 425! Deano K. 63 with newly dialed in 4 jet...
  12. My kick panels are carpeted and have a horizontal bright metal strip along the bottom. But they do have cardboard under the carpeting. Who knows what they were thinking?!? I'm going to tackle a non working windshield washer setup on mine shortly. Talk about some engineering "genius" in that system... This is a non AC car so YMMV. Deano K. 63
  13. For your data bank: My 63 (see FB above) has: Matching number engine & VIN with Rochester 4 jet carb ribbed dash forward mounted door remote mirror high spare AND leaky windshield and rear window at no extra charge (working on that now...)
  14. My 63 (April build) has both those pieces, however the "yellow" piece is BEHIND the carpeting on the passenger side. I believe it was a stiffener to give the carpet something to form to heading up into the under dash area. HTH, Deano K. Beaverton, OR