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  1. No problem Ed, you are quite active here and I can imagine it is hard to follow all the posts and threads. Thanks for your activity.
  2. Ed, sure I was considering that already, but these are rather pricey for 65 (due to "one year only" compatibility - I believe), plus shipping to Europe will make it somewhere double expensive .... What I was able to find was something like $280 each (also not perfect condition) + shipping. For that money we will try to fix what we have (Riviera restoring fun :-) ). I will post the pictures.
  3. Thanks Guys, yes, I know all that what you wrote - I took me few years before I start resto works, and I was reading a lot in the meantime (mostly here). I will repair my tray and the fenders :-). Here are my fenders just after sandblast:
  4. Guys, since the thread was not updated since some time, anybody knows if the battery tray is still not available as a repro (Riviera 65) ?
  5. Buick Riviera Wildcat Electra Wood Wheel Horn Bar-Repop | eBay
  6. In the first moment, I was thinking that my tag plate is also missing. But it was covered with so much dirt, that it was like one surface with the rest of transmission body. If your transmission is still inside the car, and if it is very dirty like mine, please check it again.
  7. yeeesss - due to X frame, it is a tricky game to see the plate with the code, when body shell is on - I was using camera to shoot the picture, then to read on the display the plate's content ..... Otherway I was not able to put my eye between the frame and tranny to see the tags And of course I get dirty while doing that !
  8. The band is named "Buddard" and comes from Sweden. More info here
  9. Well Folks, here are some news. I'm including complete email reply text, with some additional answers to my other questions, but the hood ornament story is described there. Hi George, I have owned the car since 1982. I was a Body Shop assistant manager at Carol Buick in Evanston Illinois when I bought the car from the same dealer. I was the second owner of the car. When I bought it, it had about 53,000 miles on it. I was in charge of ordering parts for the body shop. The factory options I added are the fender monitor lamps , driver mirror (with thermometer, passenger door mirror , compa
  10. Hi Guys, finally she arrived few weeks ago, but I had no time before to post the pictures I took. But what I've found out, I'm the 3rd owner, so I will try to contact the previous one - maybe he will give us some informations about the mysterious logo....
  11. Hello, I know there are available some cheap door jamb seals, that was made only from the rubber, while originals had metal base inside covered with the rubber. Problem is that without this metal base, they are not fitting/align correctly. I saw at the SEMA exhibition one supplier with correct reproduction, ie. with metal base inside. Anybody know where to order the correct reproduction ? Thank you
  12. Great garage. Some flipper from Williams is missing in my opinion ;-)
  13. Thanks, The wedding was one of my friend, and this was great time indeed. My page is amateur and I have not so much time to update it regularly, but at least there is something :-). And yes - I love your garage - mine is currently under construction - I must finish it before winter :-(
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