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  1. Evaporust makes great job on such rusty items / problems. But as Loren stated - point is also to prevent it then, from further rusting.
  2. Welcome to the Riv world. Regarding your changing of the fluids and filters: For filters I recommend WIX products: I have no problems to get them in Poland, so I believe the same will be in UK. For oil I am using MillersOils (UK product by the way ....) - they have CLASSIC section for oil. I am using Have fun 🙂
  3. I was thinking so - yes I will mic the shaft. Thank you Dave. Looks like the whole engine is still from the factory - i haven't seen the front crankshaft seal rope type for a while !
  4. Hi, can you please help to ID the 455 crankshaft main bearing size. Are those nominal size ? Or ? I was googling for the visible numbers, but no luck for me .... The numbers are stamped on the same single bearing. Thanks for any info.
  5. My experience with POR15: a) no grease, humidity on the surface is a key - but this is general rule for all coats 😉. Don't use compressed air to "dry" the surface, unless you have the humidity and oil trapping system in your installation. Accordingly to POR15 manual (yes - read it first !), the surface must be completely dry, "or it will ruin your work" (especially when it is not flat surface). Best is to use the heat gun if possible (or hair dryer, or leave it for some time directly at the sunshine) - but don't coat it while still hot, of course ! b) I get the best results when using really really small amount of the paint on the brush - so small that it was looking not possible to paint with it, but then: I was not dragging the brush there and back, but I was making many "touches" - one by one (not sure how to name it in english, but I think you got the point). First it was looking of course not good, but just leave it for some time, and POR15 starts to spread .... c) the more paint you have on the brush, the worse result is - that is my experience c) my result below (you can see my fingerprint close to the label, on the left)
  6. That is (for me) the biggest advantage of the forum engines (especially over facebook) !
  7. True - I was a member of Tbird club as well, and the Rivew is another class of publication. Excellent.
  8. Is this something similar, that could be easily adopted ? Use search "battery tray"
  9. Thanks Chris, I know the products - but that is not for TH400, isn't it ?
  10. Need transmission as titled, or any advice if there is a solution to link TH400 to Nailhead ? Shipping to IL 60156. Thank you
  11. So, the reason why Clark's catalog says "1965 Custom will not fit 1965 Standard seat and the Standard will not fit Custom" is the seats foam shape only ? Or something else ? I would like to convert my 65 Standard interior to Custom, I have all the trim, panels, etc, from the donor car, but not the seats.
  12. Gentlemens, Question as titled: is the hood black and the trunk lid is body color ?