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  1. I have seen one in operation at the car show once. It is amazing how good it works - on the wet grass car had no problems with the traction at the start.
  2. The system works this way, that the "computer" delays the ignition to reduce the engine's power, in case of the rear wheels are loosing the traction comparing to the front wheels. I've heard that this was also the reason for cancelation of the option in 73, due to new emission standards. There is a switch at the dash, and in case of malfunction of the system you could switch it off (switching off means bypassing the "computer"). The picture below is not very sharp, but you can see the switch there, just above the clock.
  3. Try to get in contact with the guys here:
  4. Hi, the seat foam - are they made for Riviera, or for which specific model or car they were made ?
  5. Guys, after heating up (not even that much), the reluctor wheel went off super-easy: using just the screwdriver it was possible to "twist it out" from the hub, no prying was necessary. Both hubs have the same OD, however the hub for non MaxTrac disc is rounded on the bottom, while for MaxTrac disc the hub is more perpendicular at the bottom - I think to have the support base for the reluctor wheel, after it is pressed in.
  6. Tom, I have similar ideas for for removal steps, also for measuring / comparing OD. Thank you, I will report here the results.
  7. I have some more pictures thanks to my neighbor, after brief cleaning of the disc.
  8. Thank you guys for all your efforts. The second disc in my car (passenger side) is standard indeed. Here is one more picture of MaxTrac disc - I have no more pictures right now with me, and I am away from home for some time. But I will let you know how it turns out. The first owner of the car was a Buick dealer (his private car), so he ordered almost every option for himself. Looks like only sunroof is missing (GS, MaxTrac, automatic AC, external thermometer in the mirror, compass, bucket seats, cornering lights, triple front positioning lights, rear glass blower, etc, etc, - many many things are there plus some dealer options like alarm). Then he sold the car to his employee who was not using the car too much (car was stored for many many years). I am 3rd owner and I think all that is the reason, why this disc is still there.
  9. Jason, I need to clean the brake disc and inspect how the notched ring is fixed there. I hope it is just pressed into the standard rotor. I will update the thread after my inspection.
  10. Hi, Disc brake for Max Trac option: driver's side disc has additional ring with holes in it, for the sensor pulses generation. My question is: a) are such versions of the disc available ? b) or is it possible to move the ring to the new disc ? Anyone done that ?
  11. Evaporust makes great job on such rusty items / problems. But as Loren stated - point is also to prevent it then, from further rusting.