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  1. Now I can feel, what it was like with "radical design" back in the 1971.
  2. Thank you Steve, I got it from the States in 2010. From another ROA member ... but that was pure luck. I got from him via Ebay a rim for my boattail. Then we started the conversation. He mention that he thinks to sell his 65, I said I always wanted one - not knowing it is GS. Then he send me spec. with statement it is GS. I had to buy it :-).
  3. There are quite many Boattails here (I also have one from 71 πŸ™‚ ), but not many 1st gen Riviera. Very few 65 models, and I believe just one 65 GS ;-).
  4. Hi Bill, It is GranSport. You need also to know, that labor here in Poland (I mean working hour cost), is not that high as in the USA - so that also is changing the picture a bit.
  5. Thank you Guys again, your comments are important to me. I see some big names here, people that are Riviera knowledge masters. I know you only virtually, thanks to this forum and thanks to being ROA member. I feel emotional. Greetings from Poland, Europe to all of you
  6. Champagne mist was also considered in this project. What we did, we took from junky yard three fenders (today's cars) and we have painted them with Shell Beige (original color for that car), Champagne Mist and Sahara Mist. After family and neighbor discussion, Shell Beige was canceled and the decision was between Champagne or Sahara. Sahara won :-).
  7. Thanks David. That car left factory with Shell Beige, but we decided to paint it with Sahara Mist.
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