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  1. For the record, IMO, this virus we were gifted was the much larger scale "Pearl Harbor" from the Chinese Communist Party to the world. That won't be reported as such, however!
  2. I was just talking with my mother, who was 10 years old at the time. She remembers listening to the President's "infamy" speech! She was saying how they didn't have a phone, but they had a radio! She also said how listening on the radio is better than watching on TV.
  3. Gene is alright, I don't care what anyone says! He helped me with a replacement rear seat for my 64. Now I just need to buy a starter from him!
  4. I'm 6 years late to add this question, but where does one source a starter motor for a 1964 425?
  5. I wanted to determine why I had to add a quart of oil every 100 miles or so and was told one way to determine root cause was to do a dry and leak down compression tests and compare the numbers.
  6. The owner of this shop is a classic car guy, he has a lot of experience with the motors and transmissions of the 60's cars. He has a number of 1960's Chevy's as well. I agree, there's no way I would bring it to a generic modern shop. He replaced the plugs and changed out the points and adjusted the dwell & timing.
  7. Update: compression test show Cylinder #1 - 150, 3 - 130, 5 - 120, 7 - 140, 2 - 135, 4 - 130, 6 - 130, 8 - 120 Dry, Wet added 60lbs. The 120lb became 180lbs. He said the plugs were bad, points were shot, starter is tired. He suggested valve job with hardened seats and valves and probably do the top and bottom of the engine.
  8. I poured it in the headlamp receptacle. 1 quart every 120 miles or so, not normal. Bringing it to a reliable shop today... Thanks
  9. My gut told me not to do it and I ignored it. Anyway, bringing it to a reliable shop today and warming up my credit card.
  10. My 1964 with the 425 was starting and running fine, but oil consumption has been an issue. I had a compression test done a couple of months ago and I believe the numbers were mid-140's all the way up to 165. That being said, as a band-aid until I can have the motor looked at in more detail (and AFFORD to), I purchased Bars Leak Oil Seal Oil Burning & Leak Repair & added it to my oil. The car ran fine, in fact it seemed to run quieter and started easier. However, after 200-some miles after adding it, now it sputters and stalls and is hard starting. Is it a coincidence and has nothing t
  11. Do you have a copy of the chassis service manual, Nick?
  12. I bought a 64 last August, and the seller told me the AC blows cold, so I tried it and it did. Then I noticed while driving with that nice cold air coming out the dash outlets, I had hot air blowing on my backside from the air outlets at the rear center console. How does one fix that issue?
  13. I am looking to refresh the suspension on my Riviera. Looking for recommendations regarding where to source springs and shocks. I plan to keep it stock, but I am also open to ideas.
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