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  1. these plastic covers are alright for a cheap solution, but now these cars are so valuable that it is best to send yours to JUST DASHES for a rebuild. You only do it once
  2. we always let people roam around, that is part of the fun of visiting a place where many of cars like yours rest in peace. We always tell them it is at your own risk if you get cut, hurt, bitten etc with a witness listening, however they are all enthusiasts so not prone to bite the hand that feeds them their vintage parts!
  3. If it is an original paint fairly low mile clean nice car, 6 grand would be a steal, even though you would probably have to spend five thousand to service it and get it back on the road
  4. the console is really not hard to remove, and that way you get to clean it and under it
  5. yes would like to see it, however, these cars are becoming valuable enough to put the best parts one can buy in the cars, hence the most original dash one could find. Tom had a perfect used one for me that I installed, but just dashes does a really great job rebuilding the old originals
  6. wow really looks great, certainly that 65 look was the best for the first generation cars. I actually think that if there was a kit to do the conversion, even some originality freaks would purchase and install
  7. I bought a non working factory buick am fm, had it converted with both high power and bluetooth electronics by Mark at s&m electrotech then I installed perfect fit three way speakers front and rear (eat your heats out 63 owners LOL) sounds really great, can play all of the tunes from my phone looks perfectly stock, and the push buttons work! The factory am fm, just does not receive well in stock form, (fm drifts) and at about 7 watts has not much volume. Modern electronics are so far superior, yet I would NEVER want to change the stock factory look so the refurb is a great option (PLUS one can buy a non working am fm radio pretty cheaply)
  8. I would tell the air b&b owners ahead of time to be on the lookout for your parts and gather them as they arrive
  9. these covercraft flannel car covers are really good for inside storage and fit really well
  10. Kevin and I have referred to the h2 suspension package springs as GS springs for the longest time, just our nomenclature together. The springs lower the height of the car to (measured from the ground to the middle of the fender lip) to 24 inches front 23 inches rear. Gives the car a good stance and certainly improves the handling. The Bilstein shocks are multivalved so really control the dampening action
  11. coil spring specialties, we have Kevin make the GS springs for us all of the time and mate them with the bilstein gas shocks
  12. usually dwell timing accelerator pump or choke sticking