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  1. bad rubber brake hoses cause a very hard pedal and very poor braking
  2. maybe also check the wheels for balance, heavy wheel covers (like the turbines) that are installed after the wheel and tire is balanced on a machine OFF the car, can be quickly unbalanced when the turbines are bolted on. Happened to me, thought that the driveshaft was out of balance. It was not!!!!!!!
  3. I agree, Clark's is great, but several of my buttons have come off as well
  4. just install ac delco shocks, certainly good enough for a cruiser. We always install the bilstein for handling, as we are all used to modern cars that do not float down the road. Rivieras were known for their stiffer suspension and great handling back then, but that is because they were compared to the cars of the time (even the american sports car, the corvette, of the era handles like crap in its original form compared to modern cars!). SO equipping the first generation (even the second and third generation) with GS springs and bilstein shocks and high speed rated tires with less flex in the side wall drastically improve the handling. THEN we have to add disc power brakes, quick ratio steering, and seats with more side support!! (LOL)
  5. Gene Guarnere, one stop shopping for everything used for the first generation cars, and very nicely done rechromed pieces, he is also highly entertaining, an ex 101st airborne vietnam vet and his dad was the main guy in Band of Brothers, parachuting into Normandy in the very late or early hours of june 5-6 and lost his leg in the battle of the bulge. Hence by dealing with Gene, you get good deals on parts, entertainment and a personal history lesson that you will never forget
  6. that is very sad to see. SO SO Many turbines were broken back then, now one of the reasons that they are so rare.
  7. I always pry off my turbine wheel covers with a tire tool (LOL)
  8. Jim is dead on the money, both cars are really rough and the 65/64 chop would be expensive to make right beyond the rest of the rough, however 65 is the one to have. I would buy a 65 here in the states and have it imported you can have one of us go and look at it for you and even wheel and deal a bit. Try to buy one from the southern states or california and you could not go wrong
  9. these plastic covers are alright for a cheap solution, but now these cars are so valuable that it is best to send yours to JUST DASHES for a rebuild. You only do it once
  10. we always let people roam around, that is part of the fun of visiting a place where many of cars like yours rest in peace. We always tell them it is at your own risk if you get cut, hurt, bitten etc with a witness listening, however they are all enthusiasts so not prone to bite the hand that feeds them their vintage parts!
  11. If it is an original paint fairly low mile clean nice car, 6 grand would be a steal, even though you would probably have to spend five thousand to service it and get it back on the road