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  1. totally agree with Ed, rit dye is the one to use, The spray bomb dyes do just like ed says, make the carpet stiff. DO NOT USE THEM. RIT sprayed on from a bottle, and mixed with hot water works great.
  2. I would never drill a hole in mine either!
  3. so were they an actual factory option in 1964? Of course in 65 they had the plastic housings with spring loaded retractors which stowed the belts nicely but not the holster part. To install would it then mean drilling holes in the center console?
  4. I was wondering that as well. My drivers seat does not go back that far, but I have it in the back of my mind that years ago it did. I am only 5 11 and seat is just not far back enough to be comfortable. Could anything else keep it from going back to its original rearward postition? The motor works until it stops on its own, but just not back far enough
  5. I second that! That is the next best looking year after the three first generation
  6. also the chrome trim around the intake vents and speaker grill totally eliminates a 63 as the one in the above picture
  7. Frank drove a 63 as his personal luxury car in the movie "Hole in the Head". He was quite the "cat about town" in that movie
  8. if you mean the square cardboard tube that goes to the rear, as I remember it just lays there and the console goes over it
  9. his picture should blow up, but these were the original belts on our 64 when my Dad and I took delivery in May of 1964
  10. very nice, amazing that you still have the original radiator shroud sticker, great patina
  11. sure does look great. I have always had a problem with the right console carpeting coming out from under the chrome molding
  12. I actually believe that the Riviera was a much higher quality and a lot more sporty car than the Thunderbird of the era, and since there was nothing else in the class at the time (personal luxury car) I would then have to compare it to a higher quality more luxurious muscle car. So I compare to Olds Cutlass, Pontiac GTO, Chevy Chevelle, Dodge Charger, etc. Those are cheap muscle cars but in 64 65 were some competition to the Riviera. The avante was a one off limited production, the cadillac in 64 65 a passenger car, as well as the lincoln.
  13. the first generation are of course the most collectible, with the 65 GS, the top of the barrel. However these cars have always, and continue, to be undervalued. Such a high quality build way beyond the olds, chevy, ford, chrysler, and pontiac equivalents. Yet the cheaply built muscle cars "fetch" crazy money in comparison Good comment about it costing more to restore a car than for what a good one can be purchased.