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  1. I was going to say the same thing! Quite the loaded boat!
  2. snake OYL products sells the housings, that is where I got them for my two 65s
  3. I agree, a good ac shop is well equipped to remake the original hoses. That is what we always do when we need them. Best thing is that you have examples, so they can duplicate exactly
  4. Why can they just take a car that needs a total restoration to do this butcher job? More work, but at least they are saving another Riviera, rather than sacrificing one.
  5. Bilsteins are certainly the way to go, specifically designed for the cars. I have sold over a hundred sets since Bilstein came out with them. As we were selling many many Bilstein shocks for Porsche and loved them, I was really sad that they were not available for Riviera so I dropped the hint and before long they made them !!! What a difference on the car, especially with the GS spring set. After installing this combination, we then want quicker ratio steering, disc brakes, and seats with more side support!!!!
  6. I remember filling up my Dad's Riviera for 28 cents a gallon back in about 1972
  7. I was born in April of 1952 and my Dad and I went to the Buick dealer in may of 1964 and purchased ours. It is safe in my garage and I will own it 'till the day I die.The dash plaque says "Riviera, built expressly for G A Hussey. (my Dad and I had the same name!)
  8. trying to put fuel in with a gas can after running out is the hardest!
  9. his car certainly was pretty rough, AND a color change! Maybe he just faced the facts and gave up on it. First generation cars are still very reasonably priced as opposed to restoring a car like his. GS or no GS
  10. the hinge rebuild kits with pins and bushings and springs work GREAT. was going to post a picture of a kit, but forgot I took it home the other day
  11. we have used the 3-m product on our Porsche 914s for years and sell a kit with the "stuff" in it, has always done a great job. 1/4 inch for the Porsches but thicker 5/16 for the rivs like Dave stated.
  12. the rechroming never comes out well because of the pitting that they cannot get out, you can see by the example Frenchy showed. I had mine recrhomed (gene sold me a set for power vents, and although the flat portion looks great, the ribbed portion does not. Best one can do though
  13. may be the rear window leaking, nice to park your car with a dehumidifier in the garage and leave the trunk open and disconnect the trunk light bulb. Cannot let this continue or it rusts out the suspension mount. resealing the rear window is not hard typical riviera problem