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  1. dr914

    `64 Riviera amp light

    if the light is on when you turn the key to the on position and then stays on when the car is started, and the regulator has been substituted, it is a bad rebuilt alternator
  2. dr914

    `64 Riviera amp light

    so turn the key to on, light is on, start the car, light is still on? OR turn the key to on light is off, start the car light is on?
  3. I would check the dwell first then the timing. Dwell should be 30. Also see if it will fire off with starting fluid, take the air cleaner off, and while cranking, give it a toot of starting fluid and see what happens. On the other hand, if the choke is stuck it could run for awhile then choke out
  4. dr914

    64 Body Lines

    Have to be careful with reinstalling the door skin, can certainly get out of adjustment and ruin a good door gap. Easily fixed however
  5. The people at Clark's are great and are really dedicated to the Riviera's (as well as corsair!) and Cars has been around so long because of Glen's love for the cars, and finally do not forget Gene Guarnere, He has had a love affair for the cars since he was a young man! Nice to do business with people really dedicated to the preservation of the cars
  6. I agree competent welding shops could do a perfect repair. If you cannot find one, there is one here in Marietta that can do it for you.
  7. dr914

    1967 Riviera

    and after that if you know that the motor itself is a problem you could take it apart and clean it up. Many get grimy from not being used much. We have saved many just from a simple cleanup
  8. several years ago, I went through the factory parts book for the Porsche 914, and together with the knowledge of the car, put together a nut screw bolt and washer kit for every piece of hardware for the body, labeled it with sizes colors and part numbers, put it in three labeled bins and have been selling it ever since. Would be nice to do the same for the first generation rivieras. Also a lot of the interior screws on the Riv were chrome, so nice to have that too. Pretty bad to sit in a near perfect interior and look at mis matched, sized screws
  9. clark's does a great job and they are very good people
  10. yes have one framed and hanging in my garage with a lot of outer 63-65 rev advertisements
  11. would be a great holiday picture if we could eliminate the guys. The colors are really great
  12. I agree, those dead batteries boosted with a charger love to blow up. One on a mercedes blew up in my face in 1980 Before that people considered me a handsome guy (lol) Better spray everything down with baking soda and water solution, or a couple of months from now you will see a lot of corrosion and rust in different areas of your engine compartment and on the underside of the hood
  13. I have compared several with gs springs and height on a flat surface and reasonable gas in the tank is from the ground to the bottom of the wheel well 24 inches front 23 inches rear