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  1. It is nice to have as many of the original factory options on one's car if restoring it. If an ORIGINAL car, then adding them affects the value. Dual quads certainly look great, and yes the performance is increased, but the price has always. been prohibitive and continues to be for the restorer on a budget.
  2. hopefully someone will repair the car. Too much history at its old age to just let it go to the scrapper
  3. the original liner and cardboard is readily available in the aftermarket and the guys do a very good job with it, not worth trying to make
  4. We are a Cover craft reseller since 1978 for our Porsches. They make an excellent perfect fit product. I have a tan flannel over my dad's 64 and it fits perfectly and it great for inside storage. It comes with a two piece grommet for the antenna shaft
  5. decent car, not heavily optioned, a bit shop worn, I would think no more than 60
  6. never a build sheet with mine, and my Dad and I bought it new. Protecto plate, built expressly for, and window sticker, as well as the bill of sale Funny, we all know that the first generation mufflers go bad quickly: Well my Dad got a midas muffler right off with a lifetime guarantee. Muffler after muffler was installed free by Midas. Well YEARS later, I had the car, the muffler was bad: I went to Midas and showed them the guarantee, and sort of as a joke mentioned that although my Dad's name and mine were the same, the guarantee was for my Dad. They immediately replied: Don't give another thought we will honor the guarantee! SO the car has had only one paid for muffler in its life and about ten or so free ones!!! What a guarantee!
  7. POR 15 is definitely to seal rust, and not to be shown, it also needs to be top coated, NEVER use it where something will be seen, it is just too crude for that.
  8. a true American hero, he did not have to run out to try to save his buddy at Bastogne but he did anyway without a second thought. Too bad it put him out of the war, he was quite the fighter and probably would have gone on to perform many more acts of heroism.
  9. the guy certainly got his use out of it! 161 thousand miles!!
  10. Gene is a GREAT guy. His Dad was one of the original Band of Brothers, and was instrumental in making the series which we all throughly enjoyed. May those brave heroes all rest in peace.
  11. clean buff and wax, Keep that original finish!!!!!
  12. I would say 25 each to a fellow member plus shipping would be fair.
  13. maybe the car was hit in the rear at one time?
  14. I have three originals that have been rechromed that I am not going to use, and I am sure that Gene Guarnere has these rechromed parts as well as he has been specializing in rechromed Riviera trim for awhile now.