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  2. Probably Wray Kniffin, he's a member on here or email
  3. I have no idea, I just got it from a google search and it did not state where it was located.
  4. keiser31

    1930 cf fuse size

    Rhode Island Wiring is where I got my 1931 DB harness. EXCELLENT quality and price.
  5. Pretty straightforward actually, I replaced the dryer, expansion valve and compressor, including replacing all o-rings. Flushed the evaporator, hoses and condenser. Put it under vacuum overnight and added 34-36oz of refrigerant. Got it blowing 38-39 degrees tonight. Also, fyi, the lower fitting closest to the compressor is the low side. Both ac valves on my v6 were the same size and neither one was marked. My biggest headache was the different 134 bottles, some are the puncture style, some are self sealing, some have their own nozzles.
  6. In 1924 there was a red sport touring as well as a special green sport touring. Not sure on the difference.
  7. Looking for sidemount covers for my 31 Franklin with 650x19 tires . Any ideas welcomed
  8. Not for his particular app/requirements, and I have seen hundreds of heads that had that much play and more that came off good running engines, but I would prefer less myself.
  9. Just so you are aware, I have never done a conversion, always had a friend who only did AC repair take care of that since I was in CA and you had to have separate equipment for each system for evacuation, etc. Jim, I would recommend taking your TC to an AC shop for an estimate. That way you will get the best idea of cost and parts, especially since you have the GM compressor and you may even need major components replaced in order to have a dependable system.
  10. Sorry autonut, didn't mean you at all but It's just that I have replied top so many new member's inquiries then never hear from them again. Maybe they forget that they've posted. We want to try to help as many people as we can.
  11. I would recommend McPherson college also . The Franklin club will also pay your way to the Franklin Trek in Cazenovia NY every August .It is a special program. I think they may even give out scholarships. We have many people at McPherson come to the Trek.
  12. More about the car....
  13. That must be the car in the Gilmore Museum.
  14. Thunderbird sunroof, I purchased a 1957 Bel Air dealer promo from you during Hershey. Is the Dusk Pearl/Imperial Ivory 1957 4 door hardtop still available? Thanks, John
  15. I saw that serrated radiator shell and thought Daimler, but could not find a like example of the chassis/running board area.
  16. Matt, I went to the AACA Library on Friday afternoon. during Hershey and purchased a 1958 Cadillac brochure. I was wondering if several brochures that I saw are still available for purchase? 1932 Chrysler Six color folder, 1957 Plymouth Station Wagon folder, 1949 Buick Station Wagon folder. Thanks, as always, John Salemmo
  17. One of the e026 code tests is an EGR test. Too bad your IPC doesn't work as you could see what codes you have. I still think it is the ignition module under the coils. Humor me by swapping the entire coil pack Ignition Module off another Reatta that is running well.
  18. they are medallions, and here are the ones on my 1929 Chevrolet can get set from Gary Wallace around $100 a set for rear ( 2 medallions) $125 set for front ( 3 Medallions) not sure if they include new chrome bolts, nuts, washers, and backing plates.
  19. Apparently Clane422 has decided to become a scam artist while learning to I.D. Antique auto parts. I suggest you don't business with this guy .............. No Cam, No money, No Reply .....
  20. I´m working in my 1930 Buick serie 44 where someone replaced its AC fuel pump for a Stewart system. I´m looking for the #855401 AC model that, I have read in this site, is the correct for this car. I need the push rod too. The AC repair kit for 855400 and 855401 was R-79. It´s a type B fuel pump. Thank you for your help.
  21. Im looking for a usable clutch disk and pressure plate for a 8 inch Studebaker 3 speed tranny with over drive . This is for a home made tractor .
  22. There are many, many things I miss about my Dad. While he most certainly passed along his love of cars, what I really miss is just sitting and talking with him. He was always the one that family members, even extended family, went to for advice or just to chat. One of the other things I miss most is just being able to give him a hug. I grew up riding around in his Rickenbacker so that car is very special to me. Just as I grew up riding around with my Grandfather in his Pierce Arrow, pulling it out of 'the vault' tinkering with it and taking it for a ride will always be special memories. One night, we had taken the Pierce to a local car show. We were getting ready to go and my Grandfather asked if I wanted to drive home. I had driven the car many times without him but I had never driven the car with him. I told him I appreciated the offer very much but I wouldn't be able to live with myself should some idiot run into us while gawking at the car. Many years ago I bought my father and I matching Hat-in-the-Ring and Pierce hats. His hats now ride around on the back seat of the Pierce and the Rick so Pops is always with me when I am out for a ride. It's true, your love never fades but it does get a little easier with time. But I did have to fight back tears a few times just writing this post. I miss you, Pops. We all miss you.
  23. I think valve to guide clearance should be a max of .010" side to side to play get .005". 1/32" is way too much wear in any valve guide.😏
  24. I could be wrong but I'm going to guess that this body is 100% correct for a 1906.
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