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  2. Thank you jframe, just what I needed to know.
  3. You can slide it in on a slight angle but will need to straighten it out as much as possible to get it to slide in place. There is almost no clearance to drop down behind the crossmember. It's tight. The front tube will slide in and there is a plate that hold it in place. Hopefully you have it. There's about an in to inch and a half between the front of the engine and the front vertical of the crossmember. The pics are dark but I hope they help.
  4. Per dalef62's request, here's my Hupmobile block (OK, so maybe I was exaggerating a bit about retiring on this):
  5. Was there any PRE auction notice or website? Bob
  6. Hi Jim, Based on the photos and description what ball park number would you suggest? $40K, $50K, $60K ? Cheers Tom K
  7. When it comes to the early vehicle names, sometimes it's just easier to use the vehicle models instead. Based on what has been discussed above these are part number 32100 and should fit: 1919-1921 EH 1922-1924 EL 1925-1927 EQ Depending on the year the EH model was called a Light Six or Special Six so its gets confusing. ELs and EQs were only called Special Six. Hopefully you find a buyer.
  8. If allowed to fully cure 24 hours the PPG holds up to some fuel contact if it's wiped off in a few hours, but long-term constant contact will dull it a bit. The instructions for my ultra sonic cleaner say to not put fingers in when it's running. I'm not the type to touch a stove after being told it's hot, so I make sure not to touch the water when the cleaner is running. Plus it has a heater and the water gets too hot to touch even after it's shut off. . Someone in another post mentioned he did touch the water and his finger hurt for a few days. Paul.
  9. Well, the extended test drive to the show today went fairly well. I am going to need to address the temperature creeping up and not wanting to come back down. I'm pretty sure I'll need to flush the system and replace the thermostat. I found out the AC WORKS! Ha! Clock works, too. I feel the car wanting to wander a little bit, but I think most of it is natural with the bias ply tires. It was happy on the highway, though. I just need to work on the temperature issue before OKC. Brakes are still not happy. I bought hoses for it, so that will be the next spot I work on.
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  11. Air cleaner is black; the correct emblem will have "Buick" at the top and "445 Wildcat" in script at the bottom. If it is a 340hp 425 single 4bbl engine, it will say "465 Wildat" at the bottom. It is 10 inches in diameter and is not actually a decal but an aluminum plate. I used spray adhesive to hold mine on. Never could figure why Buick went to the small diamter air cleaner on the 65. The big pie pan lid cleaners on the 63 and 64 are much more attractive to me.
  12. We had a few spurts of rain the carburetor cover held but did get some water in the floorboard
  13. Jim: just a note - my grandfather was Arnold Jonker - the "window dresser". He was a commercial artist in the Detroit, MI area. He spent most of his time as a commercial artist - I think for a company called Cadillac (not car nameplate but a graphic arts company). Somewhere I have a business card of his. He was not an engineer. I do remember being told that he did some drawings of tanks and other equipment during the war - but I think these drawings were for sales brochures. I'm not sure from your post what you are looking for, but if you need me to ask around with my relatives, i would be happy to do that. Matt Eckman. (I can be reached at the contact form at
  14. My distributor is offset in my Dodge truck engine... one way only will it drop into the intermediate shaft.
  15. Groovy man. Did you hit much rain on the way home ? The giant sandwich bagged carburetor do ok?
  16. actually there's a third. the system actually helped them avoid a collision, observer biases besides.
  17. Good luck, looks a lot like mine, even the rear dent.
  18. There are two possible reasons for this. First, today's drivers really DO suck. Second, it's the "butt dyno" phenomena. Whenever someone installs a piece of hot rod equipment, their "butt dyno" ALWAYS indicates an increase in performance - if you paid that much for the item, then by definition it was worth it. Same goes for people overpaying for these rolling wifi hot spots.
  19. The article cited by the OP talks about an electronic impending collision monitoring system.
  20. Can somebody tell me the correct tpi thread size and overall diameter for a 1930 40-series hub? Also, if someone has a cost-effective hub puller to sell, I may be interested. I just need one to use twice - I know I could order a new custom-made one from George M. in Nebraska, but for this I would be happy with a more basic model. There are various sizes available on e-bay but I don't know the correct dimensions. Thank you. John
  21. Hi, yes the radiator is off. It is just a chassis. I assume the engine can slide in on an angle as I have the motor sling that hangs on the motor crane that I can crank on a steep angle and guide it in then readjust the motor level with the transmission and clutch assembly then push backwards. How much room is there between the engine and the front cross member when I do this and bolt the engine to the ring and tranny. Assume it will clear the front cross member and drop in place and the tube that inserts into the front cover will then slide right in. Will there be any clearance between the motor and the back of the cross member? What holds the tube in place when it is inserted fully in position. Is there a collar the pushes on the tube and bolts to the cross member from the front? Again my problem is the car came to me apart so have nothing to go on. I just dig thru the remaining parts and try to fit them where they go. Thanks for any help.
  22. 👍Maybe not fun but important.😂 on mine the pre-made lines from the local auto parts store were used , with two shorter ones joined to make the long ones. while it works and avoided having to do the flares, not as neat as custom made. so I was wondering, since you just did your clutch recently , do you know the correct Borg & Beck model number of the pressure plate?. mine is 919, which I'm thinking may be wrong, the arms don't seem to come out far enough. it works, but barely. thanks, Bill.
  23. Any possibility it only goes in one way and won't go in 180o out?
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