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  1. Ozstatman

    Trying to figure out what this car is

    It's a RHD car and may not be "exactly" like US models. GM as did other manufacturers seemed to raid the parts bin for cars either sent overseas or more commonl;y built overseas.
  2. Ozstatman

    How to hunt for an older car?

    If there's a Camaro register it might be on that. Or Camaro club/s might be a starting point in your search.
  3. Ozstatman

    Timbs Special Destroyed

    Working link
  4. Ozstatman

    1886 Mercedes

    Visited a number of car Museums during my US trip in October, two of them had "1886" Benzes. First pic @ Gilmore, 2nd pic @ Petersen. Not as bad as DeLorean's, just about every museum has one, including Back to the Future clones with Flux Capacitors!
  5. Ozstatman

    Daytona 1957

    Steve McQueen?
  6. Ozstatman

    Renault AX 1909? not a 1904-5

    Couple more pic's.
  7. Ozstatman

    Renault AX 1909? not a 1904-5

    Looks simliar to one I saw a couple of weeks ago at Violet Town, Victoria, Australia. Guy also had a pair of Napiers, 1912 & 191.3
  8. Ozstatman

    Inspired by Keiser

    Bedford Fire Engine in Bowrals main street today. Liveried as an advertisement for a local Real Estate Agency
  9. Ozstatman

    Need help with British tire date code.

    That's my thoughts too. I'd think this tyre pre-dates tyres with date codes on them.
  10. Ozstatman

    ID luggage trunk?

    Accordioning to who? Oh, to you! 😉
  11. Ozstatman

    What car is in this photo ?

    Doubt it.
  12. Ozstatman


    This Peerless is currently listed in the Cars For Sale Forum.
  13. Ozstatman

    What car is in this photo ?

    Bigfoot in the background!
  14. Ozstatman

    Gilmore Duesenberg Museum

    This is the one I saw when visiting the Gilmore last month.