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  1. When you click onto the reply button and it opens the reply box, at the top of that box is a string of symbols one of which looks like a chain link. Click on that and it opens a LINK screen. In this screen you can include a copied URL and a text box to be used as an identifier for the link(if you want to, if not don't type any text). See screen shots below.
  2. Is that back to the future, or what? 😉 Sorry, Dave, just had to.
  3. Engine number 202921 is well within the range of engine numbers(200001 -> 208428) for 1924 1st Series Single Eights(136's & 143's). For an explanation of the FA suffix, see this link. It's the same car!
  4. Casper, thanks, I stand corrected!
  5. Also interesting tandem seating in the first photo!
  6. Like the "patch" on the front tyre.
  7. Later on saw this Holden Ute('70's), possibly HJ, HZ or similar. It's been upgraded with a Statesman DeVille grill and front end sheetmetal as many have been.
  8. Out on my morning "constitutional" came across this Chrysler Valiant, also saw it yesterday(last photo) at a repair shop.
  9. The building housing the NATMUS collection, which could be loosely described as the Auburn Skunk Works, is the building behind the ACD Museum in Auburn Indiana where there's a sign which says: “Between 1928 and 1937 designers worked with craftsmen in total secrecy to bring to life some of the most iconic automotive designs ever produced by the company…. the first 29 cord 810 automobiles were hand assembled for display at the 1937 New York, Chicago and Los Angeles Auto Shows……Detroit Auto Companies had spies in the community to try and discover what secret automobiles were being designed by E.L. Cord”.
  10. Last Sunday morning, an Austin Healey 3000. Sorry for the picture quality, didn't have my 11 yo granddaughter along to take the pictures on my cell phone for me!😉