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  1. Andrew, Can't think of much in the way of Antique Shops near Moss Vale although there is one at Sutton Forest. There are a number of Antique Shops at Mittagong as well as Grandpa's Shed at Fitzroy Falls. But.....from what I've seen, none of these establishments trade in large/old car parts, it's usually smaller bits and pieces in glass fronted cabinets.
  2. Andrew, Thanks for the location, but I'll pass on specific contact details. About 6 months ago picked up a load of Packard parts from a guy near Newcastle, about a 500km round trip for me, with a view to passing them on for free to other Packard owners. Still have them! So not anxious to add more to the accummulation.
  3. Don't forget clothespegs on fuel lines to prevent vapour lock!
  4. I sat in "Genevieve" in 1973. At that time it was in a Museum on the Gold Coast of Australia. My wife was with me, it was on our honeymoon, she wasn't as impressed with the car as I was.
  5. Pic's look fine from my part of the world! 😁
  6. And also being an Aussie, the little known "Doing your own thing" made in the early 70's. Reason I mention it at all is that I was "on screen" in it. At the time was running a 289 Ford powered dragster at Castlereagh Dragway west of Sydney. Movie was a number of 15/2O minute segments, documentary style about different people doing their own thing. One of featured people was running an early model Holden(FX or FJ) Sedan at the drags. The producers wanted some background footage, this included the unloading of the dragster from the trailer. The movie got mainstream cinema release , b
  7. More likely to be Soviet built cars.
  8. Shape of the windshield is "different". To me looks more like a rear windshield.
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