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  1. Is that a Ford Model A transmission? Here, downunder, Model A trans were used a lot in speedway racers as an "in-and-out" box.
  2. Appears to me, from the other photos, looks like it's there to locate the hood hold down strap.
  3. John, To zero in a little more. Not 1950, but 1951 ->1953.
  4. Two top pieces look like 1948->50 22nd/23rd Series Packard
  5. One was advertised for sale some time back in this thread (probably have to scroll up to see all the thread) but was SOLD. It included some spare parts. Maybe, if you contact the seller he might be able to put you in touch with the buyer of that Red Bug?
  6. I know, I know.......off topic 🤔, but a 1948 Triumph Roadster, needing a complete restoration, sold at auction here in Oz last month for the equivalent of about USD$15K. Never had seen one before, now two in less than a month!
  7. Here's another one....link
  8. Sorry, not that one. The one I have a faint memory of was probably a year or more ago.
  9. I seem to recall that a while ago, in another thread, there was a building with a similar motif/s on its facade. Does anyone remember that thread or can post a link to it?
  10. According to the photo in the initial post, the building is on Jefferson Ave.
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