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  1. Looking forward to the real “hands like George the Animal Steel”! 🖐️
  2. Ed, A photo of the “hands like George the Animal Steel”, please?😁
  3. Billy, That's what I try to do. If there's a sign next to the car or something on the windshield or a sticker or ????. I start with that and then take photos of the car. EDIT - In 2018 the Mcintyre truck was there but I didn't see the car.
  4. 1907 Kiblinger Model D was in the ACD Museum when I visited in 2018.
  5. https://model-a-ford.org/2020/06/24/international-model-a-ford-day/
  6. My Dad served in the Austalian Infantry in WW2. One of his "war stories" was about a lovely 1936 LaSalle Coupe left behind by the retreating Japanese in Balikpapan in Borneo. The Aussie troops had been instructed that anything left behind by the Japs was likely to have been booby-trapped so they gave the car a wide berth. That went on for a number of days until one day a soldier jumped in the drivers seat started the car and drove off but without an accompanying explosion! 💥
  7. With transverse springs front and back it could be a Model T Chasis. But with split wishbones, front brake drums and later open drive rear end it may be the basis for a speedster.
  8. Terry, Thanks for for the clarification/explanation. Learning a lot thanks to Ed's WhIte.
  9. Wayne, thanks for your answer, on as Ed puts it, "the air conditioning system". 👍
  10. Ed, 1 - In watching the video noted the gap between the right front door and the cowl and ask whether that is "normal"? Or is one of those things still on the list to be fixed? 2 - Saw a 1908(?) 4 cylinder Maxwell with T head engine last Friday. It too had double underhead camshafts. Before the comments earlier in this thread hadn't thought about the cam structure in T heads. But now it's been brought to light, wondering if ALL T head engines used a similar camshaft arrangement? 3- In the video noticed your White had "porthole" style windows in the "sails" o
  11. 5 feet! Big sweep. Sorry, couldn't help but comment!😉
  12. Here's a pic. Note the spark plug!
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