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  1. Ozstatman

    Another Car to ID

    Speaking of 1914 Overland Coupes. this one was restored in the early ‘60’s and sold to a guy from Fairlight, a northern Sydney Australia suburb. The Fairlight owner promptly parked the Overland in his garage and there it sat unmoving for the next 32 years. Following that owners demise, his widow phoned the previous owner and requested him to take the car away! Now I see it once a year at a car show at Linnwood House every July, a fabulous car! Sorry for the "hi-jacking".😉
  2. Ozstatman

    Shanghai China Auto Museum

    Link to the Museum Website.
  3. Ozstatman

    What It Is?

    Is that a siren on the running board?
  4. Ozstatman

    Please identify this tail light

  5. Ozstatman

    Cal 1920

    What happened to the triplets? Looks like almost exactly the same pic of the lady on the drivers side mudguard(US = fender GB = wing), although there's a definite puddle under the car in this one. Looks like "photoshop" was working well in the '20's!
  6. Ozstatman

    1940 Morgan

    Amazing that production continued while Britain was at war! 😲
  7. Ozstatman

    Studebaker Buyer's Tips

    Doesn't an Avanti have a Fibreglass body? That's not to say any steel/iron in the car wouldn't be subject to rust!
  8. Ozstatman

    Those Pesky Wheel Ants

    From YouTube
  9. Ozstatman

    1940 Morgan

    If that is a Morgan sports car(Was there any other "Morgan") I doubt it's 1940. With GB involved in WW2 from 1939 don't think anyone was producing sports cars at that time.
  10. Ozstatman

    Cal 1920

    Triple threat!
  11. Ozstatman

    Need help identifying car..

    Could be she's the one taking the pic.
  12. Ozstatman

    1932 Buick model 56 Coupe, $16550.00 OBO

    Instead of trying to add more photos to the original post, try including the additional photos in a new post to this thread.
  13. Ozstatman

    1958 Packard Hawk wiring question.

    Did you look on the PAC Website? They have a section on wiring disgrams. Here's a link to a 58 Packard diagram, maybe it will help?
  14. Ozstatman

    A curious question about Jewett "Amulets"?

    Reminds me of this ! Not the same but going down a similar road.
  15. Ozstatman

    Hubcap and Emblem Paint

    Are you referring to Cloisonné ?