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  1. David, Attached, are a few photos of the Museum itself from when I visited in 2018. I took almost 200 photos there, trying to load them into a file I can email to you but, as I'm technologically challenged, don't know how successful that will be.
  2. The National Motor Museum in Birdwood South Australia has a Packard "wrecker" in attendance.
  3. I'll take a stab - 1937 120 Convertible Coupe.
  4. Lindsay, Replied to your PM, unfortunately I can't help.
  5. Here's a link to a previous post which has photos.
  6. Another of the pic's, but thinking the body shown sitting on the chassis is for another car?
  7. Different "type" of wheel here. The front one in the original photo has nuts and fittings holding the centre to the rim. This one doesn't. Forgive my poor description, I don't know the correct terminology for the old wheel fastening systems.
  8. Did all those things for about 6 years for a mate who worked on my Packard for about a year. Still be doing it now but we both moved about 6 years ago and are now 150 miles apart.
  9. In the link above found this: "Dick Harroun said. "He got credit for the rearview mirror, but what many people don't know is that he also was the man who developed bumpers on our cars." Then saw this post in the Parts Wanted Forum.
  10. Last year when I was in Boston caught a Trolley Bus on the Silver Line from South Station to the Airport. It was somewhat of a chameleon, although it didn’t change colour, it changed motive power about halfway to the airport! Operated as an electric trolley bus for the first part of the journey, complete with overhead power transmitted by means of a pantograph mechanism. Then, it stopped, switching to its diesel engine to provide power for the remainder of the journey!
  11. The bird ornament sitting on the radiator cap.
  12. Welcome Rapps, good to have another Aussie on board!