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  1. This was posted the PackardInfo Website. Can it be positively identified as a Peerless? Jeff, Your expert eye and opinion would be welcome.
  2. The very first automatic transmission??🤔
  3. According to that fount of wisdom, Wikipedia, S-B started in 1913. You could have a very hard time finding a 1910 publication.😉
  4. My High Schools annual fete usually had an old car display. One year they wanted the displayed cars moved from the teachers car park to a more accessible area. I had the honour, as a 14 year old in the early 1960's, of directing the parade of old cars to the new display area from the passengers front seat of a 1906 NAG roadster. First and most memorable ride in a old car, even though it was only about 200 metres!
  5. What is a Territory? Answer: This!
  6. IF your car has thermostatlly controlled radiator shutters, that opening in the radiator tank is for the thermostat that operates the shutters.
  7. Looks like a T or A front wheel.
  8. About 10 years back our club had a weekend run down the south coast to a town called Eden. Over the course of the several days we were there we visited the local car clubs workshop/storage/clubhouse. While there we were told the RR club had previously visited and had asked if one of the RR's could be put up on a hoist. Because .............................................................that way some of the RR owners would be able to get their first look underneath a RR.
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