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  1. Keisers photo is taken from "Shannons" as evidenced by the marking on it. Shannons is an Australian company specialising in collector car insurance and is also an auction house which is where the photo likely came from. Australia is a RHD country.
  2. Ozstatman

    Packard Gas Tanks

    Also, see this thread on PackardInfo.
  3. Looks like Ford Model T. The experts will be able to narrow the year down for you.
  4. There's a thread on PackardInfo regarding this Twelve when it went to auction recently, this one.
  5. Second that! Visited at twilight/early evening, guided tour and players from local theatre company recreating the "ambience" of the time/place. The run very early the next morning up the coast, almost deserted highway except for dodging some deer, was magical.
  6. Not the "first date" but first time I went out with my now wife borrowed my sisters Austin Healey 100/4 in the middle of summer with the heater stuck in the on position! 😰
  7. I'm no expert, far from it, just tossing it in to promote discussion. If it was a TJ Richards built body( years later they were bought by Chrysler) could have had the doors hung any which way.
  8. Lots of images here!
  9. Thanks Ron. learning all the time!😉
  10. Googling T-29777 brought up an eBay listing for 39 Chevrolet.
  11. Thanks for the tutorial, didn't realise the variances/difficulties/differences were so profound!
  12. From your "handle" I'd think you should know but to this very inexperienced eye looks more like rust rather than bakelite. Were some outside handles made of bakelite at some stage? I await enlightenment.
  13. Back about 20 years ago my son was signing this Luddite up for the Internet and email and wanted to know what "name" I wanted to be known by. Not knowing, or caring, I said I leave it up to him and promptly ended up as Ozstatman. But what does Ozstatman mean? Well part of that goes back even further because years previousy I'd score his, and his brother and sisters, games of cricket, manage their soccer and basketball teams, etc. At one stage one of the coaches involved asked me to do the "stats" for one of the basketball teams. After that, and being able to demonstrate some mental arithmetic skills which seem to be generally lacking today, I was then labelled Statman! My son thinking he'd use that label for my internet/email found, like others have recounted, that the "name" was already in use. So he applied the suffix Oz(as in Oz-tralia) to statman and lo and behold no one else was using that name.