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  1. Then there's the mythical outback Australian town "immortalised" in the film - The Cars that ate Paris.
  2. And to think, less than a week ago it was 1/2 that price.😲
  3. David, Did you get a Delahaye? If the answer is no and you still want one, how about this one? What's that? You think not!😲
  4. It's a Russian ZIS A "loosely termed" copy of a Packard
  5. Same building behind both cars, shrubbery has grown quite a bit in the second.
  6. Think this is a '40 Packard Caption reads "Opening of new Y.M.C.A. hostel by Gen. Wilson in old post office. Arrival of Gen. Sir Henry M. Wilson, just after alighting from car" Photo info Title: Opening of new Y.M.C.A. hostel by Gen. Wilson in old post office. Arrival of Gen. Sir Henry M. Wilson, just after alighting from car Creator(s): Matson Photo Service, photographer Date Created/Published: 1941 October 26. Medium: 1 negative : nitrate ; 4 x 5 in. Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-matpc-21110 (digital file from original) Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. For information see: "G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection," https://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/res.258.mats Call Number: LC-M33- 12354 [P&P] Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA https://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.print Notes:
  7. The "full" Wikipedia entry for Hamilton includes this - Between 1788 and 1793, the townships at the Head-of-the-Lake were surveyed and named. The area was first known as The Head-of-the-Lake for its location at the western end of Lake Ontario.[20] John Ryckman, born in Barton township (where present day downtown Hamilton is), described the area in 1803 as he remembered it: "The city in 1803 was all forest. The shores of the bay were difficult to reach or see because they were hidden by a thick, almost impenetrable mass of trees and undergrowth ... Bears ate pigs, so settlers warred on bears. Wolves gobbled sheep and geese, so they hunted and trapped wolves. They also held organized raids on rattlesnakes on the mountainside. There was plenty of game. Many a time have I seen a deer jump the fence into my back yard, and there were millions of pigeons which we clubbed as they flew low."[32] George Hamilton, a settler and local politician, established a town site in the northern portion of Barton Township in 1815.
  8. Makes sense , since it's outside a Briscoe dealer.
  9. Is this a Garford? Pic is in nzcarnerds post on Page #72 of the Period-images-to-relieve-some-of-the-stress thread.
  10. Don't hide your light under a bushel. Instead, hide your Huppmobile under a sheet!
  11. NZ - Sat in Genevieve in 1973 when it was in the Gold Coast Museum.
  12. Another cryptic post!😉 Do you mean this? https://www.motortrend.com/news/bouncy-house-king-classic-car-collection-auction-sale/
  13. Mike, Here in Australia, at least in my State of New South Wales but I think there are similar regulations in other States, restrictions apply to new and inexperienced drivers who are issued with "Provisional Licences" with "High Performance Vehicle Restrictions" applying to them for their first couple of years of driving. Restricts them to the cars they can drive and I think excludes V8's and turbo and supercharged engines. Throws up some problems for those with "old cars". Eg - Young guy with a '55 Packard Caribbean had to get a special dispensation so he could drive his "old car". Or there's the young guy with a later model Corvette who swapped in a six so he could drive the car, it was swapped back to the V8 later.
  14. Jason is "the guy" at Advanced Electrical Rebuilders(AER).
  15. Archer has pretty good aim too!
  16. Mounted on underside of trunk lid to light up trunk when open, Packard used similar lights in their trunks for many years.