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  1. This was posted the PackardInfo Website. Can it be positively identified as a Peerless? Jeff, Your expert eye and opinion would be welcome.
  2. The very first automatic transmission??🤔
  3. According to that fount of wisdom, Wikipedia, S-B started in 1913. You could have a very hard time finding a 1910 publication.😉
  4. My High Schools annual fete usually had an old car display. One year they wanted the displayed cars moved from the teachers car park to a more accessible area. I had the honour, as a 14 year old in the early 1960's, of directing the parade of old cars to the new display area from the passengers front seat of a 1906 NAG roadster. First and most memorable ride in a old car, even though it was only about 200 metres!
  5. What is a Territory? Answer: This!
  6. IF your car has thermostatlly controlled radiator shutters, that opening in the radiator tank is for the thermostat that operates the shutters.
  7. Looks like a T or A front wheel.
  8. About 10 years back our club had a weekend run down the south coast to a town called Eden. Over the course of the several days we were there we visited the local car clubs workshop/storage/clubhouse. While there we were told the RR club had previously visited and had asked if one of the RR's could be put up on a hoist. Because .............................................................that way some of the RR owners would be able to get their first look underneath a RR.
  9. Ken, Do you have the paperwork to prove its Carl's Cadillac and is not the guys who's presently in possession of it? Ride in with the Sherriff, or other suitable law enforcement officer, to obtain possession of the car.
  10. Is it part of an Electromatic Clutch assembly some Packards were equipped with?
  11. Ken, maybe reaching out to the organisers of the 11th Annual Cadillac though the years Car Show might turn up a lead as to where you can locate Carl's Cadillac?
  12. You could try Don Axelrod of Headlight Headquarters email hdlthqtrs@aol dot com or phone 781-598-0523.
  13. With the help of Google, the above says: Hi, I was wondering if the engine is still available to buy it. best regards Giuliano Campagiorni. Emails ciei@ciei.191.it
  14. Some information on the Summit - The Summit was built in Alexandria, an inner southern suburb of Sydney, roughly half way between the city and the airport. The story on the emergence of the Summit is interesting. The Summit is a smaller, lighter, 4 cylinder (Lycoming engined) car than its two Sydney based six cylinder competitors. The Summit was the product of a two part, but concurrent, exercise. Plan “A” was to sell the Australian Patented Acme Spring system to British and American car manufacturers. If Plan “A” failed then Plan “B” was to source American components to assemble their own car, the “Summit”, to utilise the patented Acme Springing system. And apologies 😪 for misidentifing initially as a Star(another Aussie built car) now fixed.
  15. h_h, Nice touch, Aussie Flag on an Australian built 1923 Summit.
  16. h_h, Away from lockdown? Visited this Museum over 10 years ago. Your photos may be the inspiration to do so again in the near future.
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