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  1. Hi Tom, what is your professional opinion of the different emblem? A factory anamoly perhaps or an owner’s personal preference? I’m not knocking the car but my curiosity got the best of me.
  2. Good point Ed. I wonder if the mounting studs are in the same location for both emblems?
  3. Check out the white one with 13,500 original miles and look at the Gran Sport emblem on the rear panel. Looks like the emblem from the Skylark series. Either someone swapped it out or is it possible that it was installed at the factory this way by mistake?
  4. Pat Curran

    65 Riviera Value

    That changes the value a bit on the upside. We need more detailed pics of the entire car to offer anything further.
  5. Pat Curran

    65 Riviera Value

    It's hard to tell by the picture but is there a small Gran Sport emblem under the Riviera script or is it a reflection?
  6. They only made 454 non-GS Rivs with the dual quad set up in 1965 unless you have an actual GS.
  7. I believe the length of the consoles are the same but everything was moved back to accommodate the new shifter. The rear ash tray is further back as well. The linkage might be different as well but not sure as I have never done the swap. I’m sure it can be done. The ST400 is a good, durable transmission and other than the switch pitch feature of the 65 and the fact that you can manually select all 3 forward gears, it may not be worth the effort. I have owned both and I didn’t notice any appreciable difference with the 65.
  8. Keep in mind that the gear selector in the 65 console is different than 64 for the lower gears.
  9. I don’t have a picture but the Fisher Body Coach is on the buckle.
  10. Pat Curran

    Looks Like A Nice `66...

    Buick started painting the engines red beginning with the 1966 model year.
  11. Pat Curran

    Looks Like A Nice `66...

    So, with your observations Jason, do you think the mileage is original or has the odometer turned over? The car looks tidy for sure but the trunk lining shouldn't need replacing if the mileage is truly original. It is a nice looking car for sure.
  12. The Riviera's were always considered to be part of the family so back in 2005, I included them in the family Christmas card. Unfortunately, the kids have grown and left the roost as well as the Riviera's. I hope you all have a Very Rivvy Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  13. You can take your interior color code to an old time auto body paint supply shop. If they have the reference material on hand, that can make you up a can of paint.
  14. Pat Curran

    Free Radio

    Here is another picture of the 66 Caprice stereo.
  15. Pat Curran

    Free Radio

    Agree that it was cool! GM had one on the 66 Chevy Caprice that was way cooler and is very rare. If you got the optional bucket seats, console and the stereo multiplex, the controls were mounted in the console compartment lid. The green stereo light was the size of a nickel on this application. It was a one year only option. If you Google 66 Caprice console stereo you can check it out.