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  1. The leading edge of the hood is a common place for rust but I have seen some total rust buckets with perfect hoods! The 1965 may interchange but I have never tried it. The leading lower edge molding for the 63 and 64 is chrome and the 65 is body color but I think they can be swapped out but again, I have never tried it.
  2. I believe mounting holes for the hood spear are different for the 63/64?
  3. Some of them are just looking to make a buck with no knowledge of what they are selling.
  4. I have a complete collection of George Dammann's books. Collectors have posted wanted adds for his books in some publications the last few years. I'm keeping mine.
  5. I have never seen one either Tom. Thanks for the quick reply. Pat
  6. Just curious Tom, If they were listed in the accessory catalog in 1965, could you get one for a Wildcat with the correct emblem? Thanks. Pat
  7. Are you talking about the 69 that is on BaT right now?
  8. I assume you mean exhaust manifolds? If so, they were bare metal.
  9. Go to V8Buick.com website or do a general search for Buick 430 V8 issues. There are some improvements you can make with regard to oiling and there are numerous threads with recommendations on how to make improvements during a rebuild.
  10. I used the stock mufflers on my 69 but didn't replace the resonators. It had just a hint of that nice "mellow rumble" dual exhaust sound without being obnoxious.
  11. So sorry to hear of Dick's passing. We have lost a true friend and supporter. My condolences to his family.
  12. You are correct Randy. It was done for aesthetic purposes so none of the hardware would be visible. When I replaced the carpet in my 64, I ran it underneath and wasn’t happy with the unfinished look. As Jim states, Buick did it for a reason and it was to allow for the carpet to overlap the hardware for a properly finished look.
  13. Overall nice looking car. The center caps on the wheels should have a black background with silver emblem, the areas in the grill should be a silver frost/argent finish and the Riviera emblems on the door panels are missing. The trunk looks nicely finished but it isn't the correct material. If you want a 100% correct car, it wouldn't take much tweaking to do so but it looks nice as is.
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