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  1. Diplomat Blue or Burgundy with a deluxe white interior really does it for me. Verde Green with a Saddle interior is another fave.
  2. It looks like something GM would have displayed in the show circuit back in the day. The only thing that could enhance this display would be to have a cutaway of the nailhead on an engine stand!
  3. Wish I could be there but unfortunately I can't. It is a fine group of people (and cars) that make it worthwhile. Travel safely and enjoy yourselves!
  4. I have seen this car and it is awesome! The 66 Riv GS with the MZ engine is the rarest of them all. I hope the car finds a good home.
  5. Well some years ago I was taking the back seat out of my former 64 and ripped the vinyl on the arm rest from back to front. It happened again with my former 65 only this time the restoration shop was removing the back seat to do some electrical troubleshooting when the same thing happened. They had the arm rest recovered on their dime on this occasion. It was black so it was an easy match. My 64 had white interior which had some patina to it so the recovered arm rest did not match as well.
  6. Be careful removing the seat bottom as sometimes there can be sharp edges from the springs/frame around the outer perimeter that will catch the armrest vinyl and cut it while your pulling it out. Ask me how I know!
  7. The chassis manual is the shop manual. It is a great source for mechanical and electrical references. The body manual is a good source for all body assembly information. Both go into much detail on troubleshooting, assembly and how to replace items. The ones for your year are available through automotive literature dealers. Average prices range from $45 to $65 dollars for originals. Repros are a little cheaper.
  8. The asking price tells me it is a bogus offering unless they are totally unaware of what they have.
  9. Check out Waldron's Exhaust web site. They should have what you need.
  10. I owned my 1964 for 24 years. The transmission never gave me any problems. The ST400 is a rugged, durable transmission.
  11. The spinners in motion just do it for me. It’s a good thing I didn’t rear end any one!! I will give honorable mention to the wheel covers that were used onthe Imperial’s during the 60’s. They weren’t bolt on turbines but they were works of art!
  12. Bob, you keep hitting home runs with the turbines. Just think how simpler your life would be if I didn’t make you aware of them!😁
  13. Also be aware that there are two types of Gran Sport scripts. Early cars had a smaller script and the one on the rear panel was mounted below the Riviera script. When the size was increased, the script on the rear panel was moved to the left side.
  14. It was, but when I took the interior out for refurbishing I noticed it then. I think the cars that had the remote trunk release probably suffered the hinge failure sooner than those without the option.