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  1. The webs on the 1965 chrome wheel were dark gray from the factory. Never black for this particular year. The same gray was used for the recessed areas on the rocker panel moldings and the clamshell visors. You see many restorations that have used black and it isn't correct.
  2. There are still some out there that let you "roam," but they are getting harder to find. There are "pick a part" yards that require you to get your own part. There are several in new England
  3. I am typically a purist but I like the grill treatment on this car. Note the silver frost areas are blacked out as well as the vertical grill bars. It gives the car a wider stance. Nice!
  4. Notice the panels behind the interior door handles. They are black but should be white. Maybe some owner did that or? I always liked the 1970 and I prefer the short fender skirts as well. Go for it Ed!!
  5. That's a nice Toronado! And it's a rare GT to boot. I'm with you, I have no issue with the color at all. Would like this one better if the interior was the same color as the roof but I would take it in a heartbeat.
  6. Not really sure. I have never had to search for one.
  7. You should have enough room to slide the carpet underneath the console. There will not be enough room if you are trying to include padding. If so, trim the padding. There are 2 plastic tabs or ears where the console meets the dash. They are plastic and fragile. Be careful not to break them if the are still intact.
  8. We really need pictures to evaluate and know what works, what doesn’t and how does it run to provide you with parameters. If it hasn’t run in 10 years, I would want to know if it was properly prepped before hand. If not, engine may need work, gas tank cleaned and brake system gone through. Tires will need to be replaced based on age.
  9. Allow me to finish it. After consuming Redneck Riviera, you will be in Electro-Cruise mode!!
  10. Spending a week at Carolina Beach for a little R&R and saw this at the liquor store.
  11. Classy looking all the way! Tough to keep clean but well worth the effort. These covers have some weight to them too. I have a set of driver quality ones if anyone is looking for some. PM me if so. Thanks.
  12. Depending on the angle and lighting, some shots (front and back) look like it's the olive beige color. I can't tell for sure. As I said earlier, this car was for sale in NC approximately 5 or so years ago with half the mileage. I was tempted to go look at it because I was intrigued by the low miles and very unusual combination of options but decided not to.
  13. I can't post links on my work computer. It was listed on ebay today as well. It is a yellow/green with green roof and interior.
  14. FYI, there is a 1969 with 15,400 original miles being offered by Tom Mack. ( This car was advertised by someone else approximately 5 years ago when I was living in NC. It had 7,000 miles on it then. It has a real unusual combination of options to include the ultra rare rear seat shoulder belts.