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  1. I received my issue but it took about 2 weeks longer than normal to get it.
  2. The deal on the Monte Carlo was great. It was October 1971 and the 1972's were already on the lot. It was considered a leftover, hence the better deal. Plus it was a big block with a turbo 400 and 12 bolt rear end!! My love for the Riviera never went away and I purchased my 1964 in March of 1972. I ended up keeping it for 24 years.
  3. I think the HT 4100 brought tears to those who bought them too.
  4. 1963 was certainly THE year for Bill Mitchell. Between the Riviera and the split window Corvette, could it get any better? The T’Bird was definitely the target audience (Ford pioneered the personal luxury car and GM was jealous) and the Avanti was a good effort from a dying auto maker. GM had the Grand Prix, Starfire and Wildcat, but they were based on full sized offerings. Chrysler had the full sized 300 and finally the Córdoba in 1975 (late to the party). The real competition in 1963 was the T’bird and the Avanti.
  5. Hi Tom. Chevy did offer 14 and 15 inch sizes. They were an option on the early 70's Chevelle which utilized 14 inch wheels. Pat
  6. That is unfortunate. The wiper motor is not one of the most user friendly jobs on a first generation Riviera.
  7. You just need to push and release the button. The pump automatically will cycle with a pulse method of spraying the windshield and then turn off. All GM products operated the same way back in the day and for many years thereafter. If the pump doesn’t shut off, the cam could be worn out or there may be another issue.
  8. There is a company listed in the latest Riview advertising patch panels and floor pans. They are called Classic2Current Fabrications. 313-534-2886 Redford, MI.
  9. As far as I know, no floor pans are being reproduced. You will have to look for good used fenders and quarters although it is possible that a NOS one could come up for sale at some point.
  10. I’m sure there were some minor variations during the production run, particularly if different suppliers were used during the run for the veneer or stain. It would be hard to tell now with fading over time. A good way to make a comparison with original veneer now would be to examine areas that were never exposed to the elements like behind a remote mirror control plate.
  11. That is the clamp that I had on my three 1965's.
  12. I think the black one needs a few more emblems..............................
  13. Auction prices are usually a bit inflated, particularly if 2 people want the same car which ultimately will create the anamoly. Prices have definitely gone up in the past few years though. Personally, I always felt that vintage Riviera's were undervalued for a long time.