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  1. It wasn't Glenn"s. The ROA member has had the car for many years. He bought it from the Buick collector who was selling it not long after I test drove it. The collectors name was Dick Garbitt. He had a nice Buick collection and specialized in buying and selling them. I wanted to trade my 1964 on it at the time but he wouldn't take it as he had several 64's in stock. I also think he was having a cash flow problem and ultimately took $3,500 for the GS. I just can't remember the name of the ROA member and not sure if he is still a member. He was from MA.
  2. Hi Tom. Back in the summer of 1977, I took an all original 1965 GS for a test drive that was for sale on Cape Cod. It was black with a white custom interior. The price at the time was $5,000. I was fresh out of college with no means to buy it. Flash forward to 2005. I had an ROA regional cook out at my house and the same car arrived for the event. I just can't remember the ROA members name.
  3. They go right in without any modifications. I have installed them in several cars over the years. Be sure to get the filler panel that goes under the speaker grill as it is a different size (smaller) than the regular one.
  4. I haven’t looked at Hemming’s auction but I check out BaT every day. Does Hemming’s allow reader critiques? I like that feature on BaT and you can learn/offer professional advice on vehicles that you are familiar and have experience with.
  5. You can always count on Toth to have an interesting Buick for sale. I bought my 1997 Riviera from them.
  6. Very classy Bob! Tell the judges that Bill Mitchell had a few of these made for the Silver Arrow but decided not to use them.🤪
  7. All the major paint suppliers published color codes for exterior, wheel, interior, etc. A body shop that has been around a long time may still have them for reference purposes. GM published some material as well (color name, code, finish, etc.). You may be able to find these from a vintage auto literature dealer.
  8. The 63 and 64 units created their own vacuum when you pulled the release nob. A very simple and effective design that didn’t require a vacuum storage tank and ultimately, more places to leak. Why Buick changed the system in 1965 is a question that I can’t answer. The 1963/1964 design has proven the test of time. I have seen numerous originals working perfectly today without repair. Retrofitting a 63/64 to a 65 is an easy job. The only visual difference is the release knob/unit which is out of sight in the glove box.
  9. I don’t recall the size but if you take your unit to an auto parts store that sells vacuum hose by the foot, see which diameter fits properly and buy enough for the installation.
  10. Sorry about that! They are very difficult to remove without damage. They were glued at the factory and I suppose with a heat gun and a lot of patience, you could possibly do it. It is almost impossible to lift them without bending them and once they are bent, they will never lay flat again. As stated by Winston, they are not being reproduced and I have never seen any NOS ever come up for sale.
  11. The wood wheel was a factory option through the 1966 model year.
  12. You continue to innovate Bob. At first I didn’t notice the Buick Tri-Shield at the base of the hands. Nice touch! You should set up shop and market these!
  13. Nice looking car! The original GS wheel covers are nice to see for a change.
  14. The small emblems are a bit more subtle but it is all a matter of personal preference. I like the placement of the small emblem on the rear of the car because it mimics those mounted on the fenders. To me, it has a more coordinated look. As far as values go, I don't think there is a measurable difference between the small or large emblem cars. Overall condition and options will dictate what the car is worth.