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  1. Just an FYI, Buick issued a metal sleeve after the fact that prevents the top of the liner from sagging in the middle. It just slides over the edge but they we’re also pre-drilled if you wanted to use mounting hardware.
  2. I have never tried this swap, but keep in mind that beginning with the 1967 model year, GM installed collapsible steering columns in all cars which may cause you a problem. I don't know for sure. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. I have a set of driver quality ones if you have an interest. Thanks. Pat Curran
  4. I believe you are right about it being a 4 track. Muntz sold a bunch of these back in the day but I can't tell if it is a Muntz unit or not. I had seen a 63 with the same unit mounted in the same place at a regional gathering I hosted some years back.
  5. This car does have the LX code stamped on the engine and the VIN matches the engine and car. This car needs a fair amount of work both inside and out and the price seems a bit high for the work it needs but some may see it another way. The floors and inner rockers have had rust repair done to them and not done to a high standard. The Gran Sport emblems are the early production small ones and the rear one is in the wrong place. It should be under the Riviera script. The transmission should have a BS code and the car should have positraction. The positraction tag on the rear diff of this c
  6. You are in good company!
  7. It was also prone to being kicked by people sitting in the back seat.
  8. I know the front suspension had some differences but not sure about the rear.
  9. They were chrome and the webbing on 65-66 was gray and 67 forward was a satin black.
  10. My 71 Monte Carlo and 66 Corvette are readable from the outside if that helps. Pat
  11. Based on an old post I found on this site, the width was reported to be 1.3" by Barry Smith in 2005.
  12. I believe you Tom!! It isn't the first brochure that wasn't accurate.
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