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  1. Pat Curran

    Riviera Wildcat?

    Typically GM didn't use VIN numbers on their concept cars which makes it difficult to register and title in most states. It is possible that they pulled a finished car off the assembly line for the conversion. I also see that they switched the exhaust tips to stainless or chrome which has a much better look than the dull ones they used throughout the production run. The concept car featured in the Riview article shows different wheels than what is on the car now.
  2. Pat Curran

    64 Body Lines

    Are all the nuts and bolts for the door skin in place?
  3. Pat Curran

    Paint color question

    Go to Bill Hirsch website and you will find it there. They carry the best engine paints available and I wouldn’t be surprised if CARS and all the other outlets get theirs from Bill as well.
  4. And an early production 65 steering wheel as well.
  5. I think Buick called it “switch pitch” in their advertising.
  6. Pat Curran

    Riviera Books …

    Here are a few more that contain info on the Riviera. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  7. I have this one and several others. They are still out there once in a while. Nice find!
  8. You are right Steve. My 71 Monte Carlo which was bought new, has the very same one.
  9. Pat Curran

    Riviera Books …

    Automobile Quarterly and Collectible Automobile have done some nice articles on the Riviera's over the years as well as Hemming's various titles. AQ is no longer being published but they pop up once in a while at on line bookstores. Collectible Automobile has a limited supply of back issues but not sure if they have any available for the issues that have featured Riviera's. Buick: A Complete History has chapters dedicated to the Riviera. You might be able to find it on Amazon.
  10. I have a set of 4 available that are in good driver quality condition. If anyone has an interest, send me a PM. Thanks. Pat
  11. They are hard to come by. The good thing is they can be painted to match the color you need. Take your interior color code to an old body shop supply/paint store and they can match it.
  12. White Christmas is in fact the largest selling song in music history. The publishing rights are where the big money is and those rights change hands from time to time. At one time, Paul McCartney owned the rights to White Christmas and he still may own them.
  13. I have an original chassis service manual available as well as the body manual. Send me a PM if you have an interest.
  14. Silver Arrow II was based on a 1970. I believe it was destroyed after they were done with it but not 100% sure.
  15. I had a chance to sit in this car at the ROA meet at Lake Geneva in 2001. A group of us actually had to push it onto the show field because GM let it slip into disrepair and it didn't run. My favorite change which can't be seen in this photo is that the buttons for the rear power windows were mounted in the rear center arm rest. Most of the changes were cool but I always thought the wheel covers, wide whites and red inner fenders were gawd awful.