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  1. Thanks a ton for posting these photographs! I can see now that I'm missing something. Looks like I'm short, at least, the piece in the box that, might, be a "cover" that (I guess) goes under the fan blades. ( 2nd photo, right up front in the box ). Any chance you can part with it? Thanks!
  2. I'm in the middle of putting together my Commander's fan and the parts book indicates a gasket for the fan hub made out of Vellumoid. Since I've been piecing this together a part at a time ( as my car had nothing on it in the fan pulley area ), can anyone shed a little light on this gasket? Or maybe has one to sell?
  3. Olson's gaskets has that diff. seal. At best you might find some decent used u joints. Nobody really repos these.
  4. Hope they do. Sorry I wont be able to attend.
  5. There's a coincidence for ya. I just today sent a box of goodies ( NOS 1936 instrument gauges ) to you for the auction!
  6. There are springs and clips that hold everything in against the gasket and reflector. The shape of the bucket prevents everything from falling out. The screw only prevents the lenses from being pushed in, as in removing the items from in the bucket. Your buckets should, hopefully, have little tubes on the inside that hold the springs and lock in the clips.
  7. Hi Robert, yes I found a generator. Need a cutout relay for it tho. Thanks!
  8. Anyone out here have a source for a cutout for my 1935 Commander? 3 terminals.Thanks!
  9. sent an email of pics. Subject is "Ridiculous". long story as to why.
  10. D J . Dimensions are the same. I have some photos I can text to you if you'd like. Not sure how to post here. If interested hit me back with a phone number.
  11. Pretty sure I have some from a '35. If you're interested drop me a note.
  12. Looking for a pulley, fan, mounting bracket and hardware for my '35 Commander motor. Thanks.
  13. Awesome Mr. Quinn! Exactly what I was hoping for! Found a bunch of NOS components but wasn't sure about installing them.
  14. Does anyone out there know if an article on the Startix has ever appeared in the Review?