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  1. I parted out a 4door a few years ago and may have some of the parts you are looking for but they are RUSTY!! Keep me in mind.
  2. Y and Z in Calfornia might be able to produce one for ya.
  3. Thanks Bob, if the Shrock pieces are incorrect, I'll be needing a pair of yours
  4. Thanks Doc, gave Tom Shrock a call and he has several!
  5. Howdy All. I'm looking for the chrome ring that seats into the center of the steering wheel of '36 and '37 standard cars. Mine was lost by my chrome plater. Thanks!!
  6. Gonna call Ernie first thing tomorrow morning!
  7. Thanks Rex. I thought he might be the guy. I'll give him a call.
  8. Does anyone out there in prewar Studebaker land have a pattern for a glove box for '35's? Or just the dimensions? I'm assuming no one reproduces these. Thanks!!
  9. Hi George. Have you had any luck in removing that horn button?
  10. I'm pretty sure the filler neck is dead center on '37's
  11. WOW! Thanks guys! At the very least I now have photos of what I'm looking for!
  12. Thanks for your reply,George. No, still looking. Maybe someone can can share the "how to" on this!
  13. Yup, that's the wheel center and horn button group I'm looking for. Thanks Rex. You photo also tells me that the little knobs I have in a baggie in a box are for a radio! Neat!
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