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  1. Careful, those repro. sockets are impossible to find bulbs for.
  2. Have a couple of hub caps that are good candidates for restoration.
  3. Coupe doors are far wider than the express doors.
  4. Might want to try soaking the socket and reflector with WD40 or the like for a while. Then they should just twist off. I think you need to push the sockets into the reflector a little while twisting as well. I wore leather gloves too and it made it easier.
  5. Your battery cables were not tight or properly grounded.
  6. I wouls love to see that photo! Thank you again!
  7. I'm ready to start the interior install of my '37 Dictator coupe but could really use some photos of what the original door panels looked like when finished. Are there patterns on these as in say a '35? Greatly appreciate the help! Thanks!
  8. There is a very good video on youtube by Uncle Tony ( Uncle Tony's Garage ) that deals with all kinds of trouble shooting on carbs. Check it out
  9. I have a friend in the San Francisco area who probably has these. Send me an email and I'll send his his contact info.
  10. I'm curious about what lubricant to use in my freshly refreshed steering box. Also, why are there 2 zerks right next to each other on it? Is 1 a vent? Thanks!