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  1. Your best bet is to buy a shop manual. I had to buy one for my 8 cyl 37 4 dr. touring.
  2. Try French Lake Auto Parts. I bought a 37 Pontiac air filter to use on my 37 Olds 8 cyl. Same filter.
  3. Waiting for the picture
  4. Lets see where the ducks are living and swimming.
  5. I don't know. I just typed in cars for sale or antique cars for sale.
  6. If your straight 8 is similar to my straight 8 in my 37 Olds, I had some lifters frozen in the up position. I took off manifold and side covers and used Kriol & PB blaster and worked them loose with a wrench. After everything was free and I checked the setting they all were in specs. Mine set not running sincce 1975.
  7. This is not the one I saw. The one i saw was all together.
  8. I was just looking on the internet, I think Craigslist and saw a 57 Century F/S. It sat in a garage for he says 25 yrs. It looked like it was all there , but sad looking. Price $111.111.00. i dont think a buyer is around the corner. He should drop a couple of 1s. I wish I knew how to bring the ad here.
  9. As you can see I restored two Pontiacs. As a kid I remember my uncle bought a new 48 Pontiac.4 dr slant back. He had a spotlight and windshild wiper on the rear window. Funny how I remember those little things. You are doing a fine job bringing the car back.