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  1. I can't believe it has three door latches???
  2. You can also post down in the Ford section.
  3. Do not scrap it. Someone can use it for a parts car
  4. GARY F

    1940 Ford?

    Even has a snow plow
  5. I want to thank you all for your replies. A little more detail of what I am doing. The car has not run since 1975. Besides correctimg things the other owner butchered up I did a lot of cleaning and tried a compression test and got a lot of zeros. So I pulled the head to see the valves which were open. Pulled the side covers and freed up the lifters and checked there setting and cleaned the area. Motor turned free when I first got it. No ridge on cylinders. I have a shop manual and it says about putting some kind of 1937 sealer on, that is why I asked the question. I got my gaskets from Olsons. Motor turned nice with battery when doing the comp. test. I also bought all new head bolts Again Thanks
  6. 37 Olds , L37 flathead. 8. Should I use a sealer on the head gasket and if yes what brand should I buy? Also how about the intake/exhaust manifolds. Thanks Gary
  7. What is your valve adjustment cold for intake and exhaust.. Thanks Gary
  8. That looks like a plumbers nightmare. Good thing you have all those pics.
  9. You might want to put this in the Parts Wanted section.