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  1. Where was something like this when I was looking for another car. Garage full now.
  2. GARY F

    Torque specs.

    Thanks Tin. I'll print this out.
  3. Looking good. For runs like that you should get yourself a nib file. It is made for that.
  4. GARY F

    Torque specs.

    I am talking 37 Olds. straight eight, flat head. In my shop manual it just says tighten bolts down evenly. Does anyone have an idea of what torque it would be for the head and exhaust/intake manifold? Thanks
  5. My way of testing. Turn on the key, pull the coil wire and hold it close to the coil, crank the engine and see if spark jumps.. If nothing else was done to the electrical system, If spark jumps put coil wire back in. remove the coil wire that goes in dist. cap, crank motor over and see if spark jumps. If not put in another coil. If spark jumps from coil wire to dist. cap then put coil wire back in. next remove dist. cap and crank over and watch points to see if you have spark. If not clean or change point and set to 15 thousands See how this goes and then come back here. Hope this helps
  6. Look in Hemmings Motor News. Check out Mercury clubs.
  7. There are company's out there that restore stainless trim, maybe give them a shot at restoring it. It does not look to bad from the picture.
  8. If you have a booster that does not work, send it to Booster Dewey. Look him up. He did mine for my 63 GP.
  9. It is called Booster Dewey. I had mine rebuilt by him for my 63 GP.
  10. GARY F

    Gasket sealer??

    Thanks Rusty & Mark. I guess I did not make myself clear. It is a flat head straight eight. The valve covers are on the right side of the block. I like the idea of the grease on the one side of the gasket. How about the head gasket, any type of gasket sealer?
  11. GARY F

    Gasket sealer??

    On 37 Olds straight 8. Should any or what king of sealer should I use on the head gasket, exhaust & intake gaskets, valve side cover gaskets.? Thanks
  12. So what is the end results????