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  1. I have always heard them called ICC bars
  2. That link you put up is a great source. The one I am looking for is Delco 983945
  3. If you join the Pontiac, Oakland club there are a ton of suppliers and info help.
  4. Try Franks Pontiac Parts or French Lake Auto Parts.
  5. Do you have one for a 63Pontiac AM/FM. Full size.?
  6. The Olds above the Reo, does it have studs on the back, if so how much.??
  7. Great guy. Bills auto Works ,216-832-8697. New equipment and well maintained. One man band and always keeps in touch.. He moved a car for me and was at my house a half hour before he said.
  8. My L-37 is a 4Dr. touring sedan with the trunk back.
  9. If you have yours, it can be rebuilt. Or post down below in the Buick section.
  10. There are companies that repair moldings also. Look in hemmings.
  11. Like I said in your other post, I would love to have these but I cant pick them up.
  12. I would like to know the same thing for a 37 Olds an L-37