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  1. I just pulled the second piston with 25-30 comp. It also had broken land between the top ring and second ring down. No broken rings or scoring. All cyls. had no ridge on top. As far as the valves go I previously freed up the stuck lifters, lightly lapped the valves, all the adjustments were good, 8 & 11 thou. I also pulled the third piston with 25-30 comp. No broken rings or lands. but the top ring was frozen in grove. I dont know what the previous owner did but the last time it ran was 1975. Just for your update. Thanks
  2. Let me clear up myself. I said zero comp. These four cyl. had had 25 to 30 lbs. comp. I said zero because they may as well been zero. Thanks Ltc
  3. 37 Olds straight 8 flathead. I pulled a piston that had no compression. No rings broke. but a piece of piston between the top ring and second ring down was was broke. About an inch and a half long. Why would that break? No score on cylinder wall. I have three more to pull that had no compression. I will pull them all to replace the rings Thanks for your tips.
  4. For gas tank call 218-326-0463. I got a new one for my 63 Bonne. from them. If you join POCI you get a website and mag. every month with all kinds of contacts and parts. Look up Steve Barrack in AZ. Large Pontiac parts cars.
  5. By that grill could be a LaSalle or Caddy.
  6. When I get ready for a tank for my 37 8cyl Olds I will look at Chevy tanks of that vintage because the filler is in the right fender.
  7. Keep up the good work. I love seeing them go back together.
  8. You and your wife do great work. I have been following.
  9. That is awesome. I guess your profession is artist.
  10. You drew and painted the wall??? If you did it looks great.
  11. Try French Lake Auto Parts, look in Hemmings or Smoke Signals mag. All Pontiac
  12. Did you try restoration specialties?