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  1. Good to see it going again. Nice work.
  2. Looks a little like a Lincoln Mark. There is on in the for sale section and the caps on it look like this.
  3. For parts if you belong to the Pontiac/Oakland club in the mag. there are parts new/ used suppliers . Can't help with the problem. if you have a shop manual there should be a diagram .
  4. Can't help with the problem, but a beautiful car.
  5. I have a phone and it is suppose to take pics. It never came with a book so i am lost. It came from verizon and the store said they do not come with books. I hate it .
  6. When I restored my 63 Grand Prix I put everything new in the brake system with the 8 lugs. I just touch the pedal and I am in the windshield.
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