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  1. Is that a blue '51-'52 Plymouth in the background? They're my favorite cars.
  2. I live less than 10 miles from Englishtown and gave up on the show years ago.
  3. Anyone but me remember 'QYX', an ancestor to the fax machine that used really stinky ink?
  4. I've seen many emergency generators powered by automotive engines. Kohler used Ford engines and then transitioned to GM 5.0 and 4.3 engines....which one depends on the kW output of the generator.
  5. For general entertainment, I like Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers 2000. Music and old squad cars.....who needs more?
  6. I just heard of a site called everythingbutthehouse.com where every auction listing starts at $1.00. Don't know how it works but might be worth a look. There is even an HGTV show by that name with each episode focusing on one family's selling experience.
  7. This was in the first Blues Brothers movie as well.
  8. I like Steely Dan....rock with some jazz mixed in.
  9. This is an Echlin SL772 Stoplight Switch, also known as Mopar number 2291382 and DY-1382. Fits '63-'65 Dodge Dart, '61-'62 Lancer, '62-'65 Plymouth Valiant, and others. $16.00 postpaid in the lower 48 States. Best contact is by PM.
  10. Those screws are known as "Jackson Head" screws. You could probably find the ones you need at Fastenal.com or in person at one of their stores.
  11. My cousin is into old electronics and he has/had an ancient TV that had Channel 1.
  12. Informative book covers technical theory, installation, troubleshooting, repairs, and much more. Softcover, 160 pages, good condition. If you're into vintage auto audio you'll enjoy this book! $15.00 postpaid by Media Mail (slow but economical)
  13. I found another orphan part on my shelf that I want to identify. It's an Echlin SL772 stoplight switch,. The bracket is stamped DY-1382, which fits various Mopars. I'd like to pin down the exact application. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Harold
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