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  1. It looks to me like the rear suspension and surroundings are all one shade of flat black, which doesn't seem right to me. It may indicate rusty painted-over components.
  2. Does the auto insurance industry keep a data base of VINs that your insurance agent can access?
  3. About 95% of the cars I've bought have been fleet vehicles from government auctions. High mileage never scared me, and most government cars are fairly well maintained. By the time I sold them, the mileage averaged-out to 'normal' so it wasn't a factor. I bought one new car ('84 Cutlass Supreme) and was not impressed.
  4. My friend's father cut up and buried a whole Corvair in their back yard. The scrap guys were charging to haul away junkers at the time.
  5. Batavia. Closest city I know of to Geneseo, where I went to college.
  6. Winning bidder has a feedback of "1". Second-high bidder has a feedback of "2". Stay tuned for round 3......
  7. My vote is for shill bidding. A number of years ago I was seriously considering bidding on a '51 Plymouth on eBay. I checked the seller's other items and feedback rating and found that he and two others would bid-up each other's items (this was back when eBay published all this info). There was a very obvious pattern with these people. I decided not to bid on the Plymouth and, sure enough, the seller's friends bid it sky high and then dumped it on an unsuspecting buyer. A few years later the buyer put the Plymouth back on eBay. The original seller actually bid on it, but maxed-out at 1/4 of what it previously sold for. PS: I alerted eBay about this scheme when I discovered it, with a list of item numbers to back it up, and they did nothing about it.
  8. Section 18 of the parts manual had part numbers and descriptions of various fasteners that were used.
  9. How do you keep the water from freezing in winter?
  10. Try https://p15-d24.com/ The site supports flathead-powered Mopars from the late '30's on up, and there are a number of '51 Dodge owners on there. They have free 'wanted' classifieds but you have to pay for a 'for sale' ad which is a little unusual. In the shameless commerce department I have an NOS '51-52 Dodge passenger's side grille upright (chrome potmetal piece that sits behind the bumper guard). Bought it because I thought it's for my '52 Plymouth. Ooops. Can send pictures if you're interested. Harold
  11. I've also noted that our mail delivery has been getting here much earlier than usual. I pulled my eBay ads because I don't want to go to the Post Office and be exposed to other people on the waiting line. Call me paranoid, but I've had most of this stuff for 30+ years so waiting another few months to sell is not such a big deal.
  12. Check eBay in a few days and the car might magically re-appear. Happens quite a bit.....
  13. Supercargirl... Was Mr. Least the owner of Least Ford in Geneseo, NY? I used to wander his lot occasionally in the 1970's when I was at college there.
  14. Just to double-check myself, I googled "1967 ny inspection sticker location" and the following was the top response: 1967 and the 1968 stickers were the only years NY state placed the sticker on the upper center of the window near the rear view mirror on the inside. I also recall that , in NYS, you didn't need an inspection sticker until the vehicle was 4 years old. I don't know when this rule was phased-out, but was probably in effect well into the 1960's.