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  1. First edition of this great reference book published in 1971. Large heavy book with lots of history and many illustrations, including comprehensive listing of all car and truck makes. Good used condition with some wear. $19.00 postpaid by Media Mail in the lower 48 States. PayPal is fine. Harold
  2. Plymouth Traveler was a 'thank you' magazine that dealers would send to their customers. Generally, each issue would highlight a particular city or area and include popular attractions, local history, maybe a recipe or two, and ads for the latest Plymouth models. I have 27 issues that I'm selling as a package deal. Here's what you'll get: Dec. '64: Houston April, '65: Denver May, '65: Cincinnati Jan. '66: Boston May, '66: Kansas City Dec. '66: Cleveland Jan. '67: Salt Lake City April '67: Washington, DC May, '67: Kentucky June '67: Nebraska July/Aug '67: Arizona Sept '67: Charleston Nov. '67: Cape Cod Dec. '67: Philadelphia Jan '68: Iowa Feb/Mar '68: Portland, OR April, 68: Tennessee May '68: Maryland June, '68: Las Vegas Dec. '68: Skiing Jan '69: Alabama Feb/March '69: Top 10 Attractions April '69: Northern New England May, '69: Regional Recipes July/Aug '69: NYC/Manhattan Dec '69: San Antonio Feb/Mar '70: Top 10 Attractions These magazines are in nice condition and are an interesting view of the way things were back then. The price is $49.00 + shipping from Freehold, NJ 07728. Let me know your zip code and I'll figure out the shipping. PayPal is OK. Thanks for looking! Harold
  3. Chilton repair manual covering all US and Canadian models of 1970-1988 Subaru. Very nice condition. $14.00 postpaid in lower 48 States. PayPal is OK. Send a PM! Harold
  4. Chilton repair manual for 1968-1992 Ford and Mercury full-size cars. Very nice condition. $14.00 postpaid by Media Mail in the lower 48 States. PayPal is OK.
  5. Worn but complete. $10.00 postpaid in the lower 48 States. Harold
  6. My uncle got this manual with his new '60 Windsor. Nice, lightly-used condition. $15.00 postpaid in USA. PayPal is fine. Thanks for looking! Harold
  7. Harold


    A friend and I were at his place of business in Newark in the early 1980's. I believe it was a converted movie theater. Bill was very nice and quite knowledgeable about what my friend needed. Sorry to hear he's gone.
  8. Harold

    Color Codes 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook and parts

    Welcome to the forum. I'm into '51-'52 Plymouths and have had several of them. US-built Plymouths did not have data plates with color codes. In fact, the only two plates on the car are the Vehicle Number on the driver's door hinge post, and the body number screwed to the firewall. The engine number is stamped on the block and also the chassis behind the left rear wheel. Strangely enough, Canadian Plymouths did have color code plates, but their color choices were different than the US cars. The door jambs and firewall are painted body color. The inside of the trunk is a greenish-gray called 'ecosheen', unless the car was built in Evansville. Evansville cars have body-color trunks. The '52 dash is 'Astral Gray Poly', basically a metallic medium gray. The '51's had a woodgrain dash. Post a picture of your firewall and we can figure out the original body color. There are still plenty of mechanical parts available from mainstream sources like Rock Auto. Hope this helps. Harold
  9. I was rummaging in my garage and found this steel wheel that I'd like to identify. It's a 14 x 5 JJ, has 4 hubcap bumps, and has the following near the valve stem hole: K181 7 <<valve hole>> 15 50 Any help appreciated! Thanks, Harold
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    Craigslist Score

    Impressive! Have fun with it.
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    1982 Volvo 7500-mile Maintenance Manual

    First bump in 6 months!